No judgment of course I mean no offence, until they confirm KB+M for console I would be stuck using the controller anyways lol. I have D2:R pre ordered ( Xbox ) so I will get some beta time. I will take your advice and keep an open mind though for sure.

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it is fine, unless you are a weirdo playing D2 with a steering wheel, flight stick or dance pads, then we need a video or something, LOL.

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Now, I sorely wish the Nintendo Power Glove worked.


FWIW - I got a mouse n keyboard for my PS4 to play D2R and I guess it’s not compatible. (Playing early Beta that dropped today. Not very happy with the game play on controller. Really hope they give you the option to use M+KB or controller.

Just MO from a long time D2 player.

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Why does everyone keep comparing the two? They don’t need to be compared, it’s about preference. Keyboard support shouldn’t be added because controller feels better according to some YouTube video and a few peoples opinions? After playing the beta for a few solid hours now, and seeing all these threads. I think it’s clear mouse and keyboard is the way to go for D2R. Not giving console users that option, but giving PC players the ability to switch on the fly is very unfair, especially given we payed the same price for the game, AND we get less features. No text chat/no custom game browser.

Oh but we get a cool emote wheel that doesn’t work, and we can run in all 8 directions!! (:blush:


I preordered the game for Series S with the intent on playing the game on mouse and keys. I played the early access beta for only 30 min and could not stand the inventory management. The slow cursor to move, sell, bulk buy…… OMG the stat points is snail slow and makes me want to poke my eyes out with every push and hold……

I’ve played Diablo II for years since way back and I know I will not have fun without keyboard and mouse. This support needs to be added to console without hesitation as the “classic feel” has already disappated.

Let’s think about it like this….Diablo 2 came out for one device. That device was pc. Let’s also think about like this…Diablo 2 came out in 2000 so that means that for 21 years I’ve been playing that game with the only way to play which is on a mouse and keyboard.

To go from the best way to play to playing on a controller is far from jarring, it’s like not playing Diablo 2 at all.

Blizzard…add mouse and keyboard support or refund my money because it is not fun without it. I don’t want to play Diablo 3 again… I want to play Diablo 2 on my nex gen console with mouse and keyboard support.


I have to agree. I’m an Xbox main and use controller pretty much constantly but for this particular game, controller just doesn’t feel authentic to what I’m used to playing. I am really really really hoping for m+k support on console. It REALLY needs it and shouldn’t be hard to implicate at all.


If you want M+K go play the PC version. This is for Console and you use controllers.

All this whining about lobbies, comms, K+B…go play the f’ing PC version if you want that.

You realize there are games you can play on console with M KB, right?

Of course but this is a multiplatform title…you want those features play it on the platform that has it.

That’s not feasible for people who don’t have a gaming PC. The developers should just put chat features in on console.other games do it like Elder Scrolls online and FF14.

Just party up, its not hard.

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You obviously have no idea how consoles work with d2r are missing the point of what is wrong here. Party up with who random people? When I join games,.it is free roam could get level 1 players when u want Baal run. People who don’t want to use voice chat or can’t. At best that is a few people who by the way you can’t communicate with as no text chat on console. No way of trading properly no way of making a deal because you can’t talk to them, no way of making a custom game for a specific thing. At best can play with a few friends if you have friends who play, far from the experience of chat lobbies.


As someone who played d2 when it first came out and had tried the apha and beta mkb is far better the movement means nothing if you can not aim a skill shot. I really hope that Blizzard sees this and adds the support to consoles. I bought it hoping the support would be there on console.


The early ladder will be nothing but people with KBM. There isnt enough control for sorcs with controller. I tried it and it is okay but you need 2x the mana pots and you end up teleporting in places that will get you killed in hell. KBM is too much more accurate. They should at least allow it on the a console.

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Are you literally just going to every thread dealing with console and trying to shut people’s preferences down? Jesus christ. I see you everywhere hating on people’s opinions and being a controller purist. Just shut up already man.

i think they will use mkb

I’ve posted on two threads…this one and one after I played the Alpha.

So no you are not quite right there, a controller purist based on two threads. I’ve posted on no other D2R threads.

I accept your apology.

The biggest issues are already stated, but another is the lack of ability for console players to increase player count for a solo game.
I’m not hating on the game or the devs as they honestly did an amazing job, but it’s clear they didn’t consider console players for this game.

Seems to be a pattern of Blizzard.

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