[Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack 2.0

Yeah, it seems that they should have added SW to the WKL damage bonus instead of CS, I tink we’re still be a little low, but an adjustment to kyros could take care of that.

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First of all i really appreciated a Tempest Rush Set. Im just a casual player and played for a long time Sunwuko Tempest Rush. Patterns of Justice is pretty much the same as Sunwuko. Same Skills, same items (our amulet is a pair of shoes now), same problems… Except resource management. Sweeping Winds job is it to enable the multiplier but does nothing special and no relevant damage in both sets. As you guys already adressed, SW needs to work different especially the Tornados and it needs more/ higher multipliers. Kyoshiros Soul buff could be higher, but it is such an unnecessary item.
Other old problems are:
Balance gives you 100% critchance- gloves and bracers gives you critchance
Cesars Momento and higher grifts/ cc immunity
Warstaff of General Quang is unnecessarier than Kyoshiro
New problems:
Flurry (already adressed)
Teleport (already adressed)
Won Khim Lau destroys the leg power of Balance
Won Khim Lau and the Lightning Damage
Vengeful Wind is a better Warstaff

sometimes i dont deal damage when i start channeling first and then activate SW… havent checked it properly

something i would like to play is
d3planner (dot) com/281503784

just my 2 cents


Updated 1st post to reflect 2.6.7a… (buff doesn’t last any longer after channeling than previously, but does work with flurry stack burst, and epiphany teleport issues are mostly fixed)

Have you tested the TR flurry stack bug? Forum says it drops with higher movement speed.

Also flurry explotion, dose not always hit…

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Interested in the interaction with Exploding Palm. If mobs tagged with EP die while channeling, do the EP explosions get the 151x? What if they die as a result of the flurry explosion (assuming the flurry explosion got the buff)? Would the buff also extend to those affected by Gungdo Gear spreading?

Nope, i tried ep some, i could not see that it worked.

Davlok, can you dig up anything you have on Rimeheart’s mechanics? Since PoJ has a free weapon if not taking VW, WKL can freeze basically everything allowing Rimeheart a lot more targets that it can proc on and POJ should buff the damage from it.

Here as the fail testing I did way back when on Rimeheart: ie - it sucks, and will continue to as long as the game uses proc coefficents + diminishing returns on hard CC.

Here’s a blast from the past too: (edit: lol to not letting us link the old diablo 3 blog posts from the devs… so I meant to link the “Developer Journal: Crowd Control Changes” post from 2012…

How It Works:

  • Monsters have a “CC resistance” that is stored on a per-monster basis.
  • The CC resistance starts at 0%. For every 1 second CC that is applied to the monster, the monster receives 10% CC resistance.
  • Monsters lose 10% of their CC resistance every second that they are not CC’d.
  • Elite monster CC resistance is capped at the current reduction values already active for Elites. In other words, CC resistance on most Elite monsters is capped to:
    • 35% in Normal
    • 50% in Nightmare
    • 65% in Hell
    • 65% in Inferno**

Thanks, I knew it sucked but I just wanted others to know as well. As I said though, since everything that WKL affects with CS gets frozen (with the cold CS rune), that basically gives Rimeheart a 20% chance to trigger instead of the typical chance to freeze and then a chance to proc on that chance to freeze and PoJ should buff the Rimeheart proc. If ANY build could ever get Rimeheart to be “good” it would be PoJ TR. I still think Azurewrath or Utar’s Roar are better if going for a Flurry PoJ build but I’ve seen some using Sever for that broken Sever AD proc (Grim Sever 2.0) and In-Geom.

Do we have more information about flurry alone somewhere? The link above is broken

Also, d3planner says that IAS affects boom damage :o

It does (ias highers explo)

Why would that make sense?

I just does. TR mechanics are a bit murky but more attack speed translates into more damage.

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Kind of because they can’t code. The dmg ticks and spirit costs are higher with more ias and not the tick rate. And so explo also goes higher

Ahh pewp. I didn’t read they would be nuking the old forums before I could backup any of my old thread. All I have left are drafts of my old post in gmail… so the only TR mechanics post I could find in there is probably slightly wrong (stacks being uncapped, but think everything else is still valid)

Sure, I had actually started a “draft” of a TR mechanics post during 2.3 PTR when the speed normalization. Its not complete yet, but essentially:

  • TR cost remained the same (scales with IAS)

  • TR tick rate normalized (doesn’t scale with IAS)

  • TR base weapon damage scales linearly with APS

  • Damage per second = 390% weapon damage x APS

  • IAS is dynamic, so FD proccing = damage + cost go up.

  • TR “tick” damage = (390%xAPS)/5 - All TR runes tick every 12 frames (5x/sec)

  • Electric Field AoE Ticks every 15 frames (4x/sec)

  • Flurry gains 1 stack per tick (5stacks/s), and stacks to infinity. (buff display caps at 100)

  • All runes have .25 proc coefficent per tick. (very good)

  • Mythic Rhythm works with TR can lasts the full channeled duration

[Screenshot of Testing:](Imgur = JUtBxB2)


Crit = 473,827,442,688 = ~900 stack flurry
Conclusion I have too much time on my hands.

Test#2 = Basic Attack

100% weapon damage = 2273
Conclusion That staff is sexy.

Test#3 = TR Tick

2273 * 390% / 5 * 1.46APS = 2589
Conclusion TR scales with IAS

Test#3 = TR Explosion @ 1898 stacks
2273 * 90% * 1.46APS * 1898 = 5,669,652 damage


Does the Flurry explosion proc area damage? There is a claim in a different thread that it does not but the channeled TR does proc AD. I figured this is the best spot to get a definitive answer.

Yep, Flurry does proc Area Damage.

Went on PTR today to mess around and confirm:
Screenshot of Testing:


Melee Attack = 100% weapon damage = 2465.6
Flurry Tick = 2465.6 * 1.13 * 1.392 * 390% / 5 = 3025.117
25 Stack Flurry Explosion = 2465.6 * 90% * 1.13 * 1.392 * 25 = 87263
45% Area Damage of 87263 = 39268 = Correct.


One other question about Flurry from a different thread. Does Mythic Rhythm affect the Flurry explosion? I don’t think that it would but I wanted confirmation.

Yes it does, if you look at rank 2 eu - He’s using MR and that’s ‘Monkforever’

Ist this even still in :thinking:

Couldnt notice any differance between 100 Stacks at Cold … or if i missed it with an extra Rotation for another 20 Seconds.