Power affixes is a HORRIBLE IDEA

Does not add depth. Effectively makes you choose “sides”. Unlocking special affixes by collecting these “power” stats seems awfully similar to a set bonus. I don’t feel compelled by this system to incentivize creativity and freedom in creating your own build.

Please DO NOT add power affixes.

I suggest adding elemental affixes instead, that doesn’t force any particular “unlock” based on some generic value threshold, but rather a direct effect to your elemental damage type that are built-in to all skills, in a way that doesn’t restrict you to one type of elemental type in any way.


The system sounds fine for the most part. But adjustments seems required.
Otherwise yes, it risks locking you into specific sub-sets of stats, taking away a ton of build diversity.

Solutions could be (taken from another thread):

  • Only the highest tier of a stat (at any given item lvl) is locked behind a Power requirement. So items might be able to spawn with +5% crit normally, but +6% comes with Angelic Power requirement.
  • Remove the direct link between Powers and stats, so any stat could spawn with any Power requirement. Allowing you to search long enough for gear that fits your need.
  • Allow all Powers to unlock all affixes, but at different requirements.
    Like +6% crit (50 Angelic, 60 Demonic, 70 Ancestral)
  • And probably endless other alternatives.

I think the whole concept is unnecessary. There’s no reason to try and make a “solution” for a problem that shouldn’t exist.


They’re still on an adventure to fix something that isn’t broken. Adding an affix that grants an affix for having a specific amount of the affix is just dead weight, not complexity. Adding something for the sake of adding something for “complexity” is poor design. Thank you for trying and providing updates, so that we can continue to bring light to these issues.


i would just suggest, to not put in, too many of those stats and still keep the normal affixes viable

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This made me chuckle, because I don’t dislike these new affix ideas myself, so much as I just don’t really feel like they are necessary either.


Putting a choice of 3 stats on items that give you “unlocks” for a certain playstyle is utterly ridiculous. It forces you to choose to either be a tank, dps or support, which is a major blow to build diversity and freedom.

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Just call it Strength, Dexterity and Intellect - fixed

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Lol, agreed. Maybe complainers will read less into it.


This is effectively what those 3 power affixes are. In D2 we needed certain amount of str and dex to wield various item types, now they just expanded it to 3 affixes and limited the gating to the specific bonus rather than the whole item.

The desired result seem to be that total noobs still can get the benefit of an item without having to think too much about it whereas the more experienced players can find different ways to minmax.

Not sure what to make of it since they haven’t yet told us whether the rolls are completely random. If they are, then it just seems like a rather meaningless layer of rng being added.


Look, at the moment the bonuses of the Power stats are pretty raw.
They need refining on how exactly they will enhace your character for build.

However its a really good approach that blizzard wants to implement requirements on gear to either decide on get that stat or the other stat depending on your build.

I guess many would love that those “power” stats will be granted in points per level up to distributed on your character as you see fit.

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I mean it’s a hack n slash class based rpg.

Choosing is the name of the game.


The 3 stats are not really tank, dps and support though.

One thing that could make the system way more interesting would be if the stats could unlock skill effects. Essentially skill runes chosen through those stats.

Like Fire bolt might get an explosion aoe effect at 100 demonic, a dot effect at 100 ancestral and lower enemy fire resistance debuff with 100 angelic etc.


“I hate the way x detail was used so it and everything related should be DELETED!!!”

I’m getting kinda tired of seeing this.

Honestly, this “power system” just feels like a cumbersome and annoying mechanic. It’s complexity for the sake of complexity.

Complexity should be there to open up builds through the interaction of powers and legendary affixes. This isn’t that.

From what I gather you want all affixes to be available without any limitations because making choices somehow limits freedom and creativity?

You would be correct if referring to DIII’s itemization because character power is determined by items alone.

DIV has skill points, talents and itemization.

The current iteration is a work in progress, but some limitations add value to loot hunting so I don’t really agree with your sentiment.


Right now it’s not optimal for sure. I’ve made a suggestion how to solve the main problematic issue:

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But this is just a poor limitation with tons of potential traps. It’s certainly not new player friendly in any regard. They could have 100s of potential affixes tied to these stats, which ironically as said, is basically strength/dex/int which is hilarious because they scrapped those for aiming to help new players.

Skill trees/talents are supposed to be core elements of the theme and strength of your character and abilities.

Items are meant to enhance those decisions and provide different elements of gameplay that might not be available otherwise, see trang ouls set in D2.

If say, fire/crit strike is tied to demonic, whereas lightning/crushing blow etc is tied to ancestral, that has HUGE potential impacts to diversity. If the balance sucks, the developer is basically telling you how to play. If the investment to reach the required threshold in either category is low, then it’s a meaningless addition to boot.

the problem is red text and dead stats
it makes u sad
y no want to be sad

If you can get crushing blow under demonic angelic or ancestral, what’s the point of having the stat? Just to force you to look for more of the same item that happens to drop Crushing Blow of the demon instead of crushing blow of the ancestor?

If the requirement is low that you can easily get all 3, what’s the point?

At the end of the day, I realize it’s balance, but based on what I’ve seen in PoE, D2, D3, GrimDawn, torchlight and more…it’s gonna be a hilarious trainwreck if it makes it in.