Squirt necklace bug

There is a bug with wizard and Squirt necklace. I keep the bonus as long as I keep my shield (normal : my life is not damaged). But when an elite use “frozen” on me, I always loose the bonus even if i still have my shield. My life is not damaged. It is not normal ! I think it’s a bug.


I’m having the same issue, both on PS4 and on PC.

Frozen affix removes the Squirt’s Necklace buff no matter the amount of shield you have.

Galvanizing Ward + Magic Weapon: Deflection + Spectral Blades: Barrier Blades at 5aps, doesnt matter, you still lose the Squirt’s Necklace buff as soon as Frozen touches you.

Frozen affix even removes Squirts Necklace when you have Shield Pylon active.

Hopefully Blizzard can look into this.


Same issue.

Squirt’s stacks were removed as soon as frozen appears.

Think it’s a bug since there’s no reason that damage of frozen skills can’t be absorbed by shield.

Wouldn’t this be intended? Otherwise Squirt is much better on Wizard than on other classes, and if there’s one class that doesn’t need any additional boosting right now it’s Wiz. So anything that ‘hits’ Wizard and ‘would have’ done damage has the same effect on the Squirt bonus as it would have done if any other class had been in the exact same situation.

I saw the same, Frozen affix removes the Squirt’s stacks, even if the wizard is shielded with GW, Deflection, etc.

Also noted the Traps from bogan Trappers appear to do the same.

Didn’t confirm, but noted issues on Anarch maps. Perhaps the Anarch trails are having the same issue?

This bug is an extremely annoying aspect of playing with Squirt’s at current. I was testing push and got an open map, really good, but two of the elites had frozen affix. Squirt’s was nearly permanently down, even though frozen is one of the easier affixes to challenge with Vyr Chantodo.

It doesn’t feel fun to play. “What a buzzkill” was the thought.

Normal physical attacks, elemental attacks, orbiter, poison, lightning, electrified, arcane, reflect, and a slew of other elite affixes currently don’t remove Squirt’s when the wizard has shielding.

Seeing as that appears to be the intended behavior with shielding and there are only a few notable (and extremely detrimental) outliers, I’d be more inclined to say it’s a bug.


Also anarchs and accursed when they die the poison removes the squirt buff.


I confirm this behaviour. While you have Shield Pylon, Squirt buff is removed from Frozen affix.


I encountered the same problem with Frozen and using the Molten Wildebeast Gizzard gem as DH. The shield wasn’t depleted but I lost the buff.


It seems a lot of the ground effects, but not all, will cancel Squirt’s Necklace’s buff even though the player doesn’t actually take damage. Besides Frozen, the poison cloud left by Accursed after death and Agnidox’s flame circle also negate the buff.


Yeah, I think it’s the same bug that Pride’s Fall has when using shields or elemental immunity amulets (e.g. Talisman of Aranoch vs frozen). This bug has been in the game for years but now it’s more of a problem.


Thank god all named ground-based attacks/affixes are rarely even there in GRs - imagine GRs would be a mine field of ground-stuff.

… cringe.

Confirmed the same, have been looking forward to this one to try on my HC Wiz, what a shame! Hope Bliz fix it ASAP or this item is a joke that betrays what the dev trying to achieve?

Hope this bug gets fixed


I can confirm that bug. squirts buff is immediately removed when you touch frozen ground and some other ground-debuffs even if you don’t take damage. :-/

Same behaviour here : the buff from squirt’s necklace is sometime removed even if i have a hp-shield (fortress balista) or the invulnerability pylon shield

I can also confirm this bug. Even with active Shield Pylon, Squirt buff is lost from Frozen affix :frowning:

Hope this gets fixed

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confirmed one more time. I noticed it on dying accursed mobs and the frozen elite affix.
effect immediately lost while a shield pylon was up!

Accursed poison (when they die) is also removing the squirt’s buff

Aganox’s, or whatever that Demon Flyer Rift Guardian’s ground effect, Ghom’s poison circles, Blighter’s ground attack, frozen affix, poison clouds from dead accursed, all remove Squirt’s buff despite having a shield like the one from Molten Wildebeast’s Gizzard or a shield pylon. Confirmed.



I can suggest the simplest solution for that to fix this bug with the minimal efforts using the existed logic / code of another items.
One need just to replace the condition “no damage” to “if HP of hero > 90%”. That’s all.
The same fix - for all other items with the same condition if they have the same bug.

P.S.: for DH (or anyone else) with Molten Wildebeast’s Gizzard the change of condition does not matter at all. But I am not sure about shields of wizards (exactly, whether they can restore their HP fastly enough like ones with Gizzard).

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