PTR Starts 2/6 and additional Thoughts

please explain a little bit what “top tier” means in your world

It’s likely the standard Helm + Chest + Pants + Boots + Shoulders + Gloves. Outside of the vanilla sets (IK, Nat’s, Tal’s, Inna’s, Zuni’s), that’s what nearly every set uses.

There’s a couple exceptions for sets with 7 items (e.g. Akkhan’s amulet, Firebird’s source). The only other exception I can think of off-hand is Invoker (bracers instead of chest). I think everything else is the standard 6p.

EDIT: Forgot Sunwuko as an exception.

Well, it have been a top tier LoN/ LoD build as far I can remember so all that skill needed were some item buffs. Has that changed drastically?

It might be B-tier. after A-tier and God-tier

Right now I consider this very likely.

AD plus Bloodshed mixed with new Bastion’s Revered, it may make WW look light on the server stress.

I am very much looking forward to trying it though. It has potential.

Hello Nevalistis… not sure if you can help…

The PTR blog is now up on Europe… all languages but French. Do you have someone that can check what the status is ? Thx.

I like the new mage set…was always a fan of the hydra skill. Great thing that this skill got a set :wink:

No need for this set cause Hydra builds will be using Tals, firebird or LoN/LoD as the mechanics of losing Hydra heads on this new set immediately makes it suck


I actually like the bonus, but it doesn’t work well with DH, which is a double whammy. DH lacks strong legendary items.

It’s not like Crusader, take AoV for example, I can wield a Pig Sticker and cube Ivory Tower in the armor slot. Or something sick like Blessed Shield with cubed echoing fury – that’s gotta be dope @ 5APS!

There really is no gain legendary effect that raises damage significantly except that N6M4 Multishot build where it literally gains 3.2x damage at the expense of defense. (That’s not mainstream either, but i can see people breaking GR133 @ 2500 paragon – if they can survive).

Everything else for DH is plain jane – like M6 Multishot w/ Dawn or Echoing Fury.

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Ok, thanks for bringing me up to date. In my opinion, every class needs top tier LoD build so in my books that makes spirit barriage items needing buff, not set.

We will see if this set will be useless.

Not saying it would be useless. Just saying that skill that already has a powerful build, needs only buffs whereas a skill that has next to none builds - such as Zombie Bears - would’ve needed set desperately.

Wd set makes me feel like the monk set before it got Tempest Rush and Cyclone Strike treatment.

First thing I want to say is that I find the season theme very exciting. The world of theorycrafting just got turned upside down and inside out.

But I also agree with this:

There are some very easy, safe things that can be done to give DH some love. I mean, you can just give the Strafe weapons multipliers that don’t suck, or any of dmkt’s suggestions.

No love for the Necro again… the class is underperfoming in GR and that’s the class with the least legendary items for support its builds. Please Blizz, add more special legendery items for the necromancers


they have zero interest in creating new support toons

I’d do S20 on the set that gives the most fun/power.

if not, Spin for the Win again.

I was hoping a necro set too… :frowning:

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I haven’t played Sader in a while, so apologies for an ignorant question - is not being able to cancel the animation going to ruin the build or just knock it down a few GR lvls?

sader probably good now for 125ish

Huge nerf honestly blows my mind

amazing what you can do by simply changing three lines of code, isn’t it

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