Nerf Thread on General

Exactly. This is a big mistake. For example:
Very few players on my server play with WD, especially “well”. If we take clears into account, clearly the data will lead to a “buff” for WD. But a player with 7k paragon close 143 solo …
So, if the goal is balance, you should take into account the potential of the build, this information would be better collected by clears from players who are really pushing with the build / class

The top 1000 of the leaderboard was dowmloaded Jan. 3 America Region

Class Barb Crusader DH Monk Necro WD Wizard
Average GR for 4.5K-5.5K Player (Era America Region) 123.9 127.5 118.8 121.6 108.5 115.1 120.2

I think for people who play the game that they would find it odd that the power of WD and barbs are all averaged to GR 130 for worldwide for ~5K players on the leaderboard

I find it odd that your Table looks like a poorly made eye examination chart.
The Blog’s chart is much easier to read and it makes more sense! Maybe you should copy that one. :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:

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Here is the data from Jan .3 for era 12 WD in America Region

WD Era 12 Rank GR Clear Paragon
9 133 4512
15 129 4979
19 127 4939
24 125 4747
26 125 5375
29 125 4583
46 120 4908
47 120 5256
48 120 5179
51 120 4583
53 120 4888
117 115 5455
128 115 4660
132 115 4813
174 112 4635
181 111 4770
195 110 5184
216 110 5435
218 110 4807
227 110 5424
228 110 5007
288 107 4500
305 106 4727
327 105 5437
346 105 5139
394 104 4910
572 100 4569
Average 115.1 4941.5

Do you find it odd that the blog post stated fro WD that there average GR clear was GR 130 across region for the leaderboard:

" Assuming a player is at 5000 Paragon, here’s where all the classes landed, on average , a few weeks into Patch 2.6.7 for non-Seasonal play , aggregated across player leaderboard data world-wide:"

Someone in here be like

Cries For Attention
But Guys Balance
Hey Guys Hey

Folks, Blizz dropped the official word on “balance,” and Nev shut down the nonsense here:

That’s a wrap.

Don’t reply to anyone doing the Fun Police shtick. Their guns and badges are, until further notice, confiscated.

Moving on: Rooting for the Chiefs. Mahomes is a generational talent and is playing at an incredible level, and Reid has long been denied his moment of glory. I don’t have anything against the 49ers (I’m a Giants man), but I’m definitely hoping the Chiefs snag the win.

On the flip side, San Fran’s defense is playing out of its mind thanks to Saleh and the loads of talent (Sherman et al). And what’s more, they’re playing for Saleh; he’s motivating them, big time, and that’s an X factor that is incredibly hard to quantify.

Whoever wins, I don’t think it’s going to be easy.


My 7 data points now has the Chiefs winning 4-3.

Does this mean they need to be Nerfed?

Or do San Fran need to be buffed?


Nerf Saleh. Definitely nerf Saleh.

In before someone quotes you claiming only buffs, never nerfs… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s two beverages I’ve spit across my desk today thanks to you.


Nerf Phoenix.


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My work here is done…again. :sunglasses:


|Class|Barbarian|Crusader|Demon Hunter|Monk|Necromancer|Witch Doctor|Wizard|
|GR Avg.|130|138|125|130|123|130|130|

If you are copying this out of excel. Add an entry to “Class” in the top left, then it will format correctly.



| Class

in front of | Barbarian

I’ve told you that the barb curve is more like that of WD in the right half of the interval you choose. That part is what we care about most. Yet you didn’t believe.


Don’t engage, my friend.

It’s a done deal. We won.

Nev shut it down and put the nail in the Fun Police coffin. Let’s move on to getting ready for the next patch.


At GR 129-131, the GR efficiency calculation has barbs ahead by 11%. This data does not a have ton of data points and is the America region only (n=75 for barbs and n= 6 for witch doctors at that time). As you noted, the gap becomes more pronounced the further left you go (i.e. to lower GRs).

The other thing I should mention is that at lower GRs there are more data points (especially important for WDs) and the data is likely more reliable. For example for GR 119-121, n= 35 for WDs., n=441 for barbs.

This will also happen when bliz buff dh next patch. I am not so satisfied with p5000 method.

------------------------Here is my opanion about how to do balance stuff---------------------
Different build/ class will have different GR eff curves. To better minimize the gaps, I would suggest bliz do an integration instead of pick up p5000 data.

  1. Find active players distributions(paragon). paragon–number of players;
  2. integrate the gr eff diff with respect to distributions. minimize the gaps.


See, barb is fine.
Im sure someone here can relate to this picture :joy:



Million dollar suggestion, have him on ignore. 1000 posts later, everything is fine and good.


When balancing, we need a point of reference to work around. The “ideal” class set performance for Diablo III is approximately Greater Rift 130, solo, and assumes the character has 5000 Paragon levels .

KEKW, if they are really intending to achieve that, they have to nerf every single build by a LOT :smiley:

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