PTR Starts 2/6 and additional Thoughts

Pretty sure this theme will make most the necro sets better. cdr,
damage red, and more damage.

I like the Seasonal buff, chance to switch up on gears/builds that I wanna try for a long time. I wanna say that it’s interesting enough for me to wanna try Seasons for the first time in my life.

I think, especially for MS DH, the 3 buff flexibility is probably not worth it as weapon and ring as mandatory buffs…

the barb set is unfun and just bad.
wizz is a cool idea but maybe not strong enough
wd is completly broken and i like it :smiley:
no other class / set balance in this patch?!

Fair enough. The environmental effects help keep me engaged. My first thought was, why not both? :slight_smile:

It’s more that Phantasm (specifically) is treated as a pet, which wasn’t really ever intended, but also isn’t something we intend to change. As always, we’ll keep an eye on odd interactions and make changes if something goes bananas. :slight_smile:

:upside_down_face: More than a little accurate. I generally find that people are very vocal about necessary nerfs until they’re relevant to the class they play the most. Funny, that.

(Not everyone, of course, but there’s certainly a trend.)

We’ve been pretty vocal about intending to do something about Bazooka for a while now. It will kill some playstyles that a fair amount of the community seems to agree is unhealthy for the game and doesn’t feel great to play.

If it leaves Wizards so far behind they need more help, well, then we’ll give them more help. We want everyone to have play styles that are strong and fun, but don’t require debatable use of game mechanics to accomplish.


I don’t think it’s bad to kill Bazooka, I don’t like the idea of ​​being forced to use macros. But I wonder what the classic Star Pact will be like, he shouldn’t be killed either.
Wouldn’t it be better to just remove the interaction between Fazula’s / Swami and Grand Vizier / Deathwish / Etched Sigil / Nilfur’s Boast ?

fixing bazooka is one thing, but breaking ALL starpact builds was stupid, overkill and just plain lazy. they could have simply fixed the archon bug that made bazooka work

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Unfortunately, this is a significant issue with all the OTHER builds that utilize DW/ES. It should really be nerfed another way; mainly Archon up’ing only Archon damage. Bazooka needed to die, but I think you took DW/ES out in the crossfire.

You’re aware that this change negatively affects just about all wizard channeling builds that make use of death wish and etched sigil, even those that don’t make use of the starpact meteor skill?

The only playstyle people consider unhealthy is specifically bazooka wiz aka starpact+archon wiz. You’re change effectively kills most normal wizard builds. Think of something else to fix bazooka, like actually fixing the problem.

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As I and others have said before, Bazooka is not the fundamental problem. Starpact is. If they only disable bazooka, we will still have LoD star pact, which still dominates trash kill meta. Starpact is ultimately what prevents other classes or builds from being competitive for group meta. The interaction is unintended and is miles ahead of all other trash clear builds.

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wow are you out in left field, the dmg comes from the archon. regular starpact has no where near the damage, but the nerfs to DW/ES still effect non starpact builds like this new coming set. point here is not wether starpact or bazooka is OP, but the fact this change to DW/ES breaks too much and they need to find a different way to combat it

Agreed. The change to DW/ES/Mantle of Channeling nerfs builds that are neither Starpact nor Bazooka. They need to find a different solution.

i m just gonna slide in here and ask maybe some damage items for blizzard skill snow clash belt and winter flurry are prime items and i d be happy with an actual blizzard items i could build a lon around

You’re probably wrong here. They don’t buff them in the ptr doesn’t mean they wont buff them in live. It just that some simple number changes aren’t their focus and they want the comunity to test the new contents like new sets or more impactful changes like the animation cancel removal.
@Nevalitist as mentioned in another post, may be set the ptr’s paragon to 5000 and no exp gained post lvl 70 if it’s your goal of ballance. That’ll simplify the data gathering and analysist a lot and make them more accurate, and may make the account transfer less necessary so it will attract more people to ptr.

Next season its 95% of top 100 leaderboards for each class using the same build again. No diversity of builds cause they like to keep 1 build shine above the rest. No love for DH multishot or Monk Inna/SWK WoL/LTK, or Firebird Wiz and other weaker builds that cant participate in DPS role in a 4 man group at high GRs. So tired of nothing being done about this.

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I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed for the remainder of D3’s life then. The very nature of the infinite scalar mechanism they use for greater rifts (even if they do have a cap imposed for technical reasons) means that not every build can shine, at least at the top of the pyramid.

And that’s exactly the type of system that is in place - a pyramid. Near the bottom where GRs start and Torment levels are still relevant, most builds work very well. But as you climb those greater rift levels, like the pyramid itself, fewer builds will work, until finally you’re at the apex and only a handful work to reach the top. Any game that uses a similar system will see similar results.

Regarding the Mantle of Channeling change: can we get further input on this? This negatively affects pretty much every build outside of the ones you wanted to deal with. There are a lot of times where we can’t stand still for 2+ seconds (required to get the effect and have it actually do something meaningful). Is there not a better way you can go about this? This feels like taking a wrecking ball to something that requires a scalpel to deal with.


I could care less about balance, I play for fun. Im more interested if they can top Rrog theme and Panda theme. You know thing that keep you playing :slight_smile: :smile:

They could fix that without going overboard, Make more lod builds by making legacy of nightmare rings(invisable set bonus like a lot of stats) a reg/leg stacking it with lod. I may not be end game, meta always is, but it would give the game some fresh air. Setting aside those that like to bot/exploit. lol nuke them all.