Journey icon for journey progress is missing

Hey, am I missing something? Where do you check your journey progression to see what you need to finish your journey? Journey Icon is missing from my top right corner

You are playing a seasonal hero… right ?

Does Shift+J bring the Journey up when in-game ?

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Yes. solo seasonal. Shift-J brings up menu but it’s blank

Try this:

There are several workarounds… try the first one, if it doesn’t work try the next one… and on and on.

Methods 1 or 2 seems to work for most people.


Fixed it. Thank you Boubou.


Windows 11.
Under the Windows Defender Firewall settings (Allowed Apps), I had to have both Public and Private “checked” – I did this both for, and Diablo 3. This allowed my achievements to show in the Diablo 3 game.
I am not sure whether both Public and Private need to be checked for both apps, and I don’t remember which were originally checked and which wasn’t.
All I know is when I checked both and reloaded the game, my achievements were showing.
Good luck.


Method 2. Deleting the cache folder worked for me thanks to Boubou for pointing me in the right direction.

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