Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

Leaderboards were changed after new patch.
Too late to cry :sunglasses:

July 3rd… What the fresh hell is that?
PoE season started already, Path of Diablo season started already, Diablo 3… with biggest amount of money to use as a developer team most likely from all those three mentioned…Starts their season July 3rd, late as fudge. What did I expect from Blizzard.
They are too busy working on Diablo 4 cashgrab so they are slowing down Diablo 3 progress… No wait , what progress? Diablo 3 has no progress.
Most likely one of the very last seasons I tend to touch this game.

Reset is a must if you are doing nerfs.

Half of the current leaderboards are completely useless right now (5/10: crus, wd, 2-3-4P). You just cannot beat highest rankings with nerfed items.
But at same time dh and necro boards are getting owned by new builds and when you will close era these “1day ez” records will dominate over previous 3month pushes.

D3 team makes same mistakes again and again. And most of us not even surprised.


Nobody focus for command meta (2p, 3p, 4p). Command records are useless because of they just show how high and how fast different groups run to get high gems and augments.
Top 20/30/50 still free to compete for WD and Crusader.
Radar didn’t broadcast that current era will be reset. His communication with community was very open and clear.
There is the real problem that should be resolved before this era reset and we get rebalance patch. This problems is Flavor of time. This amulet is not legit and should be removed. Noone self respected player will use it for push to make his clear easier. Soon I will start to write petition against this amulet to remove it from this game and dont get affected by this in the future.

Starting it on July 3rd does guarantee a lot of us Saturday off but the actual Friday will be hard for most off us to get off. I recall back in season 6 at the blizcon before the start of the season Wyatt promised that we would get a 1 month notice before the start off a season as well as the end of one. At minimum we get a 1 week notice and I have never seen more than 2 and a half week notice before. Do your promises mean nothing anymore?

Hi all - Sorry been a bit slammed this week with all the Diablo beats this week with S21 Preview, Patch and D4.

RE: Eras
Currently we aren’t planning to reset eras for this go around but are planning it for the next season as there will be some overall balance updates to numerous sets.


I wonder if it makes sense to reconsider given the fact that it will be hard for witch doctors and crusaders to “compete” with their pre-patch 2.6.9 clears due to their nerfs. This also has implications for the multiplayer leaderboards.

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It’s too late now. Not only are heroes of the nerfed classes unable to compete with their pre-2.6.9 counterparts, we’ve also got new leaderboard placings with the new sets / items that came with the patch. Hell, on patch day I went up around 400 ranks on the solo DH board purely because of a new HPS. Clearly any Impale DH with the new quiver has a massive advantage over an Impale DH with the old one. It makes zero sense that they’d be in the same era and competing for the same placement.

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The real question though is are we getting anything special for the 29th? :wink:

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Eras are 6-12 months. They don’t make new a new era every season.

They’ve made new eras when completely new sets were introduced.

Can we get some more ban waves through out the season would be great lets not wait till the end of season to make d3 great again … :stuck_out_tongue:

No, 4th of July start 0000 Hrs and ends 2359 (11:59 pm) Saturday.

Thank you Blizzard for hand picking nice challenge rifts for us so we can have a smooth season start! Both EU and US. I was slightly worried after the baad ones in the last weeks.
(zero sarcasm here in case anybody wonders)

As the season start announcement blog doesn’t contain the usual FAQ section with start times for each region / consoles, can you confirm that the EU season will start at 17:00 CEST / 16:00 BST / 15:00 UTC?


I have poked Pez on that a few times already :slight_smile: I linked the old FAQ. He said he would address it so I expect him to update info “soon”. Although sooner would be better than later.

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would be nice to know time. Just commenting to get notification when you post it.

please - for the love of god - DO NOT destroy the dh right after bringing it back to useful after 20 seasons </3 especially let it be good - as it is now - for s21, almost nobody wants to play LoD rats anymore for best xp D:

Hi all !

Season 21 start times are the following for each server.

North America - 5pm PDT
Europe - 5pm CEST
Asia - 5pm KST


Thank you <3

Console is different so they should be starting world wide at 5pm Pacific time for all consoles no matter what region.