No Entry on Leaderboard

Hi, id id with my mate about 2hours ago on the non seaosn Leaderboard a Greater Rift 136 in 13:38.

There is still no Entry on the leaderboard.

Please fix.

Please see the blue response in existing thread…

Or the stickied thread from General Discussion…

Seems like the Era leaderboard is now updating, but the PBs previously not updated have not appeared. Seems like they are lost forever and just have to accept, move on and do again?

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That seems to be correct. No blue post though - that quote above is 3 days old.

I managed to successfully post new records onto the Monk, Crusader, Necro and DH solo leaderboards yesterday, so it appears to be fixed. However, you’re right, would have been nice to see something from Nevalistis to confirm whether it’s actually fully resolved.