Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

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latest wizard and 4p leaderboards

If you want to get your sound back, try this…

It has worked for me. Used to get very regular freezes, now I have not had one since I followed this advise. Let me know if it works for you please.

Any chance for a mid-season buf? :innocent:

It isn’t midseason yet. S23 has run only for a month.

Hi everyone!

We wanted to share transparency on the hotfix released today. Our original fix with the Mirror Image and Firebird’s 2-piece bonus was intended to remove an unintended interaction that was causing errors to occur on the back-end. Upon reflection, we realized this was a mistake to release a mid-season nerf to Firebirds. Through the recent patches, our team has been able to correct the back-end errors and we have reverted the nerf to allow Mirror Images to proc the Firebird’s 2-piece set. This should restore the Firebird’s power to its original state, while also hopefully improving the lag players are seeing. We appreciate your patience and feedback on this. Thank you!


Can you revert the nerf on Gazing Demise too? Thanks :two_hearts:


Thank you for doing that. I am glad you guys are paying attention to us and it is not easy to keep up with everything. I am thankful for this game that you guys have kept up for so many years.


While it’s great you managed to fix the real issue and reverted the nerf as it was no longer necessary, could you also now start fixing the issues people actually are having?

Also revert the Gazing Demise nerf as it was completely unwarranted.


If its not broken quit touching and its no wonder Diablo Series is dead because the dev keeps mucking it up. Find a new game and retire this ancient old bag bones game. If you dont like my opinion too bad

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If part of this hotfix was intended to address FB lag, I haven’t noticed any improvement. Though many have pointed to specific sound files / settings as the main culprit, my issues seem to be stemming directly from CoE. GR’s are incredibly frustrating while wearing CoE and 10+ second game freezes (“FB lag”) are still happening regularly while pushing into any kind of density with it. Once I swap CoE for SoJ, etc. the lag completely disappears. * shrug *


I’m znec player.
I found that after hotfix
When I enter great rift, ahavarion spear of lycander buff is removed.
Privious time I used ahavarion and gloves of worship so I could use buff continuesly during 10min. But now I cant.
Yeah I know that If player dont set up ahavarion directly, buff is removed right.
znec case set up ahavarion directly so can keep buff.
Can you give me any notice about it? I think something wrong.


Are you going to revive all the dead hardcore wizards that met unfortunate fates due to your backend issues?

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Thx for the revert.

But this also means, that we will prob. see a Nerf after the Season.
I´m pretty sure, most Players wont be too upset, if you adjust the Numbers of the Set.
But pls make sure that the MI dont die so fast or make them even a bit more tankier, pls :slight_smile:

To run a higher Grift and failing because you have not enaugh dmg is one thing :slight_smile: But failing because your MI´s just die the second you summon them is … meee

Also something wich accurded only recently to me. Maybe this is out for some time, but i only experianced it since a cupple of days.
First it was just the Sound of a dropping Legendary in GR´s frome Time to Time.
Latly i can also see the Drops in an GR :eyes:
Like here with the Potion, before they magically disapear, after 1-2 seconds.

<img src= Width=500>

Hi, just noticing my wizard has suddenly become very squishy and also the arcane (resource) just runs out very quickly. I was able to sustain it. I haven’t changed my gear and was easily able to run GR115s. Now I am greeted with death. Has something changed after the patch?

I sure as hell would. if Firebirds is fixed so that mirror images no longer incorrectly trigger the set bonus (it shouldn’t), FB might need to be doubled.

did this hotfix released for console too?

This is only your Opinion.

I like the Playstyle.
Also there is a Reason, why only the real EB or only the untalented Hydra can trigger the Set.
Otherwise you could run into the Problem, that you have to roll out some Nerfs, wich would also effekt other Sets, like Tal (with Meteor) or Typhon (with Hydra).

There was never a Change for Console.
The previous Nerf and now the Revert, where PC only.

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God damn, give us back a working witch doctor. Those god damn stupid nerfs. Most of the witch doctor builds are squishy as hell anyways - so at least give us the one that makes a bit of boom back.

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Personally, hoping for a mighty locust swarm (with Wormwood) or Firebats build (would really like to use The Grin Reaper with that.)

So, yeah, bring on the pain.