No Season Journey displayed

Hi, I started a Season char but the Journey progress cannot be seen. I completed the first steps and received the equip. “View Season Journey” is empty. Besides that the Achievements are also empty saying: " !!Missing!! This text should be replaced with game data"

I tried a complete reinstall after deleting blizz. Still the same problems. No problems on former Seasons or PTR
Please help

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Try this:

He cambiado región y creado personaje, sigue MISSING la temporada y logros de todos los personajes.
He borrado battle. net y tampoco funciona. Reinstalado Diablo III. Revisado el Firewall y el antivirus. NO FUNCIONA NINGUNA SOLUCION.
Hasta esta temporada todo funcionaba bien, ahora no tengo logros de ningun personaje. Tampoco existe el diario de temporada.


Try the troubleshooting in:

( Este artículo no está disponible en español. – Yes, I know, sorry)

If you are on Windows 11 and use Microsoft Defender Firewall, see this post:

If nothing works… put in a ticket… here:

Good luck !