Season 21 Start - ANZ Times

Season 21 will be starting on the following dates/times:
North America: Friday, July 3 @ 5:00pm PT (assumed*)

NSW/Vic/Qld/Tas/ACT: Saturday, July 4 @ 10am
SA/NT: Saturday, July 4 @ 9:30am
WA: Saturday, July 4 @ 8am
NZ: Saturday, July 4 @ 12pm


The USA is currently in Daylight Savings Time, so the start should be at 17:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) rather than PST (Pacific Standard Time) so your times may be an hour off.

I’m very well aware of PDT, this was written based on PDT. 5pm PDT = 10am AEST. I’ve written PT for simplicity, but I absolutely mean the West Coast US current timezone, have been making these conversions for years.

EDIT: Also noting that these were spot on: Season 20 End - ANZ Times And neither the US or Australia/NZ have timezone changes between now and July 4.


10am? Gee that’s an early start. Usually starts around lunch time.

It’s typically midday NSW/Vic when the US is not in daylight savings and Australia is in daylight savings.
But the daylight savings time zone changes throughout the year give this overall 2 hour range.

Thanks for putting the correct times up. With the failure that is Torchlight 3 at the moment, looks like i’m back to Blizzard games. Cheers.

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