Start Game Greyed Out - Unable to join game, only available to party leader

You think only people with mental conditions get ‘‘triggered’’… kk, looks like a little reading won’t do you harm :wink:

look up ‘‘triggered’’ on the urban dictionary you’re welcome <3

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Urban dictionary is for slang. I am well aware of how the term has been taken over by popular culture. Misuse of terms is not my idea of great reading.

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Just got an email with holiday deals, but since I can’t play… well… Any updates?

Begging for scraps this holiday

Not being able to even play SOLO in this game because you got penalties in other blizzard games is so stupid and 0 iq move.

My account also had this problem 3 days ago.
Now my account can play nomally.
But I still want to know what happened to it?
Who can give an answer?

There is a bug where accounts that have been silenced in game results in a ban in D3.

When the in game silence ends, then things return to normal.

Edited for accuracy.

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That is not accurate.

The bug is that if you are silenced in any Blizzard game, you can’t make a game in D3. Players can still create games in the other Blizzard franchises, although they are Silenced from the social channels.

The bug only impacts making games in D3 as far as I know.

The ability to play again returns once the Silence penalty is lifted.

Silences double each time they are applied to the account. So someone who is silenced for weeks or months has many offenses.

There is some more detail about the Silence system in my earlier post. Start Game Greyed Out - Unable to join game, only available to party leader - #370 by MissCheetah-1661

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Thanks for the correction.

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First post: 16 October.
Problem persist of a bit over 2 months by now.
Are we going to get some answers and/or a fix or are you just replying here and there in hope of people forgetting and letting peoples mutes pass? This is getting out of hand with this long of a wait time.
Either admit you can’t solve it or at least give us something.

more like your discrimination of “muted players” is triggering these kids…and its a legit term. on the other hand you are the one here telling these kids A BUG IS NOT BLIZZARDS FAULT ITS THEM…HAHAHAHA so in denial and obv on some smear campaign. SIGH some reps should not be here IMO…glad shes not a blue LOL

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That is not what MissCheetah has been saying.

  1. The bug is in Blizzard’s systems and they/their vendors are ultimately responsible for fixing it.
  2. The bug only affects people who broke the game rules leading to a mute.
  3. Mutes were not supposed to cause game bans but they are currently in D3 due to this bug.
  4. Blizzard is working on a fix (unfortunately they do not have one yet after ~2 months).

The Walking Dead…

A company error, let’s people wait for more than 2 months.
This should not be a thing anymore and should have been solved.
Wonder when we get the “we can’t fix it” comment. Lovely you won’t help your players and let them miss out on s19.

You can bet, if it was for all players, they would have fixed this within a day.
So how come you neglect players just cause they got a mute?

I think it depends on the nature of the underlying problem. For example, it took a bit to fix the bug where the system was confused about seasonal/non-seasonal players that was blocking players from joining parties even though both were seasonal.

Seasons tend to last 3 months. Season 19 started November 22 It sounds like reaching guardian in season 19 is a goal of yours due to the new pet. Given your post history, I assume that you will play barbarian this season. I have mained a barbarian in season 19. This is the easiest season to reach guardian and barbarians are the easiest class (or at least 2nd easiest) to do it.

When your mute ends/the bug is fixed, please look me up in game (or use one of the power leveling communities). I can give you gear that drops in game if we play together.

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Thanks for your help. I will let you know, but unless they fix this issue, I will not play for a while.
Was my own fault, but when they admit it is on their end, they should be able to fix it. And rest assure you, they would have done so within a day, if this problem was for all players.
Should not be forgotten just cause we have a mute.
Over 60 days almost is too much imo. They can do whatever they want. But we are not banned. Nothing alike. So we should at least get a time on when it’s fixed.

I was planning out to play Monk, but seems the more time it goes, the less I think they are actually doing anything.

While they could fix this issue, I don’t think they will. 60 days is a long time. And it does not seem like they are fond of replying with an update or something. I can still get the pet, but seems less and less likely.

All right everybody, I’m going to close this thread down. Here’s why.

This is a bug which has now been acknowledged by one of the Diablo III developers. (See MicroRNA’s redirect.)

This is the technical support forum, where we help with technical issues with a resolution. Now that this has been officially confirmed as a bug, this is out of our hands. Please feel free to continue reports and discussion on the bug report forums, but this particular thread has simply become a nest of arguments, suggestions, and complaints which we are unable to address in technical support. We understand that this issue is annoying and apologize that it’s been interfering with your ability to start games, but we in Tech Support are not developers. All we can do is help fix issues which are in our power and forward reports for highly impactful issues.

If you have an issue joining games and are NOT silenced, please feel free to create your own thread so that we can work with you individually. Otherwise, keep an eye out for further communications from the developers on this issue.