Monk rework list

While i understand that you want to change justice, and keep sunwuko, i do not think that the devs are at any point going to totaly rework the new set.

They have a filosofi of how they want it, i think the best we can do now is to try and get them to optimize it.

With the two handers, i was not just thinking of diabos, but all two handers in the game.
But again that was just an idea of how to make 2 handers better.

Devs could also just make a set that gives more damage if you are using a twohander.
I dont know, if any one has a better idea it would be nice to hear them😊


that’s good. but i also think you can adjust some numbers like scarbringer to 800% or fist of az and i’d love the ring of ytar that gives you any rune of epi permanent. then rework fire rune to x% additional dmg :slight_smile: and desert rune to 80% or so


I like the ring name. :+1:

I’ve mostly just played WoL and TR builds, so I’m not sure of how far behind the others are, so don’t feel I could make a valid suggestion on where the numbers should be, so I didn’t change the numbers.

About there being a final vision and that this was it, I’m not sure that’s the case. I missed being part of testing and discussion at the time, but I’ve heard that both the PoJ and AoV sets were MASSIVELY changed before Live release due to community feedback, and this suggests that their current forms are just the way Blizzard decided to check the boxes.

Along with the fact that sets have been reworked post-release in the past too, this also means it’s not pointless, and saying it is and that we shouldn’t bother is a poor mindset.

I don’t mean disrespect to dev intent anyway, since the actual build would still exist. All I’ve intended is to, methods aside, optimize what we’ve got like you suggested. I don’t I think went any farther from core dev intent or the results than suggestions like using all two-handers do.

Well, i would not say POJ got a massive change. They mostly tweeked numbers.
And added damage to “ALL” while channeling TR and sw,

And POJ TR is a good set, currently higher on EU on leader boards then sunwuko. Both have GR 135.
(they only need to fix the speed bug with flurry, the bug with epiphany: inner fire and TR and lastly make DR from 4 set last for 5 sec after stopped channeling)

But if most players wants to change it then its fine by me.

But the changes made to POJ the first time only enforced the DEVs intended vision of the set, it did not change it away from it.

I was there trough all the testing.

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Have you ever looked at Inna 6 Uliana 4? It was a build that revolved around CoE and doing a SSS at the start of every Holy cycle. The build has been left in the dust by recent patches with no change to Inna 6 or Uliana 4 while other set’s 6 piece bonuses changed. It was a very fun but different play style, you basically grouped up mobs and tried to survive until Holy rotation on CoE and then the screen would explode! It also was a two hand daibo build since you needed to equip Inna Reach to get the Inna 6 and Uliana 4 piece bonus.

Again, I’m a fan of the build. That’s why I didn’t actually suggest to get rid of it, just to move it. I think that it doesn’t need to take the new set away from another option.

I’ve read statements from the devs themselves that suggest there were significant pre-release changes in both direction and form - such as adding Heaven’s Fury to AoV to start with, and “better implementing Tempest Rush as part of the build” for PoJ. So there’s both precedent and justification for this kind of feedback.

Post-release set reworks also have precedent including but not limited to:

  • Monkey King and Marauder in 2.1.2
  • Immortal King, Roland, Natalya, Inna, Raiment, Zuni, Firebird, and Tal in 2.2
  • Helltooth, Manajuma, Vyr, and Chantodo in 2.3
  • Raekor, Invoker, Shadow, Inna, Monkey King, and Tal in 2.4
  • Delsere in 2.4.1
  • Firebird in 2.4.2

And that’s just for sets. We all know the entire game itself is different than it was on launch.

I do know the build! Among my suggested changes was a way to bring it to modern power. If you don’t mind reviewing my full post I’d like to hear what you think afterwards (nudge…).

Your suggested rework would completely gut the I6 Uli4 build. Uliana losing the 4 piece buff to SSS eliminates the build from using that set bonus. Inna 6 (I assume you meant 6 piece bonus because your list says 2pc twice) changed to affect Mystic Ally, SW and CS eliminates that portion of the build.

