Mundunugu will be dead

For all the Witch Doctor fans, this new Spirit Barrage NERF is going to kill this build…

[*] This was what the WD needed… nobody ever used SB and now finally we had a viable build that was not only effective but it was FUN… Reducing the damage by 2/3 is going to make it essentially useless

[*] Why did the devs bother to introduce a new build 10 years after the game was launched only to kill it off after a couple seasons? Do you really think anyone is going to use this build with 2/3’s of its damage removed?!?

[*] SB was absolutely NOT over-powered. Necomancers are able to do at least double the damage if not MORE… how can this SB build be considered overpowered?!? If a necro was part of a decent group doing GRs, we could bump the levels up to 130+ easily… as soon as the necro leaves the game and ANY other class joins, we’re dropping at least 10-15 levels down. Oh that’s right, the necro costs an extra $15, so it is PAY 2 WIN… Well let me remind you that I paid the extra for the Necro and I don’t even play it! I know I am not alone…

[*] This new set was very good but it really never showed its full potential until S22 where the 4th cube slot was added. This allowed the combination of:
(1) Sacred Harvester - Without this you only have 5 stacks and defense will suffer
(2) Voo’s Juicer - Without this you will lose more toughness and mana drain + DPS
(3) The Barber - This is mandatory and the key to SB being effective

So EVEN IF WE DO NOT LOSE THE 4TH SLOT removing 2/3 of the damage is going to kill this build… if you remove 2/3 of the damage AND on top if remove the 4th cube, this build is absolutely dead.

Blizzard, I hope you reconsider this and not only leave the WD Demise alone (again it is NOT overpowered compared to other classes) but also consider leaving the 4th cube slot so we can enjoy this FUN build…

I thought the interest was to IMPROVE the game not destroy it…


Just to clear something I am on board with you and really disappointed by the nerf however dead is kind of a stretch. Every 5 grs, monster get twice as tough so this nerf will drop wd for 7 grs or so. But overall, true. Very undeserved nerf. I thought that wd needed a quality of life buff, not a nerf.

Necro is on another level right now. Has the top build of the game, has also 2 more tier - S builds with lod. Hell even inarius has 2 tier - A builds. And the new reworked rathma sounds like it can one shot a rift guardian. Also the meta with the 3 necros for 12 seasons now. Not saying nerf necro, but come on guys. Can’t witch doctors have an S-tier build ?


well this is good news after all: now I can finally delete my two WD chars so I can make two new necro chars

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this is just so frustrating. I know people complain about every nerf ever happening but I was just getting excited to jump back into the game after a long break to check out the new cool follower changes. but with this? I only play WD and Wizard. I am not interested to switch to anything else and I really feel like every build I touch becomes obsolete sometime later.

so for the europe realm, to get on the season leaderboard you need to clear the following GR level:
barb - 124
crusader - 126
dh - 130
monk - 119
necro - 140
wd - 120
wizard - 128

so WD clears the second lowest just after monk. it is also interesting to compare the amount of level 150 clears with what seems to be the best class - necro. amount of level 150 clears:

  • wd: 1
  • necro: 211

I only play WD and Wizard



This nerf is simply stupid. There is nothing overpowered. WD sets are either underpowered, unplayable, or glass cannon.


Dear Blizz,Mundungu set its not easy to play on high GR if you don’t believe me just try!!All wd set its crap my favourite was helltooth/garg build now its a joke,jade same and all others sets!
Mundu was really amazing set now 2x nerf WHY??!!!After PTR y gonna see how WD sets unplayable on higher GR runs pls could you do something with WD ???THX Blizz


And for the record, the reason I am particularly passionate about this WD nerf is because I ONLY play WD. I have been playing D3 since Vanilla BETA and the entire time (over 10 years), I have never stopped playing WD. I only leveled other toons for Achievement points but never played them. I never got bored with WD and although I was disappointed when certain builds were nerfed (or left in the dust) such as Firebats / Bears, there was always something else that was buffed and provided me with another “welcome” alternative.

