S-19 Group Join Bug

It is without a doubt the Battlenet Team created the bug.

Has the bug been fixed?

Grouping with friends and clan mates bad the past few days

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just logged in and 90% of my friends list is still in the same state as yesterday… so i guess not.

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Great news Matthew. Please keep the updates coming. :slight_smile:

Should be a priority for those that can’t play at all , to be able to…

Afternoon -

We want to be very transparent with this update. We have a fix for the party bug that we’ll be deploying at roughly 1:00PM PST.

This fix did not get a lot of testing internally, but we wanted to get it out asap before the holiday weekend. We had the choice between waiting till Tuesday, or getting it out today. We chose to take the risk to better the community playing experience. If, for any reason, this causes issues we can revert.

Thanks again for the patience


Awesome! Bought the game for a friend couple days ago and only been able to join them once so far. Thanks for the hard work! hope this resolves the issue

Thank you Matthew. Please share our collective thanks and gratitude with the rest of the folks who worked on fixing this problem.

That would be around 50 minutes ago. Did this go out yet?

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Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

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You rock Matthew. I’m loving the communication!

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It is 5 pm New York time and the party bug is still live.

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Players will have to restart their clients to pick up the fix.

  • This fix does NOT fix the level 0 or missing class in the friends list or communities.
  • This Fix SHOULD fix the Non-Season and Season party bug.

Let us know if you’re still seeing the issue please and thank you in advance


*Eats fix* :wink:

I ended my D3 launcher and game instance and cleared the task manager of all D3 processes.

Launched the client and many friends playing SC and HC season still show as NS SC.

Okay, I do realize all my friends and clan mates must restart as well!

An hour past 5 pm NYT, I have had ppl leave my game and their icon top left is gone.
Before it would just stay there and no matter how many times I clicked the little ‘x’, the gone party member would still show.

I hope this shows all is well after every one has rebooted their system.

Thanks so much Matthew!

Doesnt even begin to fix it on my end Matt, sorry… I tried to join a group party but it said I havent even unlocked Torment 16 when I tried and I clearly have on the selected hero… something not right!

Thanks all, we’ll keep looking into it as we go.


Has everyone in your party ended their client instance/removing all instance’s of D3 process from Task Manager and restart?

The fix will not work if only one member of a party restart’s!

They all claimed they did but probably didn’t

It definitely didn’t fix it.

Just saw someone in General Chat (around 23:30 GMT / 15:30 PT) on EU asking for a 1-70 boost. Their name showed without a seasonal leaf next to it. Viewed their profile, and confirmed they were actually on a seasonal hero. Whispered them, suggested they switch to a non-seasonal hero, then back to their seasonal hero, and to whisper me once they’d done so. They then showed up with a seasonal leaf, and I gave them a boost.