**OFFICIAL** Petition to Buff Uliana's Thread

I have created a thread in the monk section to compile recommendations for improving monk builds. If you have some ideas of what could work to get Uliana’s into a better place could you share some there?

Khord has an interesting idea on how to improve The Fist of Az’Turasq.


i barely play monk but i have to admit uliana is the best and funiest build for monks , i had to agree about a buff to that build

it is indeed a very fun build to play and even watch.

But yes its weak now.

Same goes for the old Necro Bonestorm/lazymancer. Its not viable anymore thanks to proc coefficent nerf to Bonestorm. Back when Mirinae gem was used it was viable …no longer :frowning: it was so much fun as well.

Blizz should take the time to buff some of the old ‘fun’ builds …even if they are not viable to push 130+, they should at least be buffed to hit above 100.

much appreciated!!!

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I absolutely love playing Uliana :), especially speed farming with the madstone. You actually feel like a speed god, annihilating stuff with just one click and then rushing to another pack… You do not need ingeom since you already should have amazing cooldown reduction, the gameplay is fluent (a bit glass cannon, if you go berserk and ditch the sss belt for CC set), powerful and fun.

For the time being, damage-wise, its below the standard bell monk by quite lot though :(.

I really hope this set gets attention soon Khord.


Same. I loved EP Monks back in the day, but when the whole snapshotting thing was discovered it really soured the whole build for me. It’s the same reason I don’t like Firebirds on Wizard (though the whole fishing for a power pylon and a good juggernaut for EP monks is way worse). I don’t want to have to leash some juggernaut around like a pet in a game that’s about killing everything on the screen just to play my build correctly.

Remove snapshotting. Buff Uliana’s/EP. :+1:t2:

This should be moved to the Monk forums.

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good idea…and done =)

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If it wasn’t for the necessity to use this awful snapshot mechanic, ulianas would be one of my all time fav builds


(2) Set: Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm.

My take:

2pc. Every 10 Spirits spent reduces SSS cooldown by 1 second.
Alternate between a generator and a spender (CS) to clump up monsters for SSS to apply EP (madstone).

No way I absolutely love the utility of the 2pc monk sets, namely R2 because it’s so useful early on and fits with all the other sets. Monk is like the only characters that has useful partial sets that can be mixed. every time I play monk at season start I never get the seasonal 6pc because it’s so much more fun mixing and matching sets. I just finished running U2, R2, P2 with VW, FIst of Az, Grundgo and flying dragon. So much fun I actually kinda got sad when I finally got 6pc POJ.

Dash pull punch…boom. Amazing playstyle from a 2 pc. IMHO

Uliana monk is my favorite playstyle but it needs some versatility. It needs both toughness, damage and most important imo, options. I like the current set bonuses in form but the numbers need to be modified.

Damage is easy, all they need to do is to increase the set bonus and/or corresponding gear bonuses.

Toughness can be added with a built in DR like several other sets have but the belt Binding of the Lost Gods needs to be tweaked to not overwrite the stack count when you SSS and it should automatically go to max stack count against elites and RG.

Versatility is a bit harder but it can be done. As far as EP choice, if they were to buff the DoT of the non cold runes by a bit and recode EP so that detonations consume all remaining DoT damage, then Impending Doom would not be the ONLY viable rune to use. I wouldn’t mind if all the runes had the same damage when DoT and explosion were combined and they could add a freeze to a radius of Impending Doom since that rune currently sacrifices a DoT to have the most damaging explosion. Choice of SSS is a little bit harder. Since the build is a CDR based build, the rune with the lowest cooldown is the obvious choice, My suggestion is to lower the cooldown on ALL of the runes (Cold should be on a longer cooldown since it is free) but change the physical Sustained Attack rune so that it drains ALL of your Spirit to perform a chain of SSS actions with 1 additional SSS for every 75 Spirit drained. That would incentivize you to a cycle of generate spirit to perform a big SSS attack or just enough during cooldown to perform a single SSS. If using the other non-cold runes, you get their various effects and if you use Pandemonium, you have to wait longer between SSS but it costs nothing and freezes targets.

The Fist of Az’Turasq NEEDS to have it affect ALL EP damage, not just the explosions. That current power is one of the reasons that Impending Doom is the only rune ever used, all the other runes do less damage and a portion of their damage is not affected by Fist of Az’Turasq.

They need to “fix” Mythic Rhythm. There needs to be a visual indicator that the passive is in effect and there also needs to be a way to identify if an EP on a target is affected by MR. The current way of snapshotting MR is an extremely difficult way to play to get the most out of the set. The 2pc should apply MR to all of the EP’s that it procs if you have the passive (and it would basically be mandatory if it did that!). Not sure how feasible that is but SOMETHING needs to be done.

A lazy but easy fix to give a semblance of versatility would be to add “SSS gains all runes” into the current 4 piece bonus, but I’d rather the devs do something a little different.


This! Is just what needs to be done with ulianas.

Then the set would be amazing!

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Always loved EP, since 1.02 patch, so count me in ! :wink:

lets palm again scale with monster hp ^^
love uli gameplay, bring it on, more def more dmg, style is fun - maybe little adjustments but style is fun

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I can’t really play Uli’s because of dexterity issues, but the videos I’ve seen look like a really fun play style. It is cool to watch. I would like to see Uli be our top solo push build.

I have taken some of the ideas and put them into my rework tables. Monk rework list

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1. How are you gonna buff Uliana guys? Which buff will be enough to make it competitive with SWK TR?
2. Which build are you gonna play with buff you want?

Big EP high five from seven sides for you for this suggestion.
Petition signed.

Did anyone test Uliana with Rabid Strike instead of Lion’s Claw and Bindings of the lesser God in Cube? does it even work ? on Paper it would double your Damage without Enforcer Gem. CS -> tripple - WotHF -> MR -> cast EP -> look for Clone EP

That was tested by my friend Beginner0k.
It doesnt work.