Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended (Update 6/11)

Hello everyone,

The Patch 2.6.9 PTR is now available for testing!

For all the information on what to test and to take a look at the patch notes, please see our full blog here.

As a reminder, this forum is for PTR Feedback. Please direct any feedback or suggestions regarding Patch 2.6.9 to the PTR Bug Report Forum instead.

Keep in mind that utilizing the PTR Character Copy after you have begun your testing on the 2.6.9 PTR will always overwrite all progress up to that point .

We’ll update this thread with any relevant PTR updates as needed. Thank you, and enjoy the PTR!


Awesome sauce. TY
20 chars

PTR is so laggy . Unplayable with super high ping . Should have 3 servers , 1 in each region just like normal .


So far I have tested WD and the nerf sucks you did not take into account that season 20 theme enabled multiple instances of the same item type to be selected in the cube e.g. three different rings. As a consequence of this wd can no longer use both CoE & RoE or even RoRG if you want to use Captain Crimson set too. You should give all wd sets more damage mitigation the new one needs that & more damage or it will no longer be competitive. Please do not generalise g139 clears by paragon 10,000 players as it is not realistic!

Will report back on DH & necro soon. However: I have to say that I am very disappointed that thus far all new sets beside crusader & wd do not have enough damage to be in the META & with your ridiculous nerf of hydra synergy items last ptr & current nerf of wd & crusader they will be out of meta now too. Please bear in mind that the wizard barbarian & monk have been standard meta characters since d3 was launched. Never has the DH been there: crusader only last 2 seasons & wd rarely e.g. firebats. However those characters that do make it with a few different builds tend to have the same roles ergo: wd is always trash killer; wizard is always trash killer, barbarian always support, monk mainly support, crusader always bk. This is indicative of specific build types been catered for & enabled by the content creators. Also the sets have always been the main choice in d3 due to without LoN & now LoD the legendary items alone do not buff enough for example you do not have a single legendary item that boost all damage by 20,000% but you do have this on sets. My point is please do not point this out at conventions when you could address this by making more powerful non-set items but you do not practise this.

Thank you for the work but please take on board what I said & make some changes.

Peace & Love!


DH gears of dreadlands looks great, not having too much of a problem balancing momentum stacks. the primary skills are not balanced, some are definitely working correctly and others are not. grenades are not targeting in strafe. evasive shot with cold rune is not working and no buffs to it.
A tooltip would be nice when coming out of strafe, like barbarian WW.
set does not seem to have as much damage as previous new sets.
Also needs more damage reduction, running smoke screen, shadow power, unity, elusive ring, and primary bracers

Yo, tks a lot for the topic.
I’d tested WD and for my opinion, wd now is dead. Without pets bonus, phantasms are really dead. Tha entire class is broken.
What we could do now? If the only build that works now is dead?
Think hard blizz, pls. Wd was forgoten for to long time, now wd rised again, so what can we do? Tks.

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Razeth’s Volition is currently having an odd interaction with Channeling Pylons - you lose the damage reduction, making what once was a great pylon into a real nightmare for survivability. Why not just give a flat 50% DR (and drop the < full essence requirement altogether)?

Dreadlands looks cool but that’s all it really has going for it. Your stacks shouldn’t be dropping off once you start strafing. The damage dealt and damage reduction is not there for end game. I mean unless end game is T6. I’m a DH and Barb player so if they were trying to mimic WW, they did a sad job. I think once you get your 10 stacks then strafe your stacks shouldn’t start dropping off until at least 10 seconds after you stop strafing. Primary attacks are hard to make adequate damage dealers and I’m not sure why blizzard keeps going down that rabbit hole.

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Shouldn’t that read…

As a reminder, this forum is for PTR Feedback. Please direct any bugs regarding Patch 2.6.9 to the PTR Bug Report Forum instead .

Remove the set on the DH, do not disgrace Blizzard !!
Poor and completely non-playable!

Are u fkin kidding me, after bazooka and wd we got this sht???

A lot of top players will look for Path of Exile or something else.

After 2 years of speeding 150 on season/non season, we cannot go back to push 150.

Both Pestilence and Deadlands sets are underperforming, but not a bit, by a landslide.
If nothing will be fixed, there will be no more Diablo 3.

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Damn, Blizz doesn’t want us to speed 150, which was great btw, due to their inability to increase the GR level.
I would get depressed to struggle in 150 now.
Guess is time for a new game.


They do not care they have their own plans which revolve around tormenting fans & restricting game play to g141 solo if u have 20,000,000,000 paragon or g150 in pro META they care not for the old men that rule the World … time to mess with the stock!!!

So I have been unable to play in grifts if there are 2 or more builds that are centred around area damage e,g, they are good at killing groups whether that be trash or elites but not so efficient at single targets. When I am in said game I dc. Needs sorting asap. It is worse if I am using DH.

WD nerf still needs to be undone or wd needs to be made a lot tougher or does more damage. It is NOT right that classes that take 30% less damage are able to deal same or more damage as classes that take 30% more damage sort this out it has ALWAYS been a major imbalance!!!

any previsions about an update to ptr, any kind of answers about the feedbacks? ‘-’ i kinda wanna see a dh dreadlands improvement/ fixing

Its unlikely that any dev is going to say anything about a patch. If they do end up doing one, its just going to hit without notice probably.

Just a heads up (posting it here)!

I’ve been going through threads and recording some items for the dev team. If you see me reply to a thread, yes you can assume that is being acknowledged but I wouldn’t assume that my replies are the only things we are looking at. I just don’t want to spam every thread with a confirmation that I am doing so.

Really appreciate all the great feedback so far. It’s beneficial and the very reason why we do these PTRs!


Should we expect a mid-PTR patch like the last PTR?

Hi, out of curiosity, when you go through threads:
The order is TOP or LATEST ?
Thank you for acknowledging us. <3