When will the season end in Europe?

You just have to hope there’s at least one guy on work duty today, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

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Donald is working, but he won’t stop his season.

Maybe 23:59 and 59 seconds… Well, technically it will still be november 8th.

A minute late and people start complaining. Don’t know whats going on with Blizzard? Then don’t presume so much.

I’m guessing they’ll end Season 21 on time and notice: “Oh, crap! We forgot to end the Season for Asia and Europe Regions.” So, all 3 Regions will end at 5:00 PM PST.

Of course, it’s still Sunday (the weekend) in California. Maybe Blizzard forgot to decide who was going to come into the office today to end the Season on time.

Sorry for the delay folks! I updated a reply here and will post in this thread as well regarding EU servers as soon as I hear back or when the servers go down (whichever comes first).


Thanks CM now some of these people can go outside for a walk, the world has not come to an end.

I believe the last time this happened they used the french going on strike as an excuse- or something to this affect.

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Yeah, we have a lockdown here in France so that’s probably the reason.

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There are other countries than France in Europe last time I checked :slight_smile:


Blizzard european offices are located in France, that’s why Scourge suggested the reason

Absolutely, but you have tried your hardest to be smart. Unfortunately you have come across only as ignorant. The EU servers are hosted in France

Yeah, but they always use the French as an excuse.

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Then they should move them to some other country if France is THAT unreliable.

I suggest Russia… :rofl: We have the most stable Internet in Europe, fast and cheap!

But the political situation in the world is not conducive to this… :sob:

That is true, with no jokes. For some weird reason Russia has the best internets despite all the political hell.

Place them in Germany. Center of Europe.
And they got Rammstein!!

Damn. I cleaned up my seasonal toons and deleted them some hours ago and then noticed problems with Asia not ending the season on time afterwards. Should have known that this would happen and could have farmed some more caches…

I love Rammstein :heart_eyes:

Built by USA. -Don’t know if they handle cloud services though…