Raekor 6 Spear- its current state and needed improvements

I’ve always luved WT and if it’s a part of Raekor’s then it’s a part of Reakor’s. I can’t stop being vocal of how much I it also needs to be a part of IK/LOD. I kinda feel stabbed in the back that the greater majority of the barb community won’t vehemently be vocal about my request. Is there a fear that if they push for IK/LOD that Raekor’s will be penalized?

Still the use of Skular locks you in on BT. It’s going to be the best option for everything. Which is not a nice choice either. Let me pick a rune what I like, don’t funnel me into one that I might not like, but if I want to stay competitive I HAVE TO use that one. Where are my choices/ options?

Well sure, you could do that, but your build would probably be really bad! Charge builds both stacks and Fury the fastest in density, which is where you spend most of your time. If being the best doesn’t count as essential, then I’m not sure what we’re talking about.

Yes, absolutely, exactly: where’s the harm?

There’s absolutely no reason:

  • You can’t have WT be more viable with IK / LoD. Just needs more damage. You can cram it on 300th or Arreat’s, or a new/redesigned item. It’s not as though it’ll overperform with Raekor then, since Raekor doesn’t buff WT damage! Where’s the harm in that?

  • You can’t have Jagged Edge be a bit better for at least speed GRs. Just remove the damn Boulder-Toss-only element of Skular’s! It’s not as though it’ll be too powerful then, since Boulder Toss is already mechanically better in literally every way! So where’s the harm in that?

  • You can’t have Vile Charge be buffed to at least relatively decent power. All that’s required is: Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 1000% 3000% (or better yet, 4000%) increased damage. That’s it. Simple. That will make R6 Spear approximately 0.01% stronger, i.e. a completely irrelevant change, while making Vile Charge roughly comparable to some of our “2nd tier” builds, like Leapquake and Frenzy. Where’s the harm in that?

Again: where’s the harm in making these very simple changes? Where?


I assume you were stacking Stricken with Weapon Throw?

So, I assume the principle is: you find a spot that triggers collision for the Boulders, and as long as they’re within 9 yards of the boss they deal damage to him?

Anyone that has been a diablo fan knows that doesn’t exist in D3. We’ll never see “true diversity” in the form that everyone expects to see it “meta”.

You can build anything you want in the game, the individual set leaderboards opened that up to a reality, in the sense of “having something to prove”.

At the end of the day, if you play the game for the enjoyment of just playing the game, you have so many builds to play with it’s silly.

Think outside the box and don’t worry about S-tier. Just play for the enjoyment of playing.


Yes on some spots i saw nearly all 10 boulders drop on the same spot They are kinda hard to find though since you can often throw inside objects.
Also still need to test if wallers do the same to boulders didnt pay to much attention to that while clearing rifts.

Boulder Toss actually breaks down Waller walls. A little-known mechanic! I just retested to see if it still does, and it certainly appears to… at least the original boulder does for sure. It’s possible that the extra spawned boulders do not- it was a bit hard to tell.

Hmm. That seems like a big problem.

Getting 5-10x damage from this is a huge bonus, and it means that taking advantage of it could shave 3+ minutes off a clear. That means it’s basically required for serious push attempts, at least if you’re going for a high rank.

I’m not sure whether to classify this as a “bug” or an “exploit” or just “oops”, but whatever it is, it’s going to seriously detract from most people’s enjoyment of the build.

If they were to try to fix it, they’d have to be really careful. I guess they’d have to make collision with an object set the damage of that boulder to zero.

Well i think its a pretty cool mechanic in itself to use the environment to maniulate your skill.
It is not rly something for in the rift since area is still better and you dont rly need it if you get an addboss.
Also there are several other builds that do exactly the same in theory just with less benefit.

They should make WT part of 90 savages/frenzy & be done with it.


All true. And it’s not as though fishing for a boss with adds is a novel experience… especially for Barbs.

Haha, tag, you’re it!

I knocked down a 137 myself… beat you by 7 seconds!

Not a good rift. Pretty much the only highlight, if you can call it that, was killing 3 packs with a Conduit.

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Agreed. Thruth be told, have to go to the Dev team to find diversity, and have it be worth a hoot.

And it a good thing.

I’m not familiar with your battletag (I don’t say that to be confrontational), but I’ve created so many whacky builds because it’s fun, ask anyone in the barb community. But…

There come a time when a build is created and you know is sound and can legitimately push and you enjoy, but the only thing holding it back is the right buffs. I’m not asking for S-tier, I’m only asking for viability. I’ve asked the Devs for this over the last 6 years. If I’m not vocal about now, more than ever, then it will never happen.

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Not knocking your ideas, but that’s not necessary (it fits perfectly with IK/LOD). It’s to easy too buff 300th WT damage.

Why? Leap gives armor. Jump away from mobs, wt them down with ancient spear… Nothing special.
A lot of you praise this new update, when it’s no where near what people asked for.
It is bad. Period. Just like typhon that needs several skills in order to deal damage.
Wt damage, why? Why have it? For a lod build? Yeah good luck pushing with it. Life missing bonus not fixed for more toughness. Even more into boulder toss than ever.
This is plain bad.

You’ll get less Fury and less stacks that way, so you’ll do less damage.

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You can spam wt for that part. No reason for the 1000% charge bonus. No reason for life missing bonus. No reason to buff wt damage. So many not needed things were added.
Vile charge/make ik charge build or ancient/wt build.

Yes… like I said, you’ll get stacks and Fury less quickly that way.

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With how quick it fires, it still notes up. The main point being : there are too many failures in this update, yet people sit and praise it like it was a good one.

I know that you’re say that has to be a better way. Here’s an idea: When hitting a single target gives automatic 5 stacks and full fury (stacks and fury expires in 0.3 seconds to curb abuse). Could this end wall charging? Could this end the rift guardian dilemma?

Wall charging is already gone.

Vile charge was a great build, but had the wall mechanic to use. Many liked this build, so why not run with that instead.
Make Raekor the “old” charge build ( yes, I remember it when it was all charge that dealt the damage ). Involve saffron perhaps, buff overpower and charge damage. Let overpower usage buff charge and vice versa. Switch ancient spear onto ik set.
I don’t see any reason why they would buff weapon throw damage, when it’s still not enough and not the main damage dealer. Why have life missing when toughness is still needed. Why lock us onto even more boulder toss cause of more fury spending = more damage…