PTR 2.6.10 Has Ended!

Wait, what ? What communication ? There was like whole month without a single blue post…

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Thats improved around here

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You know what PTR stands for, right? Patch Testing Redundant. Some argue D3 PTR means “Patch Testing not Required”, but I go with the former.

Totally tiring that’s the worst patch they have ever released, ow MINE after playing more than 6k hours and mostly with my wizard have never felt more outraged with the outcome of what my character turn out to be, is now the most pathetical class in the game is an ubsurd.

DEV team seriously guys do something people is starting to get really pissed with the issue. You guys just killed the only cool item we had to have fun with several different builds and also doing that you gaves no build to play with LON (legacy of the nightmares gem).
See I have a great wizard with a bunch of primal wich use to do GR 126 solo with the LON build and now I cannot even do a GR 110 with the new energy twister build.

DEV team please be serious fix the defense and damage on the unique almost build to play with LON of the wizard not to say that crusaders in comparison are doing GR 150 quite easily a guy scored a GR 140 not much geared in 8 minutes with a paragon of 1900 (just to have in MIND wizards take 30% more damage than other clases, in order to supossebly do more damage).

OOOOOOOWWWwwwww shame, sorrowly and disgusting of not being heard I think those will be the last words to be shared on the theme, and serious ppl is getting mad about it, happend before last time was pretty bad for blizzard, and it seems that you guys just don´t hear due you guys don´t seem to have a customer opinion like us that we do play as hell.


Hopefully there will be item changes from Phase 1 and new additional changes before S22 goes live. It looks like theres still a chance we might see something but we wont really test them in PTR, we’d probably test these changes during the downtime between season end to season start. Non-Season is also PTR lol… Guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

10/8 Update: Hotfix Incoming

We’ve read into player issues and want to share some of our findings and plans for an upcoming Hotfix:

  1. Shadow Clone Dying: The Shadow Clone should only die under the conditions of the player dying or when the 1-minute Shadow Clone spawn timer runs out. Unfortunately, the Shadow Clones dying outside of the designed circumstances and a fix is being worked on to correct this.

  2. Necromancer Shadow Clone Causing Crashes: Necromancer Shadow Clones are currently causing game crashes for players. We believe this is due to Build Variation 3, specifically with the skill Bone Spirit - Poltergeist.

  3. Game Freezes at Loading Screens: An issue we’re currently investigating is related to game freezes when loading into a game (error:395002). We want to invite any additional insight on this if you encounter the issue.

Timing: The team will continue to monitor the current progress of the PTR and we wanted to share that we are aiming to implement a Hotfix for this on 10/9. We understand that due to issue #2, you may be limited to testing the Necromancer. Thank you all for your patience and I’ll post back up when I get more updates.


Was it you that lamented how much time they must have spent on the seasonal theme instead of proper item adjustments? I gotta say, you NAILED it. Look at this mess ;/


Waiting to see how they mess up the wizard builds even more…

You would need 2+ more weeks of testing and adjusting the changes from this catastrophe. Strange how they buff Necro Bone Spear and Sader so easily with 1 change… but mess up the 3 wizard builds with their new additions


Tbh thats not the way to test things propperly. Normally you want :
Test (week) - gather feedback - implement feedback - update test server - test (at least 4 a 5 days) - implement last changes/bugfixes - push to live servers - time to crush last bugs untill start season.

It is not that hard and can be done in the same timeframe as current ptr. Your way looks like it is going to be : ptr - implement changes - push to live servers and pray everything went well. You are in dire need of some test engineers…


Are you able to answer the questions I posted? I’m not the only ones asking them.

Not helping, but you can’t go through this PTR then Live with so many crap…you need to extend this PTR to another session if you want to iron out this.

You acknowledge the feedback given , and took no action…and not only that…you did not even try to let us know there WILL be another update to balance the items?.. so, what is the point? just decide another % number to increase without letting us run them through?..

oh boy…

For code 395002, I can get right on PTR with second account no problem but my main account gets that code. Started right after attempting to join a friends game on PTR and now we both get that code. I tried everything in article for the code and even completely uninstalled/reinstalled Bnet and PTR.

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were currently limited from any testing as the whole ptr seems to have 4k latency.

lets hope the poltergeist gets exorcised quick


I experienced this issue as well. I had to ctrl+alt+del and close the game down. I tried changing characters, changing difficulty, switching to campaign mode etc. 10-15 attempts and nothing helped. I then read an advice on a forum that deleting a character could help, so I tried that, and that fixed the issue. Haven’t experienced it again after that. But I’ve also read that this trick doesn’t work for everyone.

10/9 Update | To keep everyone in the loop here’s what we’re working on:

  • Shadow Clones Buff Turned off (temp): We’re in the process of turning off the seasonal buff for Shadow Clones buff to prepare for the Hotfix launch. We’re sharing this to alleviate any alarm for the Shadow Clones not spawning at the moment.

  • Hotfix Implementation: The planned hotfix will be implemented to address server lag, error code issues, and crashes due to Necromancer Skill Bone Spirit.

*Note: Once the Hotfix has been implemented, the Shadow Clones will be activated for use.


You do know that they have internal testing too. After the PTR is done they do a lot of testing with the data they collect. We, the PTR players, are only a part of the testing that takes place.

have to add in your text cm, that when disabling the bonus of the season … it was not only the clones that went to space … but the 4 slot of the cube also …

Can you also fix the issue where the clones don’t follow us after we move to another map?

I’m still getting error "There was an error loading the hero. Please try again. (Code 395002) while other people i play with can log in fine.

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Hotfix is live now - thanks for your patience.