AD question with TR build

What’s your clear at? And thanks I will watch it closely to see if area damage procs. Also lots of players are using serenity and stricken. Maybe not squirts but it works for me. Sound like you are really trying to attack me instead of being clear information to the table.

checked out the 150 clear didnt see any area damage proc

Oh, you’re blind. This argument is irrelevant then
It kinda all makes sense now at least

I’m not trying to argue why you so mad.

I’m not mad lol, you playing without area damage I would enjoy, you giving people information that is inaccurate though is kind of wrong, and calling them sheep doesn’t help ?

If you read my first post I said by all means test it. Never follow what other do without testing for yourself.

You should add thoroughly to that, because I doubt you’ve tested it thoroughly, aside from you claiming you did.
On a friendly note, add me if you’d like. I can stream a bit for you and show you specifically on discord.

Ya I’ll add you I have no problem doing that. I am still pushing that 140 without AOE and I just about had it. I did swap the stricken out because it’s still taking to long to kill the RG so I’ll have to attempt killing him with a kill streak. Send a friend request I’ll be back on in abit.

The problem at 140 is not stricken, its that you cant stack it enough due to having to run in and out from i imagine any RG, if you were running soothing on cyclone strike instead of serenity , and flavor instead of squirts youd have a lot of an easier time sticking to the RG to stack t hat stricken and mess him up. Your build is great (aside from squrits) for a 150 clear, with pain enhancer, because its that type of playstyle clearing the big packs of mobs, run in and out , gather density, repeat.

quick question then on Area damage if its working shouldn’t I be see damage numbers greater then my single target damage number? because the video replays I continue to watch all damage numbers are no greater then my single target damage. I would think that if i hit for say 1000t then proc area damage with 150% then I would see damage number like 1500t and if it over lapped it could even be higher correct. like possible 3000t and more and more depending on how tight the mobs are packed and how many.

Pretty close, give or take his area dmg wasn’t as high as could be, as he didnt have time to optimize his gear fully.

And do keep in mind we’re talking a 10 yard radius.

Remember, it’s only a 20% chance to proc, it doesnt turn to 100% if it procs once.

  • As of patch 2.3 it works off of everything but item procs, area damage itself and skills with a proc coefficient of 0%. It can not hit the target it procs off.

  • Area damage total damage increase can be calculated using the formula y*(x-1)*0.2 where y is your area damage and x is the amount of mobs within 10 yards of the enemy being hit. Area damage has a 20% proc chance.

  • If you hit 6 enemies within 10 yards of each each other, x% area damage equals x% total damage increase. This directly scales with density.

PS: Sweeping Wind does NOT proc AREA DAMAGE

whats that 5000t pic? also why isn’t there any over lapping area damage specially with that many mobs. I have lots that look like that with 0% aoe


There is more damage, frames onward. Clearly you’re still on the fence, and i’ve honestly wasted enough time with ya. GL pushing
PS: When you post your results, at least post your stats with it showing actual area damage. i’m sure someone like you would forget to even remove paragon area dmg in the majority of your tests. What we were discussing was a run where we both had full certainty of the area dmg of the player we were watching.

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Some one like me? Uncalled for. Yes I said 0% area damage that means no area damage on gear and removed off paragon. The picture I shared is my Toon. But yes I am still on the fence. Pls don’t be rude just because we don’t see eye to eye.

I’ll take Davlok’s word over basically anyone’s regarding monk mechanics and in his Random Testing Thread he says that flurry procs area damage. Case closed, it works.


Davlok is indeed a great monk and his theorycrafting is bar none, but outside the area damage actually hitting jkhope in the face i doubt that’ll be enough for him to believe it. I’ve shown him not only videos of it happening but have outlined for anyone to see and he still on the mentality that unless it’s equivalent to a wizards it doesn’t exist. No point in wasting more time with it.

PS: Flurry has a 25% proc coefficient.

Found it for jkhope : [Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack 2.0

Now, if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will. Please stop spreading misinformation about your horrible self-tests and video showing 1 pop in slow motion.

Final result: Flurry pop DOES proc area damage.

Thanks great information.

It was absolutely awful to read your posts, drastyk. Did you ever try to say something without trying to insult others or show your imaginative dominance over them?

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1.It’s not other(s), it’s an individual.
2.It’s not imaginative, it’s digital. I hope IRL he’s a happy successful individual, but as a monk he’s clueless.

Oh, and I did try, but when you try to help someone with something and they refuse to see how things are based on just being stubborn I get a little more blunt towards how annoying having to explain it back to back is.
You should be more bothered with things like

TR Flurry bomb does not proc area damage. - :x:
sweep wind does :x:

Now had he said "I dont think TR Flurry procs area dmg, still looking into it " or been more open to him being wrong things would’ve been different.

Sorry that you didn’t find my way of addressing frustration appropriate.