Needi' 200 stash tabs like Game Last Epoch for excellent joy

We have been needing stash tabs at least 200 stash tabs like Game Last Epoch. It would be excellent joy if there were 200 stash tabs.

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This has been discussed to death for 57 trillion times already. Due to certain technical limitations that is impossible.

Blizzard tried to implement up to 17 tabs and ran into troubles. That’s why we have only 13 max.


No you don’t

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They may be able to do it some day.

I do not think that we need 200 stash tabs; however, if Blizzard wanted to double our stash space, I would definitely be ok with that.

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Do you recall that they tested more stash tabs in the PTR and that they had a dedicated thread to report game issues created by filling up the extra stash tabs? They received zero reports of issues. The PTR proved that it was possible.

After this was brought to Blizzard’s attention (I know because I was the one who reminded them of this fact) Blizzard ultimately claimed in response was that in their internal test in a 4 player multiplayer game where each stash space was filled with socketed jewelry, that they saw performance issues since all stash tabs were loaded into all 4 players game clients. This led to a blowback about why Blizzard would ever design a system where player 1 stash tab would be loading into player 4’s game client, since that did not make sense to many of us.

If extra stash space is truly problematic, I then suggested adding more character slots. Needless to say, Blizzard does not load all your characters into all game clients in a multiplayer game.


I think they may be adding 200 stash tabs to the game. Stash tabs on Game Last Epoch are excellent.

This topic is more like a blatant promotion of Lost Epoch… Sorry. Last Epoch.

(Might try the game myself).

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They won’t, the game is officially retired.


Syncronizing the clients allowed them to prevent any dupe attempts. Which Diablo 4 seem to suffer lately, despite being new and come after a decade later than D3. Back in Diablo 2, people used to abuse desynchronities between clients to dupe items. A few seasons ago in Diablo 3, we had not one, but two Demon Hunter related bugs with desynchronized client-server communication. Console version of Diablo 3 doesn’t have such checks enforced and it too has item dupes to some degree.

That doesn’t mean, they should let it happen and not enforce anything or go back to offline mode. I have read enough of those debates along the years.

I bet you’ll refuse to understand the reasoning andd make me repeat myself but as I have said, they have limited budget spared to them due to this game not being monetized. And D3 will never get monetized ever again after a decade, where you forgot that it’s past behind us now. In short; they can’t spare money or resources to enforce any shortcomings, neither they can risk so they just let it lay.

I don’t remember them sharing such details but if that mass socketed jewelry model they were going about, that’s some wide stretches. Unless we are talking about botters pulling a stunt, no normal player would do such thing. That is considering they’re not badly managed mules who aren’t supposed to join multiplayer games.

Server should expect to drop the connection the moment this kind of combination happens anyway. All I read from old CM, Nevalistis was that game performance issues when they try to grant more than 13 stash tabs to each of the four clients. I don’t recall everyone having their stash filled to the brim with gem socketed jewelry.

So I did. Nevalistis replied that it could be problematic for people to keep items on their characters because now they server have to pull the different character data individually and haggle hashes to generate overworld maps/dungeons while creating a new game; that apparently burdens the server.

I complained that it doesn’t make sense, because back then people were just closing and re opening sequences of games when they need to fish a Greater Rift. Only after about 10 months of this discussion they managed to add “Close Greater Rift” option for Solo games to the Orek. Remember, groups still have to close and open games when they need to fish Greater Rifts. Perhaps Greater Rift fishing player base was low that it didn’t matter, but they claimed that it would hurt servers and I don’t remember anyone with ill will abusing it.

This is speculation on your part. Do you know what budget is allocated to D3? If so, prove it. You may be correct but you keep speaking as if you have some insider knowledge on D3 budget.

That is what Nevalistis stated was used for Blizzard’s internal test on the increased stash tabs (it was not a test that some player did). No player ever reported an issue with stash tabs in their dedicated PTR thread that Blizzard created. I remember these things because Nev was responding to what I and others posted.

Also please recall the subsequent PTR where there was a bug and it had 14 stash tabs after the earlier PTR with the whole stash tab fiasco.

She clearly states that Blizzard has “no plans to further increase stash space at this time”, leaving open the possibility that at a future date that another increase in stash space could occur.

I have been looking for posts from Blizzard at the time of the PTR 2.6.5 stash tab fiasco.

Patch 2.6.5 Stash Space Clarifications - News - Icy Veins (

The old thread link for the dscussion with Nev (I think) was

I tried to use wayback to get its contents and encountering issues.

The fact that development of the game has officially halted does hamper that possibility significantly.

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I’m willing to bet it’s just enough to sustain servers for the upcoming few years beside their bonuses. If a need for excess cost to arise, these can compensated by head company and the required service themselves directly.

I have awareness of how Forbes 500 companies work to a degree. I know those companies always chase money and profits. It’s not a farfetched idea when I outright tell you that they’re not running a charity. We’re fine up to this point? Cool. Each studio or team under the roof of Acti-Blizzard also have their own financial entity and dealt the cards from one source.
For example; when Activision gives greenlight to a new Call of Duty installment to one of the two companies under its wing or demand a new intellectural property; this include dealing with financial part of the development and keeping tabs on the money. So when they finally had to scrap it, they cut their losses minimal but they have tried.

You don’t attend unlimited sources and money to a decade old game because “fans demanded it”. This is not how you invest or deal with money. This is not how rich companies thrive either.

Had no idea to be honest. As I have said the scenery they worked on sounds like a very wide stretch if those are the variables they went for. Also things may look fine in PTR, but system may struggle with higher traffic and we wouldn’t know for sure.

I think this signs to their next budget dealing plan which can take a long time, or never. I don’t see them investing more into Diablo 3, after a decade when they recently scrapped projects and canceled e-Sports scenes.

My playing styles demand 200 stash tabs and/or infinite stash tabs.

Then you’re doing it wrong.


This would be a preferable compromise. Having at least 7 extra character slots would allow playing more builds without cluttering the stash excessively.

And unlike the stash tabs, the character slots are definitely not a matter of resources.

You need to clean up more often. Not every item you pick up is worth keeping.

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The OP is spamming the same thing on the D2:R forums.

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I would be their budget has to be more. Blizzard developers still need to recycle multiple seasonal themes in the context of the altar to make sure that it does not introduce an unexpected bug. This will be further developer costs.


However, I already provided you with the ATVi/Blizzard investor reports that they filed with the SEC. Blizzard has a high operating margin.

It was. There stress test was the most extreme test I can think of having the stash only and completed filled with socketed jewelry in a 4 player game In reality, the odds of this happening are at least highly improbable to never.

They will have to invest more in D3 since they will need to make sure on the first time that they receycle one of the old seasonal themes that it does not have a weird interaction with the altar.

In general, the opposite is true. The PTR has poor performance in comparison to live as it uses smaller servers and has to deal with connections from all around the world as there are not region-specific PTR servers. I mean by this is that EU and Asia players have to connect to the America PTR server.

Which I’m sure are used towards their products that actually generate income.

Operating margin is how much profit one makes after expenses. If a multibillion dollar company makes 20% profit, they can afford annually $1,000 in server space.

P.S. Blizzard still maintains legacy D2 servers (and I mean D2 and not D2R). That would argue against your point.

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