Asia Server Season 21 - Hasn't Ended on Time AGAIN!

Blizzard NA does not control the ASIA/EU servers. Go complain on the ASIA/EU forums

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You should know, that Blizz staff doesn’t care about any forums exept US

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“They don’t care about us”

Blizz Tracker - EU General Discussion
There have been just twelve blue posts since November 2019 on EU General Discussion. The US General Discussion had more than that just in the last month.

Advising people to report something like this on the Asia or EU forums is essentially telling people to yell into the void.


I got tired of waiting for Season 21 to end on the Asia Region. So, I rebirthed a Hardcore Seasonal Demon Hunter and began her Journey. Just got out. I might go back in a little later.

I also have to keep reminding myself it’s Sunday (weekend) in California. (Although, that shouldn’t matter if they officially announce that a Season is going to end for the Asia Region at a specific time.   )

Just wanted to share that we are aware of the delay in the season closure. I’ll be sharing updates to the timing thread here and will also chime-in to this thread once I hear back from the team.


but why tho …

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Where did you get that info. from?

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The gap between announced and what actually happens is too big to be filled by a red giant.

More likely that they’re Americans and think that they’re the centre of the world and can’t understand international time :wink:

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Hi guys, S21 is extended for 1 more week

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Metaphorical center or geometric center? Being at the geometric center would be pretty bad.

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Sunday, November 8, 2020 at 5:06 PM PST.

  • Americas Region: Season 21 still up.
  • Europe Region: Season 21 still up.
  • Asia Region: Season 21 still up.

NA server still up, same issue with ASIA and EU.

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Looks like the game finally broke.

Or maybe Skynet has taken over and is readying the nukes as we speak.

Blizzard: “Due to the pandemic, the season will be extended for another week.” LUL

Last time this happen was when they had a time change this close to the end of the season. Last time it ended at 6pm PST.

If this happens on season 22 start, I think I will completely avoid this forum for a few days.
I am pretty sure Blizzard would not like this to serve as a premonition.

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You know the funny part about this. What back in Aug. people hated this season. They wanted it to end. Blizzard has been delaying this season at every turn WHY?

Now for some unknown reason the season is still running. Plus what do we get like always. OH we are sorry, but we are aware of the delay in the season closure. That was 8 hrs ago and they are still working on it.

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