Non-seasonal leaderboards 2020-1 era not working for me

So, it’s now 14:00 PST and no response from Blizzard to any of the threads about the leaderboards being broken? Disappointing…

They could say they’ve seen the problem and are working on it.

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Rank 3 hardcore demon hunter clear didn’t save.

realm: EU
all 4 chars (monk, barb, cruz, wd) played last saison + ptr - registered successfully
other chars dont play since 6 month - didn’t register

2 player grift - lvl 99 registered successfully , higher grift didn’t register

Did a solo GR115 on my DH and it got posted to leaderboards (rank 76).
Did a solo GR110 on my Crusader and it didn’t get posted (would have been 346).

Hey all,

Thanks for the reports. We have, indeed, verified this as an active issue and are now undergoing investigation to resolve it as quickly as possible.

As soon as I have an update, I’ll provide more information. Thanks for your patience and your diligence in letting us know!


Thanks Nev!
I too cleared a GR110 solo with the new barb set and did not receive the placement on the current 2020 era board.
This was working yesterday FYI.

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The leaderboard ignored my latest personal best. I was pretty hyped about it too haha.

Ok, so my 120gr solo Barb clear worked, seems to be intermittent or fixed.

Same for me… Wizard GR solo and nothing happened

Seems that GR clears not registering on the leadership boards aren’t showing in profiles, either.

My 117 didn’t work, 119 worked, 123 did not work. Non Season solo Witch Doctor.

115 clear in 10ish min - NS Barb - should put me in the top 440…no notice, no record…

omg I did a GR and noone will ever know, how god I was.

Same problem with different characters, some runs count and some did not. So I am one of 500 best with crusader, but just because others did not get their rankings

First 113 & 115 solo barb on nonseason is done and. i got the reward on leader board but after this play 118 - 120 - 124 - 125 all finished and didnt get… Region EU

Hi, same trouble for me… :’(

On the solo wizard non-seasonal Americas leaderboard, 2 times out of 6 or so, my new record failed to be recorded. This screenshot is for a Greater Rift 118, completed in 12:47.150. Notes:

  1. My blood shard capacity increased.
  2. The completion pop-up dialog says “Greater Rift Complete” and “Level 118 12:47.150”.
  3. The “Personal Best” still says “117 12:17”.
  4. The chat text says “Greater Rift Complete! You finished with 2 minutes and 12 seconds remaining.” There’s no mention of the new record.
  5. The boss was Saxtris.

I’ve never seen this bug before Season 20. This bug is very discouraging.

it was happening at the beginning of last season too, but not as bad as this.

Yeah… and perhaps Blizzard will remember this :

Way to ruin a leaderboard reset. I’ve had 3 runs in a row not show up on the leaderboard and it seems completely random whether they will or won’t. Normally there’s a fun few days until the pros claim all the spots and now there’s no idea if my high clears will ever even show as personal bests.