Power affixes is a HORRIBLE IDEA

crushing blow would only be supposed to drop for ancestral afaik
since its an onhit stat

Accidentally confused you with someone else on that one. But that’s also the point, you’ve locked Crushing Blow builds behind ancestral. Most likely

Even if you have tiers of it, say
0-10% at 50
11%-20% at 80
21%+ at 100

You are at balance mercy. Combine that with the 100+ other affixes they might have, gets even more disastrous.

well thats the point of the system
3 different stat types

you can go solely on 1 or you can try to hybrid

I understand the point of it.

I’m arguing that it can massively kill diversity by having such a lock in place when it could potentially apply to 100s of affixes.

Yes. They need to adjust the system to prevent that. Otherwise it is quite likely to make itemization and character building worse.
The concept itself is fine (requirements behind some item stats, and 3 “attributes” for your character to focus on), but you must be able to get item stats for all kinds of builds. If you can only get Stat A and D together (through angelic power), but never stat B and C (because they require demonic power), that reduced which kinds of builds are possible.

This system is an improvement over not having it. It makes you think somewhat about your items and your overall build.

You build your char around onhit effects so you go ancestral etc. Seems fair to me.
My only issue is if it becomes too easy to get enough of all 3 so you dont care about them anymore.

Maybe have different tier rolls. So the higher the roll of “Crushing Blows” the more ancestral you need to be able to use it. So if you have a char that focuses on demonic, but have just a little bit of ancestral you can still get an item with a low roll of crushing blows and able to benefit from it.

well its all about tradeoffs
if you get everything possibly, you dont have to choose, but just farm
i still think, you can hybrid and try to go on 2 or even 3 stats
just not as high as going on just 1 stat

But with the items they have currently showed, the implication is that Demonic = Fire based types. If I’m playing a FIRE based character, the automatic choice is Demonic. That’s not really diversity, or choice. And again, the rest depends on balance and game difficulty. D2 was easy, so pretty much anything worked. Those low tier #s might potentially be pure garbage in D4.

no its not
its just firedamage
while angelic showed cold RESISTANCE
because demonic adds DAMAGE over time
and angelic adds RESISTANCES
as far as i understand it

it says 25% fire res is DEMONIC

ok in this case, it would suck

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My point exactly! “Your” way would be significantly better than what they showed, but I still disagree with it.

I like what @Bovie suggested in another thread: to have different levels, like x amount of demonic gives 10% fire res, 2x gives 15%, 3x gives 25%

This would create a progressive system.

Another idea could be an “or” condition. If your attunment is demonic, then you get x bonus, if it is angelic you get y bonus, and if it ancient, you get z bonus.

This way the item would always give something.

Yeah, but let players decide on the trade offs in their builds.
Lets say Angelic Power is the only place to get Crit chance and +Mana
Demonic power is the only place to get Attack speed and +fire damage.
Suddenly if you go Angelic power, you are also pushed toward using Crit, and away from using attack speed. Limiting build options.
Even though the choice between Crit chance and attack speed was already a meaningful choice (well, in a balanced game anyway). Which is being taken away.

It is okay to lock the highest tier Attack speed affix behind one of these powers. But you need to be able to focus on attack speed without it too (like +5% attack speed for everyone, +7% with Demonic Power 100), or alternatively randomize how stats and power requirements combine, so you can theoretically find gear with the right stat + power requirements for your build.

The stats does add interesting choices; as in, do I focus on one of these stats, or go hybrid to potentially get more affixes from an item. That choice is central to the proposed system, and any changes should try to preserve that aspect.

But telling people that the only way to make an Attack Speed focused character is to go Demonic Power (or whatever), with all the other specific affixes that comes with that choice, is potentially nearly as bad as Diablo 3 set items.

yea thats probably right
the leveling system is maybe better but it would somewhat have the same issue
its not much difference if you just get the attack speed locked or if you only get +5% attack speed out of your 10 demonic power

I think it the system might be misunderstood.

I’m not so sure certain affixes are always locked behind the same “power”
The powers themselves and what they do are always locked.

But lets say you get a chestpiece that has +1 rank to Devastation skills (req 40 Demonic Power)

Then another chestpiece drops and suddenly that one has +1 rank to Devastation skill req 40 Angelic Power instead.

I think maybe that was the case, although im not sure.


yea thats what we dont know
it elements are locked in specific powers, it would really suck, to manage your resistances

They are:
Each of the three Powers will have a list of affixes that are attuned to it, so depending on which stats you care about, you might want to focus on Angelic, Demonic, or Ancestral Power.

Okay, either way its an improvement over not having it at all.

I’m not really skeptical of the idea of limitations because I think they add value to loot hunting. Requisites are a core aspect for many role playing games. Affixes add to character building and requirements force players to make choices. I don’t think items alone will determine diversity.

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