[NA] Season end time

Honestly, this time sucks for most of us playing in Americas server.

Why is that? 6pm my time is perfect. No matter what they do someone will complain about it. :man_facepalming:

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Well, that will be 11pm my time and this means I cannot play properly before next weekend (and at all today).

If season ended in the sunday morning PST, then most people would be able to play at least a little NS on sunday.

Season ends in 3 hours… at 2 pm Monday, NZT.

How do you think we feel?

(hint: I don’t care. the season’s been tooooooo long anyway!)

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if you have not done what you needed to do already this season… then I am sorry, don’t know what to tell you.

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Yep. At 135 days, this has been the third longest season. And the longest since season 3 (136 days). The longest season was season 1 clocking in at 159 days.

Data :point_down:

My point is to end earlier on Sundays, not later. For instance, 5pm CST, so more people would have more time to play Non-Season and to manage stuff after season ending.

Unless someone is a GR fisher who is obsessed with being on the cheater boards, most people have the season finished in the first 2 weeks. Over 4 months is way too long they need to be 3 months.


Well that seems bad and I do agree this season took way too long. Is is better, lag-wise, for you to play in Americas server compared to Asia server?

I thought they were angling for 3 month seasons but I assume Covid-19 and development delays have stretched this out.

I’m hopeful that once they’re simply recycling season themes with the odd balance change then we be able to enjoy shorter seasons.

Our closest servers are in Australia, part of the US region.

I went to Perth Australia when I was in the Marines, I always wanted to go to NZ.

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Yeah, I meant ‘region’ not server.

Edit: Oh, I did not know that (as Australia being a part of the US region). That is worse for you than it is for me, in that case.

There’s 5,050 km between Perth and New Zealand. About 25% more than LA-NY (3944 km). When New Zealand professional football (:soccer:) team Wellington Phoenix plays Perth Glory, they call it the “Distance Derby” - it’s the greatest distance traveled between two pro sports teams in the same competition in the world.

But do come to NZ some time. We have a Quin. And a lot of ice cream (I think NZ has the highest per capita rate of consumption of ice cream in the world).

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Why does it matter when season ends? You say you can not play properly because of the time they chose to end it. Non season is always available. Season ending does not mean the patch is live. In fact it won’t for a few days. I’m really confused by your complaint.

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I play all 3 Regions from Arizona. Asia ended at 1AM, Europe at 11 AM, NA is still over an hour away.
I was up pretty late sorting out my 2 Asia accounts.

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Not so much of a complaint, more so of a disappointment and/or maybe a suggestion. Non-season is always available, but not with the season items that are mailed to us when season ends.

Thing is I love sorting out stuff, choose the best items and salvaging the rest. Play stash, if you will. I will only be able to that properly next weeked, so I am disappointed because I was really looking foward to the end of this season.

In addition, I thought it would be fair to move the time zone (e.g., from 5pm PST to 5pm CST) so it would accomodate more people playing stash on Sunday. That is all.

Blizzard runs on CA time. No matter what time they use it will not be convenient for everyone.
If they move the time to make you happy it will just upset other players so what is the point?

Now it is clear. I understand!!! Changing the time would be fair for you and the others in Various time zones can go kick rocks. Thanks for clearing it up.


The point of being fair is exactly contemplating people in various time zones, which PST does a poor job while we are at it.

There are plenty of examples of blues using different time zones as reference.

Anyway, I am not here to argue with random people. All I can I say is assuming the worst of others, however, is always a way to start such a tedious endeavor.

So, yeah, have a nice day wherever you are.