Season 18 The Season of A Waste of Time


The jourmey as always will be a piece of cake to finish. But every season has had at least 1 thing new or cosmetic. Thats the disappointimg fact. I still dont like how easy the so called journey is but blizzard isnt going to change it. They will still cater to the epic casual as always
Fresh start some might like and fair enough but for someone whos been playimg since release surely i would think give those players something rather then the impossible task od being on the leaderboard when its full of cheats and botters therefore if you do get a ranking csuse you grind or no life its by no means accurate


Personally speaking, the game is pretty stale anyways, so this season
isn’t going to make it any less so.
What I am hoping for is a new Diablo game myself.
Even if they spiced this game up a lot, a new game would be so much more


This season is pretty weird for me. I couldn’t even manage to finish reading the patch notes. I guess it is over even before it starts.


The reason there is no new cosmetic next season is because it is one of the most difficult new things to implement into D3, and they have been working on the new items instead.
Personally i am quite happy to have a bunch of new items to play around with for the first time in a very long time, rather than the usual unlockable cosmetic.
People have second chances to earn old rewards that they missed now, so i would be glad if they focused their work more on updating old items and patching in new ones for a few seasons, rather than working on new cosmetics which people have many of at this point.
Yes new cosmetics are nice but new items are just as good, if not better.


How is this difficult to implement?


As explained by our community manager:


And you take others words and think they are all true?
Just like before, when they wrote about “we hear you”, then proceeded to do nothing?

Or when they wrote about not being finished with Barbarians and did nothing for them?

You do realise that every word can be intrepeted differently and this might be translated to = we don’t got many workers on D3, cause they are moved onto other projects and therefore don’t got time to implement much in D3. That COULD be the meaning of it.
Unless you are a programmer or know about how cosmetic things can be implemented or not/how difficult it is, there is no telling if it’s true or not


To be fair it’s not like we got nothing. The newly buffed crafting sets and items does change even top builds up a bit to use them. My wizard wearing 4 sets was pretty damn cool (Vyr’s, Chants, Endless Walk, Aughilds), plus a new weapon other than lame boring Furnace. But yah…wearing an extra set, having a new weapon, that’s basically it and that will get old fast so I feel yah.


If anything, D3 likely has more people on it’s classic games development team now because of work on Warcraft: Reforged beginning to come to an end. It would explain the resurgence of new patches since seasonal themes were introduced, we didn’t have these patches 1 or 2 years ago.
And i would also argue that new cosmetics get old faster than new items do.


Yeah, there’s no way I could look at the Chinese client, with its plethora of wings that aren’t available in the Western client, and think that it’d be quite easy to copy an already live (so, art done, model done, QA done, testing done) set of wings from one region’s client to another within a 3.5 month time period. I’d totally need to be a programmer to work out how possible that would be.


I was very excited when Season 16 was announced, and I was very excited when Season 17 was announced, as well. But, I am definitely not excited for Season 18 or Patch 2.6.6. :disappointed:

Without new cosmetics or a Seasonal buff that actually merits a fresh start, Season 18 would be a waste of my time, especially when I can try to upgrade the new legendary gem in non-Seasonal mode, instead. And, without any meaningful changes to the game in Patch 2.6.6, I cannot help but think that the Developers wasted their time, as well. Of course, when they choose to largely ignore the community and go their own direction, that is to be expected.

How hard is it to recycle cosmetics from the China client? And, how hard would it have been to remove the :poop:'y Blackthorne’s Set from the loot pool and make it a crafted Set for the Blacksmith, and/or to convert the Blackthorne’s amulet into a third, interchangeable Set piece for the Legacy of Nightmares Set? But, I suppose those changes would have been too obvious.

As for Season 18, right now I am out. :-1:


People are actually calling it Season of Hopscotch. Season where ranged classes will get a slight advantage over the melee class.


of course i will not play this new season because i cant even imagine such a boring, uninspiring, disfunctional, shty idea. running into circles. jesus christ what a joke, i mean i would be ok even with double blood shards season, but this is something else. i just want to tell a big FU to developers. i will never forgive you a butchering of my one of the favourite franchaises. ETERNAL SHAME ON YOU.


Ya, I think apart from quickly getting to solo GR70 to see what primal I get will be the extent I play.

The seasonal buff with power up circles does add a slight advantage of power creep over NS but honestly I don’t think it’ll be worth it.
I rather make use of my paragon and gear that’s already augmented on NS. I imagine I could farm the same, if not more paragon on NS than total amount for S18.


Dude - you forgot your signature “Maintenance mode” phrase!


Now the Classic Games Team has taken over they have actually implement change. It might nor change much but it shows spkeone cares so i am to inclined to believe were on life support instead of full maintenence now. Previous D3 team didnt give a toss.


I will not play S18 if there is no stash tab to get… I will just play NS. Not thrilled about the season buff.


Game is so fukkin dead… Someone acheived “Divinity” conquest in 3 hours 38 mins at level 206 paragon from a scratch start, and he has less than 50 hours played on his account total… for all heros … what a joke.


The journey is a joke. Games actually quite fun. Powercreep is the real is issue
Journey hasnt changed to accomidate it. Its design for massive noobs who dont know how to play. Its like a learning tool


Most enjoyable season I’ve ever played & even continued to Guardian which I’ve never bothered with before.
So i got no tab or cosmetics but loved the new gear & triune rings.
My mate who is new to the game got a whole bunch of rewards that he didn’t have before & a stash tab. Good for him .
Perspective: Use it or lose it.