Leaderbords dont register

Me and a friend just did a 130 in 14 min something at non season EU which at current leaderboards would have put us around 80-100 ranking. But no record has registered. Neither on the leaderboards or on profile.

To clarify this was done on my support monk ( i have two both named queenamidala the one with inna/captain crimson set) and my friend myrmyr9247#2653 wd using the new wd set


Something is amiss on the Americas servers as well. My current GR90 clear time on leaderboards is 2:18. I beat that not too long after with 13 minutes and 10 seconds remaining on GR90 again and it did update my leaderboard clear time.

Monk solo leaderboard.

Not a one off either. I also had a GR90 clear time with 12 minutes and 55 seconds left and it did not update the same leaderboard. Not a one off glitch, but does seem to be intermittent.

I noticed this also 2 times. With witchdoctor and crusader solo leaderboards. This is major bug in my opinion.

Necro solo run 112 - 13:51 few mins ago (Americas), did not register

Just ran a 116 on WD leaderboard in 10:32…still showing my 113 in 9:26.

In Germany too.
In non season ranking was registerd but no message (by record, the place ranking in middle of screen) what ranking missing.
If i look in Leaderboard, my Griftlevel and Time was shown and ranking was registerd.

But in HC Leaderboard dont register.
In my profile, i can see what grift level i play but in leaderboard this run don´t shown.

This problem is not on every account!
Other account from me, i play WD HC and come in ranking.

Maybe Database Error from Account Info and Leaderboards…

in Main Menu, Leaderboards 2020-1 was shown.
in Game Menu, Leaderboards 2019-2 was shown.

Existing thread in Bug Report containing Blizzard response…

Existing sticky thread in General Discussion…