Nintendo switch

Still no sign of it in the shop, can we get an update on that?


I wonder if switch version will be 30 or 60 FPS, but then again I guess I wont be playing it on switch.

I just checked the other day, too. Still says “To be determined” on number of players as well.

Honestly, as long as cross progression is possible, I’m fine even if it’s 2player max.

I’ll be pretty mad @Blizzard if the game doesn’t launch for Switch on Sept.23. with cross progression. Hopefully they’re just working some minor things out and it’ll be fine.

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I will definitely agree that I’ll be pretty bummed out if it doesn’t launch with cross progression because my plan is to haul that switch with me to work… Day one… :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s releasing on switch. It’s been stated. Why is this a question?

Because it was the only one left off the “8-player coop”* advertising materials.
Also, because it is advertised now as “to be determined” for number of players.

Geeze man, pay attention.


It’s coming out on switch. That’s not difficult or hard to understand. Pay attention. This isn’t an arguement, this isn’t up in the air - it’s a fact. I don’t understand why this entire thread is necessary.

It could be delayed or anything, that’s why. We haven’t seen footage of the Switch version and there was no beta for it. On top of that, they changed the listing on Nintendo to say that the amount of players is to be determined. People have a right to want an update on the Switch version. I don’t know why you thought your unhelpful comments were necessary tbh.


Because many people don’t want to buy it if it’s lacking in content. What’s so hard to understand about that? if it isn’t the full, 8 player multiplayer experience, many people will not buy. That is why this thread is necessary, to find out if in fact it will be available with 8p cross progression.


atm it doesn’t have online as part of the shop page on nintendo’s website and we don’t know what day it will be released as they said on the beta webpage the switch version release date was subject to change.

Might be 24 FPS. Switch will be the most authentic D2 experience.

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stop answering like a child every thread man xD
Also no , fact would be if it was already released.

currently it is not.
Online is not stated to be available for this version and the release is most probably delayed.
Many many games were stated to be released on the switch by devs even after a delay , genshin impact for example and in the end ended up not being released.
It might happen for diablo 2 R too at this rate.

So…yea fact is : this thread is legit.


no 8 players would be a huge disadvantage XP-wise.
Still. I’m planning to play with my cousin and he’ll get it on Switch. He has no other choice.

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more characters, needed like 20 D:

Lack of ANY info on switch is concerning.

The only info we have is “yea its planned to release” while they continually leave the switch out of marketing materials and news posts. Will it have 8 player online? 4? 2? No online?

I wanted to get it on switch for cross progression for when I’m not at home but with the lack of info and exclusion from marketing I haven’t even thought about buying it on launch, I HAVE thought about just not buying it though


Yep, I’m not buying it on Switch unless it has cross progression, let’s hope!

If it doesn’t, I think it’s pretty damn shady to wait this long to tell customers.


only reason I am buying it on the switch is cross progression, so i can start playing when i wake up, before i go to bed, whenever i go to the toilet and when I’m at work… =D


Regardless of you opinion - the fact is is that it is coming out on Switch. Stop gaslighting.

actually it could very well not release on the switch though as i said if you know how to read little troll :stuck_out_tongue:
Happened to many games for the switch.


Im super curious too about the Switch release. I checked the Nintendo page before coming here and it says Sept 23rd but not price listed and no pre-order option. On Switch console I cant even find it in the store when I search Diablo.
This is making me a bit nervous. Im currently recovering from an injury which requires a lot of bed rest, and have been looking forward to getting this later this month. No info on price, pre-order, etc is worrying.