14th Stash Tab on the PTR


I hope this is the right one.


I think this is just a bug, actually…


Yep 14th tab this season, 15th the next, etc etc.

Remember, what they said was that they couldn’t just give everyone more tabs, and they never said the 13th tab was the absolute last one ever.


Pretty sure this is a bug. I wouldnt expect this live


Morticks Tab… it’ll get taken away once season goes live.


Would be nice to see another tab in season 18.

I won’t hold my breath tho! hehe.


Neither would I. The point is that they obviously didn’t bother to fix the code that adds more tabs, despite the S17 announcement and Nev’s forum postings saying that adding them would break the servers.


Maybe we can break the PTR


This is the most likely one in IMO. One of the hallmarks of Diablo 3 patches over the years has been bugs previously eradicated suddenly returning in exactly their old form right down to the trigger and/or events required to cause it to happen. It was as if they weren’t using a very good version control system (e.g. using an old codebase as a starting point for each new patch, and in the process reintroducing bugs that commits after that codebase’s snapshot point had eliminated). See: Disappearing cursor bug during boss cutscenes (especially The Butcher’s).


PTR testers are encouraged to, by Blizzard themselves (per the patch announcement).

From a broad perspective: there’s something truly sad about the addition of a few stash tabs to a game like Diablo being enough to ‘break’ the game.


Certainly an interesting turn of events. I didn’t play season on the PTR so I never noticed this. However I do agree with the majority here and believe this is an unintended glitch. It’s not like broken, previously fixed things haven’t reappeared on the PTR before.


And yet, the PTR servers haven’t crashed due to people having 14 tabs…


This is my hope as well


Whaaa, whaaaaaa, what??? You mean to tell me there aren’t countless threads in the PTR about the game crashing, computers melting, the internet bursting into flames because PTR players now have 14 tabs?


I was thinking the same :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Has there been any posts indicating that this is a bug or is there hope yet for stash tab 14?


Currently, there’s been no response to my PTR Bug Report thread…

Having said that, I’m not holding my breath. Heck, I posted five days ago about the PTR having hour long queues to log in and there’s been no response to that either.


This is what happens when the PTR server is running on a Timex Sinclair 1000…

Just kidding… Did I just show my age given the fact the we owned one of these and then the Radio Shack TRS-80?

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Setting this expectation before it has any potential to be misconstrued or get out of hand.

This is a bug. The intended cap is 13. We have no plans to further increase stash space at this time.

2 More Tabs At Least (Patch 2.6.6)