Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended (Update 6/11)

I think everyone hopes so

Thank you for the communication! It is very much appreciated!

I think we’re all hoping. The SoJ affix in particular doesn’t feel like it lived up to its potential for such a…ubiquitous… item.

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Do you guys need focused feedback on anything specific?

Nothing specific - But will let you all know if that changes - I would say the comments coming in and still coming in are beneficial


Glad to see the feedback from you every day. We will look forward for news.

Appreciated. The community would absolutely pounce on anything you specifically need us to test.

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I guess so, but I sure do hope that Stone of Jordan is among those things passed over to the devs. Because right now the legendary power will only see very limited uses… if any. Also, personally, I would like to hear something regarding the Hydra set and its complementary items. I honestly don’t consider them fine as they are now. Not to mention wizard channeling… because the nerf hammer from the last patch sure hit way harder than necessary.

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Stone of Jordan should get 30% DR reduce and 50% more elemental damage to the highest elemental damage character value.

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Any improvements to Barbarian build of Horde of the Ninety Savages would be welcome. Enjoyed playing it, but with with no single update it will be confusing to bump same limits over again.

Being able to get use of DH in multiplayer would be a great plus.

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Just a quick update - We are planning on having an updated PTR build this week for some additional testing/feedback. We will update this thread and notes once that is ready.


Do you know yet if this will involve hero wipes?

The plan is to keep characters and wipe leaderboards.


:smiley: Thanks. :smiley:


I assume this will be for tomorrow or Friday?

Have had no lag what so ever

I figure everyone can assume you will update us (with notes) what has changed and/or added so we know what we are testing as usual.


Damn, another “this week” estimate notice. Hope it’s on Thursday.

This is my 1st PTR, yes it’s because I’m play Necromancer…I was excited for receive a brand new set but: I felt disappointed because it’s an Pestilence 2.0 set with Bone Spear skill used on two sets.

If the update and changes it’s for rebuild that specific skill, that’s be cool. If don’t…I will be completed disappointed of you and your development and ideas team work.

The Necromancer have Bone Spirit and Revive skills that could add to the new set.

I played since season 15 rush, season 20 was absolutely awesome, I got 95% achievements earned, got Wings of Mastery thanks to the season Kanai theme, and once received news about Necromancer New set I said myself: “Will play entire season 21 with it”…but you give us a copy of Pestilence…ugh.

HF and GL

I agreed with that as well, What is the point of having the same skill again in the new set? Why not put the good use on other powerful skill like Bone spirit? I really don’t get what they are trying to do in these 2 new sets. I was so glad with the past 5 sets which is why I started playing more D3 again instead of SC2. Each one is different and nice addition to the game but this DH and Necro. Really disappointed especially DH since it is my main char. DH primary skill is too weak compare to WD or Crus skill and plus their set damage is 20k.

I know that people will say it is PTR mate, it will change but I doubt that it will be any better than our current DH sets. Plus the play style is very weird. Shoot and Starfe, repeat again and reply on the stack. Necro, looks like more focus on survival which is good cause necro are suck at solo and can’t take a punch but skill wise, why the same bone spear? I gave up.

Is that going to happen today?