I hope they do NOT implement M&K support for console personally. I liked the feel of the controller this weekend and played a lot, but in PVP M&K is far, far, far superior when it comes to skill placement and teleport. Controllers are stuck with name lock aiming skills only when PVPing, and introducing M&K support would toss too huge of an advantage in to any one using M&K.

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Needs M+KB support. For many reasons as mentioned above. I’ll most likely be buying a PC.

Actually it was extremely difficult to party up with random people in each and every game.

If you have a secret to speed partying on Xbox with the people you join in game I’d love to know it because I couldn’t find it

Yeah teleporting feels bad on controller… everything else is solid

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Thought so. Thanks for confirmation.

Yeah I don’t like that you can’t “target tele” anything
I didn’t have problems with speed tele for Andy runs for awhile though…was very smooth minus having to have almost all my points in energy and a full inv of mana potions lol

(Like the ghost potions on the first 2 potion tabs :+1: although all 4 slots should be like that.)

Yeah mana is a real drag (and will continue to be at launch without ladder, no ladder, no insight)

Until you’re a high lvl geared up sorc anyways.

Most might go es builds for the majority
(Personally not a fan of es)

I’m just gonna make a hammerdin until ladder. Redemption aura ftw

Just been playing the open beta with my girlfriend. Her on PS5 and me on my old PS4 via remote play on my laptop. Worked great. But for me using controller was very limiting. I will play more this weekend but I will most likely not buy this game unless keyboard and mouse is supported on playstation.

Way too much “hold this button to do this” “hold this button to do that” and so on. Very cumbersome to handle the inventory and the quickness of things that mouse and keyboard gives.


Agree. Looting feels especially painfull on the controller. I don’t see any reason why they can’t add MNK support for consoles in D2R. I hope they will do it eventually so i can buy it and play.

So I just wanna jump back in here and say thanks for everyone’s responses.

Let me start by saying that we shouldn’t knock on anyone’s playstyles and opinions. To each their own….

The main thing for me is this….

Xbox Series X….Xbox Series S……PS5 and finally PC.

All of these machines are extremely powerful Next Gen Tech.

The fact is every single one of these machines are graphical beasts, processing beasts and downright awesome. Including the S.

So now it’s not a question of if the consoles can handle the graphical presentation as good as PC because we all know that the consoles can.

From this perspective I question.

Why does the PC version allow for both mouse and keys and controller and console doesn’t?

On the same note, why limit the players who have loved Diablo II for years to a singular choice on console, basically forcing to play another way by controller?

The consoles have the power capability now so why limit?

With all this said, I had the chance to play the beta again this weekend after the early access and honestly just couldn’t get into it because of some of the minutiae that exists on the console version.

All I’m saying is that there really is no excuse to provide the way to play because the tech that console players have now is feasible to provide mouse and keyboard support.

The issue is whether or not Blizzard will provide this support to console.

Halo master chief collection has mouse and keyboard support among other games. Those games feel like playing on PC. Why not D2R?


Ditto. Could not agree more. Let’s hope the Devs include M+K accessibility for console. Craving the authentic feel for the game … and let’s not forget the race for loot.

Old school gamer here. Played on pc for years. Love d2. Ps4 owner. Played both beta weekends. GAME NEEDS KBM.
Controller fails with following.
Amazon: can’t spread or hone the multishoot. It does what it wants and often glitches with a wide spread shot too often. And guided arrow becomes pointless. Kbm, I can use guided around corners, pick off specific targets in crowd. With controller, it’s simply the target closest.
Not being able to click on screen locations, worsens this game. Meteor on sorc is now direct. Teleport is a bummer. Tho close. But having no pointer makes loot annoying. Often picking up unwanted loot while melee attacking. I can only imagine setting traps with a sin will be lesser as well.
Please allow KBM so at least we have the option of better controls and aren’t forced to play something much more frustrating.
P.S. My fav chars are Sorc, Zon, Paly. (They all suffer with a controller in one way or more)

I want to chime in again and say this to people who suggest “just buy it on PC”

This action alone assumes we have well configured PC’s that likely at least cost $1500

Now I am not saying that I can’t afford to buy one, but for people can’t afford one (or have a mortgage to pay and don’t want to spend a monthly amount on one…

I could pose the same question and turn that philosophy around by stating, “just go buy a cheap mouse and keyboard”

The wireless mouse and keyboard I am typing with right now costs $25…
So a previous user saying buy it on PC basically means that I have to shell out $1550 just to play a game VS having bought a Series X or S for $500/$300 respectively and spending only $25 to play the game the way it was originally meant to be played…

The fact is, I already have a PC. Is it top notch? No, it isnt. I use it for other purposes but honestly, there hasn’t been a game that has motivated me high enough to shell out more money to just buy a new one. D2R is not the exception from this perspective either.

D2 has been on one place to play for the last 21 years on PC but now has the opportunity to be played on consoles. If the goal is bring back an original game, why not include one of its most original concepts in being able to use the original mouse and keys on console.

I know it’s not a common perspective, but I feel like console and PC have a very small gap between them in the gaming sector. Yes, PC will always blow away in how much power one can produce, but the fact is that, console is no slouch anymore and shouldnt be treated as such…

Anyway, Mouse and Keys on consoles Plz! End of Rant!

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You can buy a decent pc for under $900 (2080 Super) if you shop for it that will easily run this game and several others.

If you can play on PC with a keyboard and mouse or with a controller, it doesn’t make sense that on PS5 or XBOX you can’t used a mouse and a keyboard as well.

I think Blizzard should add this option on console. People who preferred to play with a keyboard and mouse on console would have the opportunity to do so. It doesn’t make sense to buy a new computer just for playing Diablo 2 with a keyboard and a mouse.

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No MnK and no lobbys I’m not playing till they are added. That’s the whole experience

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its not really up to blizzard, its up to the console makers to make KBM compatible… and knowing them, you’d have to buy their specific KBM system otherwise it wouldn’t work with any other…

Ask Sony and Microsoft.

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