Raekor 6 Spear- its current state and needed improvements

That definitely not going to happen.

Ok, but what about the rest. We could go as far as to say that what suggested only works versus elites and bosses. Do thinks that doable? Devs could even tweak how Charge interacts with Stricken so that it accrues 5 per Charge. Play devils advocate here.

But this update was a disaster. No change to toughness. Feels like one person job only, just slapping on a couple of numbers and tweaks and be done with it.

Are you sure ? :smiley:

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I tried it with leap. it kinda works, but not very well, lol.

I mean, the mechanic may well still exist, but there’s no reason to do it anymore.

Haha yeah, of course not!

You said you beat me by 7 seconds, that’s what I was talking about.

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But was it?

Remember how it relied on wall-charging to maximize DPS? Remember how it had zero single target damage? Remember how it flat-out couldn’t fight a handful of RGs? Remember how restrictive it was in terms of item selection? Remember how it reduced a major DPS spender to a Fury dump for . . . reasons?

I get that there are a handful of people who for God knows what reason liked Vile Charge, but that build was a mess. Kudos to you if you liked banging your head against the wall and spending ten minutes killing the RG (or leaving the rift because you got an RG you couldn’t kill), but in my opinion, that build is better off dead.

Vile Charge? Good riddance.

Not entirely. R6 Boulder Toss is clearly going to be a very strong build–maybe our strongest–and it’s always nice to have a build elevated. But I think you have a point–the changes to Weapon Throw and Raekor are, well, puzzling to say the least. Here’s what I think happened.

In the first iteration of the PTR, the devs finally addressed Raekor and Boulder Toss. Now they’re really strong!

But problem: There’s still no single-target damage, and Weapon Throw is still useless.

So they married WT and Raekor and used that combo to solve the build’s single-target damage problem.

Of course, they didn’t fix other problems, namely the lack of built-in damage reduction. There are ways around that, sure, but doing so will definitely make it harder for low-Paragon and early-Season players to get the most bang for their buck.

Anyway, the other glaring problem is Weapon Throw: it’s still not very good at dealing damage. On the plus side, it’s really good at generating Fury, and it now has a cool (in my opinion) synergy with Boulder Toss. But I also don’t see this as the best possible solution, and it’s puzzling to say the least why this was the route the devs chose to take.

I mean, if “where’s the harm?” is the operative phrase of this PTR, let’s add on to it: “Where’s the harm in giving us simple, direct fixes that address player concerns?” Because let’s be honest–there were much simpler ways to fix all of the problems.

Raekor needs more damage (and a lot more single target damage)? Buff both multipliers on Skulars.

Raekor needs some damage reduction? Ditch the missing Life mechanic and slap a “50% DR for 5 seconds after casting Charge” on the 4 piece. I mean, come on, it’s the same effect applied to Wrath of the Wastes and Whirlwind.

Weapon Throw needs more damage so it’s viable in IK/LOD builds? Jack its multipliers through the roof. It’s still never gonna compete with Rend or Frenzy, but at least it’s gonna clear 120-130+ and not feel like an afterthought. Now, though, the skill and its associated items are useless outside a Raekor build. By shoehorning WT into Raekor, the devs have decreased potential build diversity for IK and LOD builds for no apparent reason.

Where’s the harm, devs?

Where’s the harm?


It was with its core gameplay. Wall charging should never have been a thing, however the main playstyle of the build was great. I remember the old Raekor charge build, where charge dealt the damage.

Now. You have weapon throw, that was buffed. But standalone, it is not viable. Now, we got locked into boulder toss even further with the new fury update. We still got life missing which does next to nothing for this build, when people actually asked for toughness buff.
We got 1000% damage to charge still, why? Cause charge does nothing anymore, except buffing.
This was a too easy solution to slap together. Instead of listening to the numerous ideas people had.
Now it is a typhon set, where you need to use more skills to buff one further.
I don’t mind it being better and people liking it. I don’t. I’ve never supported the idea of locking a build into one rune only. Sure you can mess around in t16-small gr levels. But nothing further. Just like pre nerf inna.
As written, I don’t mind them fixing it the easy way. But there are just some mistakes, like buffing wt damage and life missing, where people asked for toughness. Those things I don’t get.

Yep, it was not. I’ve seen the Raekor videos posted here and Weapon Throw makes Raekor’s fun, I can see the luv for it. WT is going to be a part of Raekor’s, that’s fine and good.

Devs, Buff Weapon Throw! (I had to do it)

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I like how Throw Weapon is added into this piece: We wont need to bang our heads anymore.

But this does not solve the toughness problem. Maybe 4pc should incorporate DR when using Throw weapon, or attaining DR when when Ancient Spear is used.

it still does very low dmg and bad on bosses while also having severe toughness issues,
playstyle and general idea is fine.
it needs at least another 60% toughness buff (or more) and maybe triple dmg with extra dmg to elites on top.

its pretty rough at low paragons. i switched back to warcry in season for now lol.

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Maybe you’re just doing it wrong. Damage is fine. If it goes live as-is, it’ll almost certainly be the best Barb build.

Heresy. Vile Charge is bae.

I agree. Dmg is OK. I did some tests(pushed to 120 8:42, P742. ). Toughness is the top priority they SHOULD FIX. For low paragon. The experience is horrible when pushing. I like the sunstone mechanism. It will definitely make R6 more user friendly.


It’s still wonky, hard to aim, too many things to keep an eye on, all the while it’s extremely squishy, so you also have to look out for that, WT has no dmg on T16, even whit Oathkeeper, Depth Diggers, Simplicity, Zei’s and Stricken in the build.


Yeah. I mean, you CAN run with a ton of extra toughness buffs, but they’re costly:

Take shield vs off hand weapon, costs Furnace / Oathkeeper / EF, and a bit lower damage from lost CHD and AS, maybe -2GRs total. ~10% mitigation.

Take S&B passive instead of Rampage. - 1 GR. ~45% mitigation.

Take Esoteric instead of Zei: -2-3 GRs. ~75% mitigation.

Take Superstition / NoS / Tough as Nails instead of No Escape. -2 GRs. Mitigation varies, ~15% / extra cheat death.

I consider other factors, like Relentless / Crimson / BoM / Parthans “baked in”.

So if you take all that extra defense, it adds about 90% net mitigation, but costs you maybe 7-8 GRs worth of damage.

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in overall barb balance the dmg is fine, i’m talking grp-dps and overall class dmg it’s still very low.
i agree that toughness is the more important issue though

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Toughness is totally acceptable with warcry (for me) at low paragons. When i drop it for weapon throw it turns into a sh@t show. I prefer squirts but am thinking Hellfire might be better until 2k paragon to fit in one defensive ability. Any more than one is too much…

Precisely… They added damage buff to wt. Still does nothing. Vile charge, which many liked if wall banging was fixed, is gone. 1000% damage to charge in set, why?..
Locked to boulder toss rune. People on here praise the new wt into the rotation like it is the key… This new update is bad. It seems like the easiest way they could fix a thing, while not taking into consideration, that it is still bad…