PTR Starts 2/6 and additional Thoughts

I can’t see this anywhere but I guess every new set will be 6 new items which all always will be: helm, chest, pants, boots, gloves and shoulders

So I wonder if you wear a Mara’s amulet then cube fire, electric and arcane amulets you might be pretty tanky. Just need to take care around cold or use ice climbers.



I don’t know…maybe i miss something, but isn’t it the exact same layout we would have, if we chose to run LON/LOD?
The only thing that changes would be the Piranhado CC we would have to sacrifice for the voodoo.
It is basically the EXACT SAME.

This set offers much more damage, for sure, it will be ridiculously strong with the current buffs.

But why?

I really love the idea, but it is just the same:

Correct me if i miss anything, you spread dots for “Ring of Emptyness” boost, spread mana-regen haunts and gain mana regen from your “Rush of Essence” passives, which than results in even mroe dmg.

I don’t see the need for this set. I really would love to hear a developer opinion on it and the reasons for the design. Notghing changes, sadly. :roll_eyes:


I was looking for this but nothing. All they did was add new things for the new sets. No actual balance to the builds/sets that are lacking in toughness and/or damage to be able to compete with others in high GRs. All this balance talk and nothing…

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There were some last minute patch notes that went in last night, so some localized versions were delayed as a result. Should be live shortly. :slight_smile:

I believe this is the case. I know, at the very least, it is for Wizard as I’ve play-tested the set already. Haven’t had time to do both Barb and WD yet though.

I hadn’t thought about this yet. Interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing other peoples’ experiments too!


Wear one immunity amulet and cube 3… xD
Very nice idea :joy:


As a range… igonre poison, because it barely deals damage to you, so you can go with cold, should also be more healthy for certain trash enemies and the more dangerous dmg of the enemy frozen ability.

sounds nice, if you can sacrifice a weapon slot in the cube, which barely is the case^^

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I like the concept. BUT… can we get an environmental effect also? Nothing new or crazy, but the triune circles with this would be pretty enjoyable.

It’s up now… thank you.


Not every player enjoys the enjoys the environmental buffs. We actually received some of that feedback based on this current Season, and decided that we should have more “personal mechanical” buff options so we can swap off between those two preferences.

Not everyone’s going to like every Seasonal buff, (and that’s okay) but if we can have something a lot of people like on a somewhat regular basis and rotate between people’s preferences, everyone gets something once in a while and that feels like a win. :slight_smile:


And how does the new Wizard set feel? :slight_smile: Are the heads staying alive.

wow I can’t believe you guys decided to go the lazy route and just broke 90% of the wiz stuff. you guys seriously trying to loose a large portion of your community over stupid things ? I’m sorry but breaking the wiz this bad over bazooka is honestly the dumbest thing blizzard could have done.


Thanks for going the route of a hydra build Blizzard devs. That is a old favorite and much appreciated to see that returning. Can’t wait to see the artwork. Frenzy will be a good fallback compared to WW and loss of s19 theme.


If you max out shielding you should be able to maximize active heads.

Oh Nev…

I think i remember it correctly now i guess.

Spirit Barrage, used with these items, will make the Phantasma a pet right?
Thats why you mentioned the Ring of Emptyness?

Too long ago, but i think i got it now… even better, frees the Locus Swarm slot for more cc/survivability.

I thought they tried to fix bazooka right before S19 in a way that did not harm anything else only to have a bunch of wiz’s run out and bazooka macro things immediately and then brag in these forums it was not fixed. forgive me if that was not how it played out, i am only going from recent memory and I don’t read these boards everyday. If that is even close to what happened then this should not be a surprise really.

I am excited for the new season and the new sets. But i’m curious, those changes, especially the QOL, are the only ones we’ll get, or when the full patch comes out, there will be some more?
I don’t mind the hydra set for the Wizard, although i REALLY wanted some Ice set for the Wizard… is there any hope to see more for him in the future? Just wondering… :sweat_smile:

We may be lucky enough that they’ll make some changes to the Hydra set that would either have the hydra set add another skill or two to the mix, or that the number of hydra heads would buff the wizard’s overall damage as well as the hydras. Outside of those, the only other way would be if we got a new ice legendary powers or the existing ones were buffed so we would be able to use LoD/LoN to make our own ice builds(I wouldn’t expect this to happen in this upcoming ptr, a future one perhaps).

We’ll have to wait and see.

So I guess im going…
Akkhans Condemn.

Furnace+Lidless wall or Hellskull equipped
-Condemn sword in cube.
-Blood Brother in cube
-Condemn shield in cube

F+R Equipped.
-CoE in cube.
-RoRG in cube.
-Unity or Justice lantern in cube.

Akkahn on my head
-Leorics crown in cube.
-that 50% damage reduction armor in cube
-Stone Gauntlets in cube.

Gr8, looks like im going to be literally immortal up to GR200 lol

Nerf’s are retroactive to existing items.

aw man that’s even worse! Thanks for the heads up, I forgot all about that part.

Guess my Primal Etched is going to take a bad hit :frowning: