Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended!

BX zhen sb,老子裤子都拖了。。。你就给我看这个。。。

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I am well. Family is well. Worries abound for extended family, my elderly relatives, and a few high school/college friends. The scheduled return to on campus classes in the fall is another worry on the horizon.

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this totally suck…

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I’m one of the lurkers in this game of the forums, but jesus christ… What is going on with this game? I completely understand that the devotion and dedication is in for Diablo IV, but that game is not released yet. Therefore, why not continue appeasing your fans on the CURRENT game that is still holding “some” balance of entertainment even if it has gotten extremely stale.

I’m sorry, but throughout all of the issues that has gone on for so long, even watching top Diablo streamers talk and influence Diablo IV, I just don’t know if it’s even going to be as “hyped” or “good” as some people are making it out to be. Especially looking at how Blizzard is in their developmental state of mind with their games.

I seriously hope they pick this up and fast. Legit.

But i went and bought a phone so i can test this!!!


Unfortunately, with the testing needed, we can’t give an exact date but as soon as I have one, I will come in here and update.

I can safely say that I would not expect it on Monday as that is a federal holiday here in the US. Once I hear more, I will update the group. Apologies again about the delay.


Be very careful what you wish for. I skipped buying Civ 6 because 2k/Firaxis decided to continue to use Aspyr for their Linux port. Unfortutely, Aspyr’s porting of the game has been crappy. They require Ubuntu 16.04. Ubuntu is already on version 20.04, and I don’t use Ubuntu. Worse still one has to use a command line switch to limit the number of CPU cores that Civ 5 (the older game) runs on, otherwise the game will randomly abend. Since, Aspyr refuses to provide any tech support for the Civ5 game if running on anything other than Ubuntu 16.04, it was not worth me giving Firaxis money for the Civ 6 game. So, Civ 5 requires Ubuntu 16.04 and Civ 6 as well? No thanks. If they switched to Feral Interactive I would have gladly given them about $100 for Civ 6 and the DLC goodies. Since EGS is giving it away for free I may as well monkey around with it on Win 10.

Thank you Mr. Radar.

Bummer. PTR is the only time I play the other classes. Was curious about the new DH and Necro set.



Sorry to hear the delay.

Just want you to know that no PTR announcement on TW website, or on the launcher if language is Chinese.

Would you take a look on this as well? Thank you.


You nailed it. NECRO HAS BEEN IN THE META 5x’s AS MUCH AS THE DH ALREADY!!! Thats some fn bull… DH been in it 2-3 times from what I remember, and I bought their necro pack already. Do we need to pay for a DH+ pack?

No trading but it’s pay to win if were looking at it like that.

That would be a no. :neutral_face:

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Serpent Sparker allows for up to 3 hydras?! Yes, please.
A 7th item added to the Typhon’s set? Yes, please.
Typhon’s will support Mammoth hydra? Yes, please.
Firebird’s is getting fixed? Oooh.
DMO is getting buffed? Oooh.
Teleport is getting fixed to only use cool down and use the same number of frames as dashing strike? No more slow-motion Q-bert style tele? Wha…

Blackhand Key is getting buffed? Oh my Geezus.
…and there is more! bites finger nails with nervous excitement

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@BossDogg I just went online to give you a well earned heart. Much Love and stay healthy.

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Thank you Tyranno10… sipping a smoothie right now. :smile:

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Obviously incoming damage is reduced by 50%. This just requires a little common sense.

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No; a third hydra would start melting servers, and I like the difference between Mammoth and Frost. A better solution is to buff the hydra damage on SS back to 500%, and tweak Hydras (baseline or set bonus) if necessary.

Well, we can’t do more than wait and sip a smoothie anyway. At least enjoy it!

Finally nice to see a CM being active again with the D3 community in the forums. Hope to see more communication going forward.

Woke up today looking to play on PTR, sad to see that it’s being postponed. Hope to see it up soon.

Also please look into the Pestilence build more. It definelty needs a little more buff to toughness and damage. Could also use a supporting bracer and/or off-hand that helps having more corpse to use, relying on LotD with that huge cooldown really kills the fun for me.

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