Raekor 6 Spear- its current state and needed improvements

People, especially you, keep saying that: “Vile Charge is gone”. Why?

VC isn’t any more “gone” than it was before, it just hasn’t gotten a buff. I agree that it should get a buff. Heck, if they change 1000% to 3000% or 4000%, it’ll be a pretty solid build.

You should stop bashing on Raekor / Boulder Toss / Weapon Throw / Whatever. It’s not constructive. You don’t want to play R6 WT / Boulder? Fine, nobody will make you play it!

You want Vile Charge to be a thing again? Fine, me too! Focus your energies on that. None of the other changes that have been made rule out Vile Charge, or even weaken it, in any way. All it needs is more damage via the R4 Charge damage bonus. That’s it- one digit changed and it’s a good build again!

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Why do we have 1000% charge damage, when the build is not viable?
Why do we got a wt buff, when it’s not a standalone build that is viable?
Why didn’t they listen to the life missing feedback and changed it?
Why are we locked into even further boulder toss rune, instead of having all runes available.

No, I should not. I speak my opinions. Same as you. So stop trying to say what I need to say.

Again demanding. Who are you again? Forum moderator? Game developer? Ah no? Well, let me speak my mind then.
This update was a bad one. Sure, it’s fine getting more single target damage. But there are too many errors that needed a fix. You jump on the update wagon and think it’s fine. You don’t see me saying you should shush it down.
I wanted something else than another useless skill on a bar, just to be like a typhon wizard.

I’m not trying to silence you, brother, I’m just trying to point you in the right direction.

I mean, I’m sure there are a ton of builds in this game that you don’t like and don’t want to play, and that’s fine. And there are others that you love, and play all the time, and that’s fine too.

What I’m saying is that there’s still an opportunity to get back a build that you do like and do want to play. Isn’t that a better thing to focus on?

Here, I made a new topic, just for this: Blizz, Please Resurrect IK6R4 Vile Charge - PTR Feedback - Diablo 3 Forums (blizzard.com)


These are signs of, you didn’t like what I had to say about the subject at hand.
I don’t need to be pointed in any direction other than my own.
I dislike the update. I dislike the missing parts. I dislike all of the things I wrote about.

No, cause we all know, that they likely won’t change a thing. They didn’t even listen to the plentiful of advices that were given from the start. And seeing what set bonus that still are, and what people reported back, they took the easy way out to deliver a small single target portion.
I will keep repeating :
Why do we have weapon throw damage buff, when it’s not viable alone? Those numbers does next to nothing, unless you want to run t16 with it.
Why do we have life missing damage bonus, when it’s clunky to play around with, when we also on top of that, needs toughness?
Why have 1000% damage bonus to charge, when vile charge is still underperforming?
Why go further into boulder toss rune, when it could be way better to have all runes viable?
These are the things I complained about and still think that should have been dealt with.
I miss the old Raekor, where charge was the damage dealer. Yes, it was many years ago, but still. No I don’t need a charge-only build. but now we got another skill to lock us into using boulder toss alone just to push with.
I don’t know what should have been done. But I would have liked the previous version, charge/ancient spear, let all runes be viable.
And I had an idea of overpower/weapon throw into the ik set. Far stretch for what we could have gotten, but still. Now we got a copy of typhon set where we need another skill ( wt ) to deal damage. And I just don’t see a reason why. Ancient spear could have a chance of not spending fury if you hit 1-3 targets, perhaps a damage buff if you hit one target alone and it could have been enough, I guess.
As said before, it’s fine you and others like how it is now. And yes, I can see it from your perspective, I just don’t like having another skill to use. And these clunky “wt deals 200%” when it can’t perform well in a standalone build.
The new update, to me, seems like the easy way out to fix it quickly, rather than doing a bit more work into it.

If you’re asking why the developers do what they do, the only explanations you’re going to get are on the PTR update blog, and granted there isn’t much to go on.

If you’re asking why they do X instead of Y, you’re not going to get an answer, because they do not respond here. They haven’t responded for years. You’ll be doing the real life version of wall charging.

If you’re simply pining for things that are no longer viable or don’t exist in any worthwhile form in the game, there’s not much point to that. The only constructive thing you can do is put together well reasoned and supported arguments and make a post in the right forum. Instead, you’re just reposting the same questions and hoping that repeated outrage draws some kind of official response. And the answers to your questions are relatively straightforward.

The Charge damage bonus remains because the developers are not considering the vile charge hybrid build. They are attempting to create a viable and worthwhile Raekor build, and they are attempting to fulfill the original vision of the Raekor set which was always meant to be a charge and boulder toss combo with boulder toss doing most of the damage. What happened was people figured out that charge could be a lot stronger when combined with the IK set, and that the multipliers for boulder toss were simply too low to compete. Now that has been fixed in the sense that the original vision for the build has been restored. Charge is a highly mobile generator skill with passability. Making it to the primary damage dealing skill of a build is not a good idea from a design standpoint. Of course, increasing the charge multiplier on the set or on its supporting items could make it even stronger than it is now, and another good reason to do so is because a charge reliant build can be very good at speed clearing T16.

If you’re asking why weapon throw damage was put on the new items, the answer is simple. The developers clearly want to buff weapon throw in some way, and that is exactly what happened. It’s just not a large enough buff for the build to be truly competitive, or even nearly competitive with our other major builds.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the answers to your questions are relatively simple and straightforward but you just don’t like the answers. And as rage pointed out, there are more productive ways to approach the situation than endlessly complaining.


I didn’t.

Neither did I do this.

