Season 20 End - ANZ Times

Season 20 will be ending at the following dates/times:
North America: Sunday, June 21 @ 5:00pm PDT

NSW/Vic/Qld/Tas/ACT: Monday, June 22 @ 10am
SA/NT: Monday, June 22 @ 9:30am
WA: Monday, June 22 @ 8am
NZ: Monday, June 22 @ 12pm


Is there a down time between seasons or do they launch straight into s21

Most commonly, we have a down time of around 12 days (Seasons end Monday mornings in ANZ, and generally start Saturday mornings in ANZ).
So most likely (my opinion only), we will be expecting Season 21 to start around July 4. But we will not know for sure until the official blog.

Ahh i see thanks guys. Makes sense to consolidate gear and stuff.