In this case, nerfing Mundungu (for the 2nd time) is just killing what quickly became my favorite build (and when I say killing, it means that it will become a B Tier at best if not worse) and leaving NO other viable alternative to be competitive or be part of the meta…

If you care about feedback from your community you will certainly see that my opinion is shared by many. We were having FUN, why ruin it for us?!?

I hope others take the time to stop by and leave their opinions as I know there is literally an ARMY of WD players that will feel the same way.

This is an excellent post that shows facts to back up the thoughts shared… Well done! I think I may follow suit with the America’s stats for comparison.

EDIT: Back with the numbers for the American realm… they speak for themselves…

These are the same stats for American realm:
barb - 120
crusader - 121
dh - 127
monk - 116
necro - 136
wd - 117
wizard - 124

number of GR150 clears
wd: 0 none
necro: 129


Can anyone stop this nerf? It’s crazy and wd completely destroy it!
The developers comment that the Mundunugu set is stronger than the other wd sets, so reducing damage is a horror. It is stronger only because nothing has been done with the other sets and they are very weak compared to the other characters in the game. With the crusader it is not a problem to go 140+ gr, the same necro, wiz, dh, barbarian … even now with wd and spirit barrage the 140 gr is almost unattainable and very heavy. Then it will be completely useless and we can delete the set from the game !!!
WD has nothing else to compete with other characters !!!

Blizzard don’t infect this set, you will succeed wd for a very long time!

2 teammates, when they saw it in the news, they finished the game completely. :frowning:


My video ptr wd - catastrophe - Diablo III wd 125 GR 14:28 NOOOOO!!! (PTR patch 2.7.0.season 23) - YouTube


Could you please summarize in English what you were saying? I assume you were able to complete a solo GR much higher than 125 before the nerf. I noticed that you died a few times and now of course only have 5 stacks.

Your Witch Doctor is amazing! VERY impressed! Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for your support … I summarize and show how weak it is … the nerf is too big and compared to intelligence characters like wizard and necro, he loses terribly after the nerf … Before the nerf there are 138 - 140 estimates, but if it I won’t try it anymore. :frowning:


With all the time and effort you have put into that awesome WD, it would be a shame for this to happen to you (all of us)… For really no valid reason. I hope the devs are paying attention. This is clearly going to be upsetting to all that love the WD class. Thank you for sharing the PTR video.

Now I really see what you mean… I am only paragon 1350 or so and I just cleared a solo GR121 (season)… if YOU can only do a GR125 now (barely) that’s a nerf way bigger than I even thought…


New season necro is going to have 2 more builds to clear gr150. Not to mention that now he will have 3-4 dedicated trash clearers, a dedicated rift guardian killer, a support, a paragon meta , etc… And I am pretty sure in season 24 we are going to see tragoul (or whatever) added to the long list of necros that can clear gr150. It is like they are trying so hard to sell necro dlcs to the detriment of the other classes. But hey, guys, we got zombie bears last season. Isn’t that amazing? We can finally clear torment 16 with another clunky set and a clunky skill. This is what was missing from the game.


In the season you have 4 places in a nutshell and you have a coe that gives you + 200% for the element cold. It’s not on us!

Well, obviously they don’t. The BS dev’s note is the proof

They made so many such nonsense in the past. They already nerfed the Mundunugu build once but it managed to hold on with an even more complicated play style. Now they deliver the finishing blow :((


WD is Dead, time to move on. Blizz knows how to ruin a game when someone is having fun. RIP

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I was also looking forward to playing some D3 again but I’m also sad for the lack of damage. The WD class is one of the worst for speeds and solo pushing… What does blizzard think we are good at now?


Bliz is keeping Necro buffed to get more people to buy the Necro dlc. D2R and D4 are on the horizon. They probably want to squeeze the last bit of money out of D3 as they can.

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Updated PTR patch notes are out… They did not listen, this build is as good as dead.