Never said I was looking for answers from a developer nor the company.
I keep repeating it, cause I replied to others. And I keep repeating it, cause I never got answers from those whom replied to me about the changes.
Neither do I like being told what I should or shouldn’t do. Neither what my opinions should be.

The bonus is not needed anymore, neither is the buff to weapon throw. Which was updated. There were no reason to buff wt, when it was never intended to be a build, but rather another ability to buff as.

No reason at all to do this.

There were never any replies to my questions, along with you and others, you never addressed them neither could explain them.
I don’t need to be more productive, cause it’s not the first time, that they do easy fixes and do something that many others don’t know why.
They listen to streamers, that makes lists about the things, they take easy routes, as seen on the new notes, cause there aren’t much to come after anymore.
However, there were no reason to buff wt. There is no reason to have the charge damage bonus nor life missing buff.
People has actually given feedback about these things and nothing was done other than to single target boss damage.
You can’t even explain why wt buff were done, nor why charge damage is still there. Nor why life missing is a good part of the set.
Good ideas are being overlooked and the quick, easy ways are taken more into consideration. And as I told Rage, I got an opinion about the update, and I will keep repeating it. We all know, that there is not going to be another update before ptr is over and it goes to live.

As I have asked rhetocial questions for. And yes, some people liked vile charge, but asked for the wallbanging to get fixed.

Maybe you should create a thread that asks for as buff to Vile Ward so that Charge can play a greater part in causing damage. The Devs might surprise you. I’m hoping to be surprised with a greater WT buff.:wink:

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Just put it into another thread, but thanks for the tip. While we usually don’t see much after the second patch, we can only hope

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the charge thing is good for speeds actually, for levels gems and what not, which i am doing now

Raekors BT build hits like a truck.I used WT for fury gen and BT to blow away mobs/elites/RG/etc. I play HC only these days. Here is my thoughts on the changes.

Did the build feel like I was doing good damage to run the toon in the next season? Yes.

Did the build have enough damage mitigation to run the toon in the next season? No.

Did the build play style feel right (like the other good Barb builds) to run the toon next season? No. It feels clunky for a ranged build. GoD set is smooth to play. Raekors is jacked up IMO.

Did the build fair well in the new EN mode and make me want to run the toon next season? No. EN’s are wonky for HC and throw in a clunky Raekors build and it just feels like I’m working a dud job. I play games to enjoy my time.

Overall, the Raekors BT is a bit like all previous versions of Raekors, just not quite right. Sure it hits hard, but it has it’s problems. I believe Raekors will again become the set that gets salvaged and only good ancients/primals will be saved for that future “one day it’ll be great”.


It seems that way to me, but time will tell. Some luv it, some don’t. Part of me doesn’t know if we are settling for what it currently is in PTR, because it’s better than what we currently have on Live. :thinking:


While I don’t think we will see changes, I sure hope so… At least bump up charge damage from the set bonus. That will bring up vile charge…
Crossing fingers for something


The “clunk” of the build is actually something I enjoy, though I can certainly see how others would feel differently.

It’s just so chaotic, frantic…. Barbaric!

Our other builds are so organized. Rend focuses on achieving a perfect grouping of mobs before grinding them down (not to mention, you are twirling like a ballerina). Leap has a really mellow rhythm: Leap-Leap-Leap-Slam. With Frenzy and HOTA, you pick a spot and fight, then pick another spot and fight.

This is different. You’re always barely in control, whether it’s trying to group mobs, generate stacks + Fury as fast as you can, or clinging to life at 30% health with Relentless active and trying to take advantage of that damage bonus without dying. But even with those challenges, the build, as you said, hits like a truck.

Kind of reminds me of Conan stories. It’s not like that character is some kind of unassailable god who shrugs off all blows with impunity. He gets into trouble, gets hurt, gets angry, even gets beaten sometimes… gets drunk… and still comes out ahead in the end, somehow.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter. But I can certainly see how this build would not sit well with some folks.


The more you play, the less clunky there is. Lot of learning curvage.


When you put it that way…

Maybe it’ll just take a little getting use to.

Would it be possible to make it two distinct playstyles in one set?

Keep charge on its own and buff its damage (ie don’t let it build stacks). Make WT build stacks for the 6pc effect. Now you can do charge with one variant, and chuck spears with the other.

Or something like it. How’s that sound?


So, problem one is that if charge damage stays on Raekor 4-piece, it’ll always be available for combination with IK6. If you buff R4 charge to be viable in and of itself, IK6R4 charge will then be 41x as powerful, i.e. you’ll be running through 150s in 1:30.

Or, let’s say you move the charge damage from R4 to R6. Well, remember that the current Vile Charge gets 41x from IK6, and 11x from R4, i.e. a 451x multiplier. And remember, too, that this is not nearly enough to make the build competitive- we actually need the R4 bonus tripled or quadrupled. So, let’s say what is actually needed is a 41x * 41x bonus (we are increasing R4 charge % to 4000), or a total 1681x multiplier.

Well, you need to cram that whole multiplier onto Raekor 6 piece, and a 1681x multiplier is a 168,000% damage bonus… kind of a ridiculous number.

Also, taking away Charge’s ability to build R6 stacks will really screw up the new build, since that’s still the fastest way to get stacks (and Fury) in density.

In short, that plan seems a lot more fraught than just… changing a 1000 to a 3000 or 4000.


Oh my guess that doesn’t work. Well at least when I’m on the road to hell I know it’ll be paved with my good intentions.

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Here’s Wudijo’s:

What do you all think?

I agree with him. Reakor could use some more love before it goes live.