Season not ended on PS4 console

As the title says, season 21 has not ended on console (PS4). Come on Blizzard, pull the finger out and fix things, and fix them in a timely manner.

I’m guessing that they won’t notice until s22 is due to go live lol…

This is becoming a running joke Blizzard, how many seasons on consoles now have ended late because you keep forgetting about us?

If you’re happy enough to take the money from customers paying for the game, then please provide proper after sales support and fix the damn game when it has issues (and, in a timely manner). If you can fix things on PC in under 1-2 hours, then you can do the same for consoles too.

They noticed last night that there was a problem with season end…

Seasons on consoles are supposed to start / end at the same time as the US server region and, as all server regions are currently affected, it’s unsurprising that so are consoles.

Ah I wasn’t aware that the US servers hadn’t ended, just asia.

For the console version, you are straightforwardly guided to Sony & Microsoft, no support from Blizzard whatsoever! Money goes to Blizzard, issues are for the gamers, left to their own devices!

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yeah it’s like the console LBs…Blizzard has been telling us it’s not their problem, it’s controlled by Sony/Microsoft. Sony has confirmed that the LBs are indeed controlled BY Blizzard and hosted on a server provided by a 3rd party at Blizzard’s request.

Makes you wonder why they do nothing about the blatant cheats on the LBs, even when evidence has been provided and formal cheating accusations provided to

Again, incompetence at its best [from Blizzard].