No revive button after death

Once yesterday and once today, after dying, I had no revive button. This happened to me for the first time.
Both times an elite pack with Fire Chains jumped me and instant killed me.
Happened on my only seasonal character (WD).

Here is a screenshot: i

I found no other workaround than to press escape and leave game.

Edit: Both times happened during Bounty Runs. Not in a Rift. (Since I found the bug only described for Rifts)

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As stated, it didn’t happen in a rift for me and was both times due to firelink mobs with jumping abilities oneshotting me. Thought that may help solving the issue.

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I had the same problem twice today in rifts. Once in Multiplayer and once in single player. In Multiplayer, the player could not ever revive me. The player said he could not click on the cross icon on the ground.

Same here, just died twice and I couldn’t get rez. Nothing was on the screen both times. I had died the 2nd time in a 97 on a good run. What is the point in playing with all these bugs.

This has happened to me 4 times in the last day alone. 3 times in a standard rift and once on bounties. until today this has never happened in all the years i have been playing. And every time it happens i lose a tonne of loot i worked my butt of to get. I have to leave the game and start again.

Is there a fix at all for this or am i just going to have to deal with this.

Cheers for any advice you can give.

Just happened to my husband for the second time in a week. Both times in greater rift. Has never happened before. He put in a support ticket, but of course, has heard nothing.

It’s an infrequent, but long-standing bug.
It’s in the Known Issues stickied thread at the top of the forum…

I just got this one, confirming it’s still around.

Just happened to me as well

Me too. In a rift. I was killed by a fire chain almost instantly :smile:

Just happened to me in a Greater Rift. Not fixed.

Bug still exists 2021-08-14. I just died in a Torment XIV adventure / bounty run… no rez option available. I’ll have to quit my game even though I completed the last objective, no stash gift for me this run.

Yup it’s still around! It happened during last bounty mission in act 4, my henchy has an item which pops elites when I click on a shrine … poof instant death, first one in that dungeon. NO revive option popped.

This happened to me each time I play, i was level 48 and died and that was it game over, do they really think I will spend all that time to start at level 1 and do it all over again? NO

What are you talking about? The only reason you would need to start over at level 1 is if you are playing on Hardcore. And if you are playing on HC, then there will never be a revive button since you only get one life…

So if you are on HC, then it is not a bug because that is how HC works, and if you are on Softcore, then you do not need to start again on level 1. Just leave game, and enter a new session.

So, again, what are you talking about?

This is on Xbox not PC so I do not know where to choose hardcore or soft core on Xbox, i am new so any help you can give would be nice, I’m the difficulty screen I select normal

When you create a new hero, there will be a checkbox where you can create your hero as Hardcore. Before you can create a HC hero, you will have to agree to the following:

This is from the PC, but it will look similar.

Yea I don’t get that on my Xbox series x but you are correct i was on hardcore and that is how it starts all your games on Xbox, looks like I will have to start at level 1 again but I found where the hardcore is and change it, thanks so much for your help it is greatly appreciated, now to start all over again when I beat Diablo and went on to the next, but to do that all over again is not going to be fun at all, thanks so much for your help, if you did not help I would be scratching my head, to Chang it there is a small thing and you need to use RB and LB to change it, so small even on my 65 inch TV it was small to see but oh well

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As others stated: Your issue is NOT a bug.

For this, you might consider the Console Discussion Forum or the New Player Help Forum (PC or console), in the future.

Tip: Always mention whether you’re playing on Console or PC, Hardcore or Normal.

Good luck and good hunting!