PTR Raekor changes incoming

Agreed. I’ve been trying to like Raekors on PTR but it still does nothing for me. I might try it as a WT build in seasons.

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I love the build. Just wait until people figure out how to play it. Obviously some people here do but I mean the general playerbase.

Unpopular opinion incoming: it’s OK that Raekor is squishy, since it’s likely to be the strongest.

Hear me out. It’s good that builds have strengths and weaknesses. There should be some sort of balance between all of our sets, beyond just pure power.

I don’t disagree with you. I do argue that there’s a fine line, though, and I’m not sure if the new iteration of R6 toes too closely to “ultra glassy.” Then again, I haven’t tested it, and it’s unlikely I’ll find the time to return to D3 and play it in the near future.

It is glassy without help. Then again, I always try focus/restraint and coe instead of bom if and whenever possible, lol. Non-season, 5K+ paragon with augs it felt fine. At sub 1000 in season it’s difficult. Less armor, less stuff to work with. This might be a build you play late in the season once you get some paragons under the hood. A lot of us zbarb, so the gear will roll in, along with xp. Early pushing and leaderboard status is fleeting and more for the people who play 2 weeks and quit.

I broke down the major damage—> toughness tradeoffs you can make here.

Collectively it gets you nearly 90% extra mitigation, which is a ton, more than any set bonus, but costs you 8-9 GRs worth of damage, which is also a ton.

I am personally not fundamentally against this state of affairs, but be aware that this will probably produce some rather extreme distortions on the leaderboard. Low paragon players will suffer an additional -9 GR penalty on top of the -9-ish GR penalty they’ve already got vs some player with 10k paragon. So now we’re looking at nearly a 20 tier difference.

I tried sword & board and cracked the top seasonal 50. VERY tanky. Had to ditch WoTB thou in favor of warcry, then in the cube I have cassius. Focus/retraint/hellfire. Not as sexy but very survivable early.

No Crimson?

S&B is much better with Crimson. Relentless too, even more so (an extra 2x toughness).

With F+R, the strongest defensive combo to add in is wearing PoC belt, and Stone Gauntlets in cube.

Crimson makes it so squishy. That’s a lot of the problem ppl are having.

R6 is a lot tankier and more enjoyable imo.

And I use witching hour, so defense is obviously ok at this point lol.

How so? Crimson gives 28% mitigation minimum, and jacks up S&B and Relentless too. EW gives 50% mitigation when moving around.

R6 gives 0% mitigation. F+R gives 0% mitigation. You’ve got PoC in cube, and wearing Skular I assume. What else you got for toughness? Because so far this describes a less tough setup than Crimson, which gets the buffs I mentioned and could put PoC in the cube too.

Band of might, ignore pain, warcry, stormshield, 30% from sword & board, relentless, gogok.

Well, none of those preclude using Crimson, which would give you still better (much better) defense.

The only defensive configuration I can think of that R6 can use and Crimson can’t is wear PoC, Stone Gauntlets in cube.

I like the focus/restraint style gameplay more. not a big fan of endless walk unless you are very stationary.

Fair enough! It is definitely a good setup also.

But: not tougher, generally speaking.

Easier to not die i think and to stay about 50% life. There’s a micro second before relentless kicks in & without band of might its ouch city. Its not my ideal build, i was mostly goofing around. Trying to keep life low so i get the AS % bonus from r6.

Wait… are you under the impression that the Crimson setup doesn’t use Band of Might?

Because, that is definitely not true! The two best ring/ammy setups for Crimson are:

BoM + CoE + RoRG + Squirt


BoM + RoRG + EW

Both give a little bit more damage than a F+R setup. More toughness, too, UNLESS you are using F+R with PoC (worn) and Stone Gauntlets (cube). That’s the only F+R version with any sort of superior toughness potential.

Unless they add some serious built-in mitigation for this set, it is unlikely that any setup for this build, at any paragon level, will drop BoM.

Yeah not a big fan of crimson & bom w/o coe. Squirts, bom & coe maybe. EW & coe if you are good at occulus camping.

edit - tried the EW/BoM thing. good damage. still feels squishier thou for some reason. On live my new favorite spec will be whatever RNGejus gives me. :wink:

The simplest solution is doing it like D2, allow heal and resource number to be displayed in the globe.

Endless Walk set + BoM + Stone Gauntlet + Cassius + 2 skills just for survivability.
Dang this is bad. The set’s totally glassy.
What about using Parthans instead of Stone Gauntlet?

after doing captains and EW, I went back to R6. Focus/restraint, pride of cassius/stonegaunlet, etc and lvled up the leaderboard without any fishing. I am trying to stay under 1000 paragon. Most of the builds are really good. If you know how to play they all work. I would just suggest going with whatever RNG blesses you with.

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Yep, that’s good advice. Or, just going by personal preference will probably make more difference, in most cases, than any actual power difference. There’s a rarely-mentioned “I like this build” bonus that is probably worth about 3 GRs!

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