[Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack 2.0

a player named Sappy has a 122 with flurry and i asked him what he was doing to make it work… he wasnt sure just that sometimes elites explode… so ya … thisll be fun to figure out… well at least now we know both monk and sader sets need a bit of touching up before s19

In an Inna’s TR build, with WKL and Rabid Strike equipped, I observed the Rabid Strike clone appear and do a cyclone strike while Epiphany was active. It occured when my TR triggered CS. I did not have CS on the skills bar.

True, there are, atleast with the monk some unintended, stuff happening.

I will do some testing with flurry later to se if i can figue it out.( might be as easy as activating dash while TR’ing)

Note! I hope they re-design flurry to explode with x% damage(low than 100 stacs) every 20 yards moved while channeling TR.

I have mentioned this before, it would synergise well with this set, as more movement speed would mean more damage.

you dont have to do this start stop game play… i personaly feel its less engaging game play.

So i have tried to find out flurry procs, with damage bonus from set, i have not figured it out yet for sure, but it seems some mobs interrupt flurry stacks, then you get the damage bonus.

If you stop channeling or activate dash, you get no damage bonus from set on the explotion.

Flurry skill realy needs a change of mechanics

similar observation here, sometimes bio explosions hit and i had no idea why but all other dmg was extremely low. a 100 was painful since no dr at all

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Wait, so the 6pc damage buff only procs when you hit with TR? So much for my idea of a TR-less build…

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Updated the 1st post a few times, the 6pc graphically seems to last 2 seconds after channeling TR, but initial test results seem to indicate the damage buff drops off INSTANTLY, so looks the reports of Flurry explosion doing no damage may be intended…

For other aspects of the game that nobody but me cares about, the WKL is now the way to level up if you don’t have a necromancer to help out. I just hit 70 in about 1h18m yesterday, casually testing it out, in hardcore. It adds just enough strength that you’re never in any serious danger if you can 3-4 shot enemies, and it can also take out elites really quickly too (though, I’d avoid bosses).

Sadly, you only have a 1 in 15 chance of seeing it, so not really worth rolling, but it might be useful to cube if you play an HC monk and end up needing to level again if there aren’t any power levelers around.

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It seems they made it so the buff is up only WHILE channeling. This makes both Flurry and WoL unusable with this set in the current form.

hey guys

A guy called oogi3boogi3 from EU server told a streamer how to Proc flurry and get damage bonus from set.

and it works!

when you have stacks Use “force move” on mouse scrollbutton!

Due to the random teleporting, you loose tr stacks alot.
And as pointed out below, this build will only work on pc, for this damage

Technically you can use Pillar of the Ancients and the DoT of the Pillar can get the buff if you channel TR after you drop a Pillar or two, but I think there are better options.

Nothing like having to use gimmicks, and it will not work on the consoles since there isn’t a force move option. Hopefully they fix the broken interaction so I can enjoy this new set on my computer and on my console.


thats why oogies my boy ferclempd

ya it totally works if i flic free spin wheel … can sometimes work if force move bound to ` (tilda ~) where i usually keep it , but very inconsistent kinda a pain to deal with…

IAS should increase TR damage linearly right dav?

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I think Blizzard overshot monk POJ set… cough, cough. Barb and Crusader are crying and whinning about doing GR140+ and here we monk’s is trying to get past GR120 with POJ. Incompetents FTW.

OK I don’t think the Flurry damage has anything to do with Force Move specifically.

Something else is going on:

When my mouse wheel is tied to Inner Sanctuary, Flurry will not receive the full damage bonus when I use the Mouse Wheel to cast Inner Sanctuary, but while Inner Sanctuary is on cooldown, if I use the Mouse wheel to attempt casting Inner Sanctuary, it will break TR channeling and Flurry will fire with the full damage bonus.

More testing is required, but I would hazard a guess that the set bonus is present for a very brief period of time after TR stops channeling. And that some effects like vortex, wormhole and in some cases the mouse wheel act quickly enough to maintain this bonus when TR ends.

It may be your starting to channel again while the explosion is happening so the bonus picks back up again cause the explosion to get buffed, but if it takes to long to start channeling again the explosion doesn’t get buffed.

Yes this is also possible.

It does seem like this issue is tied to the length of the animation break.

When my toon tries to cast Inner Sanctuary on cooldown the TR animation is interrupted and Flurry goes off, but at nearly the same time, the Inner Sanctuary casting animation is interrupted, and instead my toon goes back to TR.

For some reason the set isn’t treating the flurry explosion as a hit from tempest rush to proc the set bonus. Hopefully this is a bug that will be addressed and not how they intended it to function.

Devs, need to address the problem with WKL fist.

While Epip & channeling TR, the character teleports all over the place.

  • TR lighting makes the teleport completly uncontrolleble, it is extreamly bad.
  • TR Flurry looses stacs all the time, need to stay off mobs until you are ready.

Flurry skill:

  • explotion, hard to get bonus damage from set(impossible on console)
  • stacks are easely lost.
  • stacks build realy slow, timing this with COE makes the waiting even slower.

Electric field skill:

  • Fun skill , good proc rate, but to little damage compared to flurry
  • maby add a function to eletric field: while mobs are in eletric field they are charged up with lighting taking x% more lighting damage per second.( i dont know, but might be cool)

Sweeping wind, Cyclon skill:

  • tornados need to scale with SW stacks.

POJ set:

  • Compared to other classes Monk is still on the bottom of damage output.
    Survivarbility is still a big investment for monk, compared to other classes.

  • SW damage is still so low, that for pushing it is not used/needed.

I would assume this goes against the intention of this set.

Hope the devs can have a look at this. You guys do a great job. And i am so pumped for the changes so far!:blush::ok_hand:

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Are we certain the new ‘larger’ SW doesn’t proc AD? If that’s really the case than this will forever hold this build back from great potential and I’d rally to get that amended ASAP unless their vision was to just have this be another speed run build like WW, Multishot and Chants.

We have no classes other than Wiz for meta AoE trash killer, this set has the potential to fill that gap or at least be a nitch for when you don’t have a wiz.