WHERE’S Seasonal journey FOR 18 AT?

So we need motivation to play on PTR, at least I do.

So I’m asking where’s the rewards at for season 18?

It would be nice to know what the rewards are for next season (e.g. are there going to be new interesting wings available for completing guardian); however, I do not need this to motivate me to play PTR. I usually stay away unless there is something specific I want to test. I already have all stash tabs (again) and they now are recycling pet rewards (have all seasonal pets already) so the motivation to play seasons is less.


It’s currently broken, as confirmed by Nevalistis…

I’ll just get this clarification out there now. It’ll be outlined clearly in the S18 preview blog that comes before the 2.6.6 launch, but I’d rather everyone be informed in advance.

The Season 18 cosmetic rewards are mirrored to the Season 6 cosmetic rewards; this is similar to how the Season 17 rewards lined up with Season 5. As we stated back then, this is going to be the case moving forward. Season rewards are now on what is approximately a 3-year long rotation. This allows players who never had access to them (such as those on Switch or who are newer players to the game) to be able to acquire them while keeping them relatively limited access overall.

In Season 17, there is an additional reward available in the form of the Galactic Wings. Unfortunately, we were unable to add a similar reward to Season 18.

We may still add similar bonus cosmetics to future Seasons, and really just comes down to where we focus efforts in a given patch. Cosmetics are one of the more difficult things to add to the game, requiring art, modeling, and significant QA testing (especially in the case of wings; we have to thoroughly model and test their effectiveness on 14 different player character models). That wasn’t in the cards for this patch, but it’s not off the table for the future. :slight_smile:


Good to know. Thanks.

It is strange to me that “new” wings would be so difficult to model and test. Why can’t Blizzard use an existing wing that they recolor or use one from China?


Thank you for this info. Now to get that added into my current project. :wink:

Too bad I can’t make it a Wiki with limited access for editors. Don’t stress about the Cosmetics post. The old one covers MOST things so there is no need to panic or rush.

Oh it won’t be difficult at all. I’ll have at most three or four entries to update (Season Journey list, and the individual items from the rewards listed elsewhere in the guide). Easy peasy. This just lets me do it ahead of time while I still have everything fresh in my head. :slight_smile:

I can have it done in about ten minutes tops. Hardest/most annoying part is having to edit the individual files and then make a new master file (necessary because there can’t be any spacing between the sections or the forum parser injects blank lines).

I’ll have a new master file sent over later tonight after dinner.

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Yeah because it’s so difficult to copy/paste one of the Wings in Chinese D3. Or even the Andariel Wings from an older season.

Good to know there’s literally no reason to play season this time.


Nevalistis instead of going thru the tedious work you say that new wings involve, how about just using the existing abundant amount of wings from the Chinese server that are available from micro transactions, as i am sure those have gone thru all the testing already. This would cut down on development workload and still give season players rewards worth working towards.

List of wings available on chinese server.


Thanks for the prompt response. While the community might be upset about the decision, it is much appreciated to know which direction you all are going on a major topic like this rather than let it fester.


I was looking for that.

I want the Phoenix Wings at the bottom!!

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I’m out then no new rewards no me playing the season!


Another example of a blue post that I simply do not believe quite simply because the Chinese client has more wings in it than the Western client. Those wings have obviously already had art / modelling / QA done as they’ve been live for years. Are you suggesting that in three months it’s not possible to copy an asset from the Chinese client to the Western client?


I get the regurgitation of old pets and rewards for new players. I also liked working towards the Cosmic Wings.

This season it’s just Stash Tab and “Thanks for playing - here have a free e-hug”.

I’m with MB - cut n past some wings from the China shop. Surely 3 months is long enough for that?

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Please add more pets in Menagerist goblin. Please give us something to look forward to.


Everyone at Blizzard is working on D4 no more time for D3

Aren’t there new wings for preordering WoW Classic? The Blizzard marketing team probably hopes season 18 players go that route for new cosmetics.

Though I have a hard time understanding why no reward for dedicated players who have played every season could be imagined.

As someone who’ve played all 17 seasons and got all Guardian rewards, I’m very disappointed with this.


LOL I’d rather lock myself in a room with a bunch of wild ferrets in heat than pay 60 bucks for something that looks and plays that hideous.