Now your Justice 6 piece idea (2pc in your list twice?) is basically the current Uliana 4 piece bonus. The damage of Uliana SSS is a drop in the bucket compared to the EP damage from the set so having a 6 piece set with a 4 piece power will be VERY underwhelming (even with the triple SSS from 2 piece).

I6 Uli4 gets the Inna 6 bonus of 76x plus the Uli 4 SSS bonus of about 61x SSS (777% buff x 7 targets) plus Lion’s Claw (x4 effectively) plus x3 from CoE plus Assimilation stacks which means that SSS hits like a TRUCK but only once every 20 seconds.

My suggested Justice set would become the I6U4 build; it’s not gone.

The power of current Uliana 4pc isn’t in just the base damage it provides but also how it interacts with extra hits. I know well that current Lion Claw results in 4x the effect, while the suggested Justice 2pc should result in 9x. There’s also a new fist weapon multiplier, and the ability to finally use FoE in the build means heavy CDR that wasn’t there before. 5x as many casts (before sheet CDR), 2.25x the effect of current Uliana 4pc, and a 7x multiplier from Sledge Fist come to 78.75x (157.5x with a viable 50% sheet CDR), more than making up for losing Inna’s direct 76x. Captain Crimson damage-from-CDR and a 3rd weapon affix make up for Ally/Mantra buffs and debuffs too.

It can be buffed again, but the pieces are there.

I’ll check again for typos. (edit: fixed the 6pc powers accidentally labeled as 2pc)

Well, while i see that you realy would like these changes to happen (which is good shows that you are dedicated), i was not trying to say that your ideas where bad.

i was just trying to say, if there is a way to get some of the changes closer to your vision with out big changes, there is a higher chance of it actually happening.

Big changes to multible sets will proberbly cause bugs( see all the bugs with, just the changes they made now), also may cause unintended power creep, with unforseen builds.

That is why numbers tweeking, adding a legendary, or adding DR is the best way to go for now, the rumors are that the DEVs are realy few ppl now/limited resorces.

Keeping it simple may be the best way to get changes to one class, bigger changes may have to benifit multible classes.

I know you didn’t mean insult, and I don’t either. I’m concerned that your opposition is basically just your opinion that it’s too much for the devs, tho. We don’t know and there’s no harm trying.

Bugs are a problem to fix when they happen, not a reason not to do anything.

Powercreep is effectively an irrelevant concept in any case since GR cap is now common. Having a game-wide squish should be the focus of that topic.

Unintended builds are something I was wary of, tho. They may be unintended but they do need certain conditions in order to happen, and I’ve kept working on the post but I don’t think I created any such conditions.

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I’ve added some of the ideas that were well liked from **OFFICIAL** Petition to Buff Uliana's Thread.

Also fixed some typos.

There is too much text and no changes that can be realised by Blizzard from your 1st post.

i have edited the post so the details are hidden until you click on the section header.

Not sure what this means though. I think there are many ideas that Blizzard could use, either directly or as a starting point.

If you have some ideas please share, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of monks on the forum, so the more input the better.

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That guy is going around saying that on every post like this…

You just present characteristics of every item and write [needed changes if any].

Yes, I am a compiling a list of changes, if there aren’t any changes yet, it has that. Changes that I have come across in other threads, and ones in this thread that have some sort of consensus I have added to the list. There are many suggestions there already, and hopefully we’ll get some more.

I am a fairly new player, and don’t have much understanding of the mechanics of the game. So rather than put in my ideas, which would be shots in the dark I wanted to put in ideas from those who have more experience that would have a better understanding of what is actually needed.

My goal was to compile community input into one easy to decipher place. So if you have some ideas, lets discuss them.


Suggestion for:

Warstaff of general quang

  • Tempest Rush gains the effect of the Tailwind rune, “and every time you hit a enemy with TR:lightning field you gain 100% damage to SW:tornados, this can stack 10 times & lasts for 5 sec.”

This hopfully would make a good Speed/push(light)/SW/TR build

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I like it, it would synergize well with Khords idea for the eye of the storm.

I was thinking that Flying Dragon could be change to Doubles your attack speed and increases generator damage by [xxx]%.
There really doesn’t seem to be much in the way of buffs for generators.

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