Remove Staff of Herding as offering for altar

As so many already know from previous season (also before RoS), this staff its quite hard to obtain as Gibbering Gemstone drop rate its very low. As someone who had to farm it 4 times (2 different servers both SC and HC mode) It was a nightmare and a huge time consuming.

There is no fun farming the same cave over and over again hoping to find the right elite because he might not be there waiting for you and when he is he might not drop the item you are looking for.

My suggestions?

  • Replace the staff for another item for example a primal Bovine Bardiche (at least you could not only craft it but also use the cube recipe to make it primal)
  • Increase Gibbering Gemstone drop rate
  • After you kill the elite 24times, the next time he guarantee drop the Gibbering Gemstone (to avoid repeat the dungeon over 100x and still not get the item)

Drop your thoughts bellow


Really like that third suggestion! Second is way too much to ask for most likely.

Farming the Gibbering Gemstone is a huge time consuming and not part of any “Endgame” activity. You just run through a dungeon and slay 1 mob over and over again for many hours. Therefor I hope, like most of the community that the Staff of Herding will be replaced for something else.

Here some example idea’s:
Offering a Primal item is fine, not nessesarily a Bovine Bardiche.
Offer multiple Ramaldni’s Gifts
Offer ~50 GR keys

Your request “killing 24 times” is highly unlikely. Fun idea nevertheless.


I like the staff of herding as a sacrifice, but I do agree that the variance of RNG concerning Gibbering Gemstone needs to be looked at or reworked.

The sheer time I’ve spent in S28’s PTR, S28, and now this PTR for this one component is wild. I also remember farming it up with some friends who were helping after they’d gotten theirs early on, one of which saw 5 Gemstones in the time it took us to finally loot mine. While my other friend saw 2 in the same window. The other components for the staff are completely fine IMHO, they aren’t really all that painful to check or time investment to loot.

In S28 I also ended up RE-farming Gemstone to make the staff to help some friends farm Whimsey, I hated it. xD

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This SoH again…

Season 29 didn’t excite me much, I figured, might as well have a pointless goal (SoH) and have visions.
I did the stick in less than 5 hours of real farming, in “regular” season and in SSF season (so twice, less than 10h).

Some difficulties are not bad.

And SoH (double primals) is useless on PTR.

This would be the easiest fix.

Currently, GG has a 5% drop rate and 2% drop chance on game creation. If they increased it to 50% drop rate it would increase the drop chance on game creation to 20%, bringing it in line with the other pieces of the Staff.

Simply adding a “0” to the drop rate would:

eliminate 50% of the threads on the forum
make most everyone happy
improve the quality of the game.

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Even if we often agree…
That would make the game even more (too) simple.
Without difficulty, why play?

Farming the cave for Gibbering Gemstone 1x or 100x its easy task. There is no difficulty there. Just time consuming between spending 1min when you get it on your 1st try or 4h on your 100th try. For me difficulty its when you clear a high Greater Rift with a low/bad geared character or trying to get that perfect item you are looking for.

In other words GG force you to do just that specific activity making it a boring task (double it if you are farming it for both SC/HC), while giving as example, if you want that perfect gear item you can do Rifts / Greater Rifts / Bounties / Vaults / etc… until you get it.


Farming the GG isn’t difficult. It is just tedious.

All the other pieces of the Staff all have a significantly better chance to get on game creation. Just want this one in line with the others. If farming this was part of normal game play like ancient puzzle I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Unfortunately, it is mindlessly reloading and farming the same map over and over and over and over again.


“Difficulty” is perhaps not the right word. Let’s say “without obstacle”. Afterwards I agree that the drop rate is much too low, but hey, it’s not an impossible task to accomplish.

Casuals. Remove anything that takes more then 5m, and theme park this bi***!

No thanks. Put staff of herding on EVERY NODE! MUAHAHAHA!


  • Is the right dungeon on the map? (50%)
  • Did the mob spawn in the dungeon? (80% ?)
  • Did the mob drop the required item? (5% ?)

So, 50% of 80% of 5% = 2% chance per game created that you’ll get the item.

Chance you will get the item per game = 0.02
Chance you will not get the item per game = 0.98
Chance you will not get the item after X games = (0.98)^X

Examples for X…
10 games = (0.98)^10 = 0.81707
25 games = (0.98)^25 = 0.60346
50 games = (0.98)^50 = 0.36416
100 games = (0.98)^100 = 0.13261
200 games = (0.98)^250 = 0.01758

In other words, almost 1 in 50 players still wouldn’t have the item after remaking the game 200 times. People aren’t asking for this to be trivialised, they’re asking for this triple-layered RNG nonsense to be less tedious.


Maths are good, but not here, sorry.

Just play

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You beat me to it! I saw the comment earlier as I was loading into the forums while mid-dungeon in Classic. But 150% this.

Not sure if troll xD

This gives me silly vibes so I think I like the energy.

Certainly not, but one that most would agree currently they are grateful only has to be done once a season. (You know unless HC or SSF gets involved)

The GG droprate could simply be buffed to be more inline with the other components of the Staff of Herding. There’s nothing wrong with a little investment into unlocking a node on the altar, AND, the staff is a nice little change of pace from Grifting or bounties.

But when you can knock out the other items so quickly in contrast, there’s no reason for it to be that mind numbing. Definitely can be nerfed a little bit and still retain being a neat addition to the sacrifice of the altar.

I am not in favor of removing the Staff of Herding as one of the altar offerings, as I actually enjoy farming it and I don’t think it should be too easy to unlock fully the altar. But I am not against increasing a bit the drop rate of the Gibbering Gemstone.


So, if someone asked what the likelihood of winning the jackpot in a lottery was, would you consider “Just buy a ticket” to be a valid response or would you be interested in the odds of it happening?

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an hour ago I had to roll chd on a hellfire to test something on non-season. It took like 50 attempts to even see CHD show up. prob 200 rolls to even see a 90+. Should I make a thread whining about RNG on necks and why CRIT/CHD seems to take forever?

The season 28th, i have finished the full altar at 19:00 (7PM) the saturday after season start.

I assume i was lucky to loot the gemstone at my third kill of Chiltara the saturday morning lol

Maybe im stupid, but i love farm those staff. Even if i feel desperate, i go do something else like GR,Rift etc … And i came back farm later.

So im not agree to remove the staff, it’s a content like another. An another reason to play for me.


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God, thanks…

I’m not against increasing the GG drop rate, but it’s not insurmountable, period.

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You don’t get anything useful from completing the altar anymore. Just leave two of the sad D4ish 4% nodes open and you don’t need the staff anyway.