Nerf Thread on General

It would make sense with their line of not increasing gr cap, which is a fine thing. The lack of possibilty to have gr gaps between groups fo years killed interest for many ppl who cared only about group.
Anyway, I personally have low expectactions, people might complain if it is a nerf only patch, even though it should be a thing at least to solve group end game.

Logged in just for this. Lols

Well that is what 1 millionth time that we said “I told you so”


How they balance you say still. They came to their senses and decided to consider not the top pushes but pushes in the median range. Similar to what I suggested in the past. And apparently that post still applies to them.


look even MC likes the nev’s post

:joy: :joy:


Lol he needs to remind them ToS BS CoC etc. boo hoo


Why? It is average GR130 for 5k paragon, not max.

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There is something broken…I can only give your posts one like



I love that micro has been running hard chasing the Nerf train only to get his tables nerfed by the devs specifically calling him out. It’s like Christmas came around again and I got everything I wanted.


130 in the table is an average barbs performance. So they should nerf Rend a bit and buff other builds (may be except SS) a bit. Decreasing Lamentation multiplier to 50 or may be 100 looks reasonable.

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No nerfs only buffs. Leave rend as is and bring up the others to be in line with it. In fact the top barb non season clear by Ulma in NA right now is with SS.

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According to your era 11 analysis, demon hunters are about 7 GRs higher than witch doctors.

Demon Hunters and witch doctors did not receive any nerfs/buffs in patch 2.6.7

According to Blizzard’s game balance table, Witch doctors are 5 GRs ahead of demon hunters.

How do you account for this difference +7 GRs vs -5 GRs (i.e., a 12 GR difference among classes that were unchanged/ in patch 2.6.7?

EDIT: Also, if you are solving mysteries can you explain this from Blizzard’s game balance post, specifically how does the pandemonium buff REDUCE 5K paragon Crusaders average GR by 2?

Crusaders @ 5K paragon in seasons average GR 136
Crusaders @ 5K paragon in non-season average GR 138

I didn’t know it.

I myself don’t worry much because both variants (more balance or my class - barbs - being overpowered a bit) have their pluses for me.

What? I… don’t think so…

Rage I’m pretty sure it is. I need to log in to check for sure.

Nevermind I take that back he was WW with crimsons

I just did, bro! All I’m seeing is his 143 WhirlRend clear from a while back. As far as I know I think he stopped pushing SS when he hit 138. Did you hear something from…

Ah, I see your reply. Yep, it’s WhirlRend.

How’s your missus + kid doing, btw?

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Doing good man! We had our second on November 22nd so we’ve both been on parental leave. Been enjoying it. How you been?

Glad to hear things have been going well for you and you’ve gotten some good leave time to do some bonding!

I’ve been better… dealing with a bunch of family medical situations which have gobbled up all my time, hence my non-presence on the forum for the past month or so. But, c’est la vie…

In fact, I would propose that Mote go from 20000% to 30000% if rend is nerff to ~ 140. But if rend isn’t nerf, even that won’t be enough to get SS close to Rend.
IK and Charge need ~ 3x more dps

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Damn man that’s no fun. We do miss you here but family first for sure. Hope it all works out in the end and everyone is healthy.

Bro your tables got nerfed. Just go away!!!