New Rumor/Leak - D2 Remaster

Sorry bud, nothing you said refutes my argument that D2R is still NOT confirmed. Because… now stay with me here… it isn’t. Unnamed sources that may or may not even exist from a random article that ISNT from blizzard? Sorry but that doesn’t hold enough weight to be ANY kind of confirmation. Is it a decent rumor? Sure. But confirmation of anything official? not in the slightest. Keep dreaming. If it isn’t announced next month, no one should expect it prior to D4s release

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Nice strawman argument.

You made multiple claims that were refuted. In terms of D2R still not being confirmed, the reports said it is being worked on. Until Blizzard decides that it is far enough along to announce it, then there will not be official confirmation. Similarly, there was a similar report from Jason Schreier about D4 being in the works using multiple Blizzard sources. At the time, Blizzard did not confirm it, but later they announced D4, in fact verifying the reports. Of course, they still could cancel D2R, but even that would not invalidate the reporting that it was being worked on.

If Blizzard announce D2R in the next year or so, will you admit that the report was correct that it was actually being worked on?

nope. i didn’t. nothing was refuted. I made 1 claim that has yet to be refuted. D2R isn’t confirmed. Nothing you’ve said or posted proves otherwise. Rumors, hearsay and unnamed sources /= evidence.

someone being right in the past doesn’t mean everything they say is 100% right and isn’t the same as an official announcement from blizzard. Anything short of that is and always will be just rumors.

of course. Im just saying these reports are not 100% confirmation. because… they aren’t. Once its announced then we can sift through which rumors were and weren’t true.

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I doubt anyone would claim otherwise.

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OK. There seems to be multiple claims here. Not 1 claim.

Logically, D2R could be in development even if it is not announced.

You claim that the sources are unknown. If you know about journalism ethics, the sources appeared to be considered “background” where there are several unique sources providing confirmatory evidence.

You also stated:

Don’t forget your tinfoil hats, girls.


yes you’re right about this part. i admitted that in the other thread. it could be in development. But my main argument was its still not confirmed and these rumor articles aren’t any kind of official confirmation. Are they good enough rumors to get excited about it? Sure. But claiming its absolute fact is just too much for an article with no official sources.

So you are saying that the Bloomberg reported made up:

"Vicarious Visions, based in Albany, New York, has been working with Blizzard since last year on the Diablo franchise, including a planned remake of Diablo II, people familiar with the plans said. They asked not to be identified discussing private information.

A Blizzard spokesman declined to comment on Vicarious Visions’ current projects, only confirming that the studio “has been working with Blizzard for some time.”"

If D2R was not under development, do you think that Blizzard would have squashed this story by providing a denial rather than saying that Vicarious has been working with Blizzard for some time?

Why would you expect “official sources”? If the sources said use our names, they likely would violate an NDA, be subject to legal action, and be blacklisted amongst the video game companies.

how many times do i have to admit you were right about this part before you forgive me? Can we hug it out already bro?

PS. D2R still isn’t confirmed :smiley:

it’s highly, HIGHLY likely. Even if it was confirmed to be in development, that’s still not confirmation it will actually released. I’m not sure what your point is here.

Nothing (or, at least, not much) in life is certain. There are only probabilities.


Please, oh pleeeeease let this come to fruition! I actually thought hell would freeze over before we’d ever see a Diablo 2 remake :cold_face:

He’s like a bad boxer that wins because he landed the most punches but got the literal crap beat out if him by his opponent. While technically right, he knows he lost.

Yes they are. While not the smoking gun evidence if Blizzard saying it’s official, you have people in the know at Blizzard saying it’s so off the record.

rumors /= highly likely. it carries no more weight than any other random rumor and is essentially a coin-flip if its actually true or not considering none of the sources are named. So in reality it COULD be 100% made up information for views.

my point in arguing confirmation is that if D2R isn’t announced officially next month, everyone should calm themselves because there’s little to no chance its coming out before D4 is. Start the hype-train when we have legit evidence or an official announcement. If anything its just propping people up for more disappointment because it may not be coming anytime soon.

I am not going to retype my response. You can view it here:

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The excitement is that we know it’s being worked on, not that people think it’s releasing before D4. And please, it’s more to talk about.

considering the classic team was just dismantled, D2 source code is MIA and theres no concrete evidence of something currently in development (that also hasn’t been cancelled). The best anyone can say is its “for sure on the list for next projects”. I’ll get excited when we get an official source or announcement, until then its still hearsay and wishful thinking.

Why do you think that? Was it because it was reported by Schreier and others?

I think you should look at the prior post I linked.

What is your evidence that it is “for sure on the list for the next projects?”

Background sources are not “hearsay” in journalism.

Sure there is but you refuse to believe the multiple sources and reports stating otherwise. Just because I said being worked doesn’t mean it’s far along.