PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

For those still tuning in - the core build had been updated on 8/31. I’m going to pin this thread back up to keep my eye on feedback on stability performance since the update.


So the random freezes are still pretty much here… Length of time is like always less than 1 second though, you’ve pretty much condensed it from 5-10 seconds to like always less than 1 second, but it can still happen multiple times right after one to another, making it still about a 5 second freeze.

I have not crashed to desktop yet though, but I have been in parties where members would crash to desktop… It’s definetly better… but the problem is still here…

I had ran smaller game servers for me and my friends before for other programs/platform in the past, whenever I noticed lag or freezes its usually the lack of GB of Ram. I honestly think you just need to double or triple the amount of ram in all the D3 servers to fix this, idk i could be wrong and its something else, hope there will be a better fix sometime in near future! Thank you!

Crashing every few minutes for me still. Haven’t been able to play for more than 3-4 minutes at a time since the season started. Happens to old and new characters, seasonal vs non-seasonal.

Filthyrich, I appreciate all that you do and putting up with the corporate overlords above you. Know that this is not in anyway directed towards you personally. HOWEVER, it is utterly disappointing after how many years this issue has persisted?? This seems like a big PR stunt to get people to go buy D2R. I have lost count of how many HC toons died because of this issue. I have tried all the fixes and even farm solo. So call me skeptical when blizzard said “we will look into it” after the community literally found out what the issue is and even went as far as to make a work around which a blue even approved. This is nothing but a farce. We are all so frustrated because we still care about the blizzard that we grew up with, though long has the ship sailed.

Does anyone know how I can call blizzard?


Long freeze… a few seconds… at 19:48.
Seemed to coincide with the end of a shield pylon.

The first freeze I have experienced since the release of the update… perhaps just a glitch ?

Cheers !