Season 26 | The Fall of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Do you remember when Patch 2.7.2 removed the Ethereal Recollection Feat of Strength from everyone that had obtained it during Season 24, and made ethereal weapon transmogs unavailable for some of the people that had obtained the Feat? Well, way back in December 2021 you said this…

There appears to be absolutely no mention of a fix for this in the patch notes for 2.7.3, i.e. four months / an entire season later, something people worked an entire season to obtain still hasn’t been resolved.

Is a fix for this in 2.7.3?


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So, the patch goes live within the next few hours? :wink:

It usualy goes up some time around 23:00 here, and now it’s 21:00 soooo. Yupp.

Patch downloading now.


The Ethereal Recollection Feat of Strength issue is still being investigated. Nothing to report on at the moment, but wanted to share that it’s still something we want to address.


My PC had been updated to new version 2.73.81850 and will be ready to play EN on April 15.

The thing that really upsets me is what happened in the PTR.

You did NOT communicate what you were doing with the EN.

So many HC players told you how we dealt with the lack of a safe area on outer area like the trial for gr’s so long ago this is based off of.

We hit the Shield pylon and wait out the timer to get the goods.

You see what we were doing and took it away.

Real nice Blizzard. And thanks for all the communication as so many posts were made about making the EN safer.

Non of us knew you wanted the EN to be for SC only.

No gold or loot from echoing nightmare? What is the friggen point? More so for solo players? You also essentially screwed players who seek out legendary gear like Goldwrap (gains armor equal to the amount of gold picked up) or other gear that helps produce gold to help boost their stats during battle. :-1:

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Yes the point was not to make it easy or abuseable. You’ll get rewards at the end.

Earth Allies are still not fixed… :frowning:
They roll out of the frame or sometimes they just stay (or punch). And mostly if there is only 1 enemy in the corner they will go for him and leave the pull.


On some of the new maps, I’m encountering chests (which are empty). Seems like a carry over for the maps that used to be used for nephelem rifts as well.

Why blizz was losing mind becouse:

  1. They take shielding pylon out.
  2. They don’t know the pixel not work when speed pylon is on for that rison 4players team Ewen not touching it.
  3. Need downolad illegal programs to see rotaton of elemental of others players to play with 4 ppl to make pixel before fire or dh need take pylon before fire element too.
  4. They pop in sezon where urs dps will be no defrent the on none sezon , will be deferent only on paragon the why high level paragon players shoot start sezon for pet? Joke
  5. They try to finish them nightmares to end in 4 players they will be need at last 7k paragon players to finish them sezon attraction and to make that 7k paragon u need play 3 months 24h/24h
  6. Is no chance to finish chocobo of nightmares till u will be 7k para means u not getting any rewords for doing it, for that rison better play normal rift at last u will be upg gems and get same items. On that funy nightmare no bady will be finish it to level 152 cuz is nerf making the u have no tools to make that 7k para on sezon to finish nightmare mode and get same rewords, evrybady will be die or losing on time all sezon.

Yes, the several thousand dollars they get from banned accounts buying new licenses every 3 months is certainly how they are keeping their doors open. Surely they are basing game decisions on this huge income source.


I actually read quite a lot and see points everywhere.
This being said, DR and damage aside, the leaderboards in off-season still have some players at GR150 so end of season probably will too.
Trying to be positive, it is better to play than its predecessor build. in my opinion.
Being realistic, I do not know exactly who they listen to. It is too ambiguous to say only the streaming people, that’s too generalised. I do agree that there were a lot of valid points in the PTR that were overlooked. Like every other class, it will be whatever it will be by season 27. I guess everyone just watches the Raekor space. It is certainly more playable, regardless of valid opinions on improvements needed.


I am not sure if YOU have read all the varied comments but while I won’t be playing hardcore, it certainly seems that the HC (Hardcore) players are being unnecessarily penalised in a supposed reward system where the reward is when you die? Yo udo not see this as almost being an oxymoron???
Please note BLIZZARD’s policy on HC, even SC players know it. Surely the logic for the ONE SEASON SPECIAL RIFT for HC players would be that they do not lose their character? Otherwise they will be rebuilding characters up to L70 each rift. That is beyond silly.

New Raekor is amazing honestly. Very quickly becoming one of my favourite builds. Lots of depth and its volatile nature makes it great as a skill showcase for top players.

It’s not without its flaws though and Rage very well laid out needed improvements in the ptr feedback. Some changes were minimal number tweaks and why these were ignored we may never know. Just like every other season with the lack of communication so nothing new there.

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Whelp, 500 para in the new season and no key dropped. Ways to go for a “seasonal theme”.
Great job “ballancing”, Blizzard.


Why my paragon level never carry forward in new season 26 EN.?

Over half of my HC clan is playing SC for S26.

I can’t stand SC as it has nothing to offer me.

I’m going to skip this season because Blizzard Diablo utterly forgot about the HC side of the game.

Why didn’t they just say this a Soft Core Dream Theme?

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The theme sucks even on Softcore btw… they keys are so rare, and the rewards do not make up for that.