NetEase Founder/CEO steps down

This is odd timing.


NetEase’s William Ding and Xiaomi’s Lei Jun relinquish corporate roles at video gaming entities amid tightened regulation | South China Morning Post (

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making me wonder if the infamous tweet was actually because of the Immoral china shutdown and not the catalyst.

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if it brings about Blizzard rethinking their stance on DI then itll be a good thing


Not really. It has more to do with the ongoing struggle of Xi Jinping against the Jiang Zemin faction. China is turning inward as the party sours on things like wolf warrior diplomacy and pseudo-capitalism. Western news won’t report on it but China is in political turmoil and economic chaos. It may soon result in all western media being blocked in China. They want our investment but not our culture.


Perhaps it was from from the tightened regulations and it being hard to do a job with the recent inflation wave?

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what keeps the Chinese government from being dominated by corporations? honestly impressive.

well no one really knows the actual reason as far as we know their president mightve finally popped a cog due to NetEase employee making that comment about him on their social media calling him winnie the pooh

regardless of why we wont ever be told the truth especially if it creates more embarassment

their prez cant handle the slightest bit of mockery even if its not meant to be serious i guess thats why there is no Chinese version of SNL

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This is why I applaud them. They have a lot of problems, but protection of their culture from the degeneracy of the west is admirable.


yeah well then why wont they refuse to accept american currency in favor of using primarily their own?

after all even our currency is a representation of western degeneracy the symbolism and the words freedom and liberty on it are an antithesis to everything their government stands for


Well, the world market is a cut throat area for nations. They play the game just as dirty as the US. This doesn’t mean they have to import western culture. Also, I believe our government envies their anti-freedom and liberty grip. They want to mimic it. They aren’t above it, whatsoever. Same with our fortune 500 companies. Lock step.


thats the funny thing though america really doesnt have their own culture its a myriad that is composed of what came from every settler that came here centuries ago which we borrowed from other countries that was all mixed together and created an entirely new one

I don’t think there is much of any culture that’s remained from centuries ago. There isn’t even one unifying ideal in the country whatsoever. But its culture is defined by its media and entertainment output. Which is extremely degenerate compared to China’s.

haha… the US government also stands for the for anything but freedom and democracy in name only… :stuck_out_tongue:
I feel sorry for US citizen now… :frowning:


well culture is defined by the media only because they think they are influencers absolutely convinced of their own status as controlling what people think is popular

they are nothing but tabloid TV and your average american couldnt give a furry rats butt what they decide is and isnt fashionable

however that being said the alternative is a state run media that dictates everything and doesnt tolerate even the slightest bit of criticism even if its harmless mockery

as i said before theyd never allow a Chinese version of SNL because the first time they mentioned any part of their government in a comedic fashion the show would be sanctioned

Yeah I mean, China has a lot of problems. I don’t think it’s some utopia. More of a dystopia. China is what the US and most EU counties want to become. But that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten it all wrong. That’s my only point. The only thing preventing western governments from becoming China are old laws they have trouble getting around. But through China’s “corporations are defacto arms of the government” model, they will get around them. The future is bleak.

But still, China gets this right. Keeping western degeneracy out.

yeah like this? the irony being despite the fact hes used as a symbol of defiance and mockery of the Chinese prez it doesnt seem to stop them from using him as a tourist attraction

after all Disney is another prime example of the “western degeneracy” they want to keep out

No that’s just Xi showing strength. Different culture. Disney is really degenerate, as a side note, tho.

Exchange rates. The Yuan has far less power than the dollar, especially after China artificially devalued its currency a couple years ago. That turned out to be a double edged sword.

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hah that’s pretty awesome